Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 899266 times)

you get two dollars

I insert two dollars

the machine refuses to give more money so it spits a gear at you

i insert a helicopter blade

the vending machine transforms into an attack helicopter and destroys half of the property it's on

i insert the 5 emotes the blockland forums comes with

you get  :cookie: :cookieMonster: :panda: :iceCream: :nes:

i insert a megasphere

you get a soulsphere ha owned

i insert an oversized shotgun shell

you get a oversized olympia from Call of duty™: Black Ops

i insert potat

You get o

I cram in some chewed up gum

You break the machine

I call in some mechanics to fix the machine

machine fixed!

I insert a grenade with the pin pulled, about to explode in 2 seconds

Grenade breaks the machine behind it, as well as the line of people behind it

I insert 600 grams of potassium chloride

You get the Blockland Forums drama board.

I insert a pack of cigarettes and a note reading "for Ivan"

You receive a pack of malboros with an identical note saying "For Iban"

I insert nothing


i insert some regular sunglasses

you get a single potato chip

i insert a dorito

you get a doro

i steal that doro and insert it