Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 899277 times)

you get a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese Combo Meal

I insert an empty bottle of limon pepino flavored Gatorade

you get the bottle back, but it is completely filled. not with gatorade, but instead watered down orange juice.

i insert the blf servers

you get a coupon; buy one get one half off on any brand 18 oz cereal

I insert a bottlecap
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You get Nuka Cola

* Masterlegodude inserts a trophy
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you get a participation award.

i insert a strand of human DNA

you get a small glass container that reads "Down Syndrome"

I insert a slinky

you get back the same slinky. it slinks away from you, off the horizon, into the sunset.

i insert a click! dvd

you get the pleasure of being able to watch as the vending machine plays click! in its entirety

i insert doug walker

the vending machine beats you to a pulp

i insert stellarnaut mush

you are obliterated and it leaves a wet illegible fortune in a pulverized fortune cookie

i insert the H

You get Pokemon H Edition

* Masterlegodude inserts a 🐗 and a 🐐

you get a horrible monstrous hybrid of 🐗 and 🐐. it attempts to mate with you.

i insert another vending machine

You get a bag of cool ranch flavored singularity

I insert a level 2 keycard and a gasmask

You get a MasterCard and a hazmat suit.

I insert two quarters.

you get a half.

i insert a gopro to see what goes on in there