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General Discussion / What makes a good classic trench TDM map?
« on: November 15, 2020, 08:31:28 PM »
(this used to be asking for saves to old TDMs but i dont think anyone has them so instead of making a new thread im just reusing this one)

What are your thoughts on what makes a good classic trench tdm map? I remember playing on some way back in like, 2010, but I hardly remember anything about them other than they had lava at the bottom of the map. Any reference pics or save files would help as well

Creativity / Made part of ACM City out of Legos, plus some BL avatars.
« on: November 05, 2020, 05:49:44 PM »
I wanted legos for my birthday, but I didn't know what set I wanted, and eventually I got the idea to make my own in LDD and just order the parts off Pick-A-Brick. I decided to make a default blockland save for nostalgia's sake. I looked them over and settled on the Gazebo section of ACM city, since it was on a 64x64 baseplate, and I already owned 4 32x32 lego plates. This is a mostly-accurate recreation, but a few things are different. The roof of the gazebo, for one. I had to improvise because Pick-a-Brick didn't have the exact ramp pieces needed, iirc. The benches are also 6 studs long instead of 8 (that was just my mistake in LDD, which I didn't realize until I had ordered the parts).


I also made the blockland ingame avatars of some of my friends out of legos and put them in the build. I couldn't do everyone I wanted though, since some people have really specialized avatars and thus were hard and expensive to make irl. For the ones I chose to do though, I think I did well enough:

From left to right:
Lordician, Bomb Kirby (he just has the default avatar), Madman (not an actual person but I saw the red head on bricklink and thought it would be funny to make), GR8DAYSETH, Carbon Zypher, Me, Tophat, Aware, Pecon, and Redconer (I think he switches between a guy in red chainmail armor and an orange juicebox thing with peglegs, so I made the latter). I also made Armyunit and Hanhan13 but I didn't put them in this picture. They were in the gazebo and I didn't want to have to remove the roof to put them back in after taking them out for the picture.

Redconer and Carbon Zypher enjoying a walk.

Bombkirby and his irl cat Squeaky

Madman destroying a lamp post

Armyunit and Hanhan13. Army's the blue guy and Han is the red and pink girl.

Lordician just chilling I guess. Wasn't sure where else to put him lol.

GR8DAYSETH, sitting on a bench that's 2 studs shorter than it is in blockland. Oops.

Aware making spammy fire bricks and Pecon getting annoyed at him for it. All while Tophat sits AFK.

A final image of the gazebo.

Thanks to A-master for making ACM city in 2008.

for me Whostole mahcar that is

Games / Borderlands handsome collection 25 bucks on steam (from 230)
« on: July 06, 2019, 04:02:19 AM »

usually $230, now its about $6
edit: now its $25 lol


been watching twitch streams in the steam ingame web browser for like a year now, but this week for some reason it stopped working. It isn't consistent either. Sometimes the tab just goes black, along with any other tab i have open (such as friend list). I can still hear the stream and click buttons, but the tab itself is black. Other times it won't go black, but the stream will say, "This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser (ERROR #4000)".

I've tried googling "steam web browser black screen" to no avail. All offered solutions (clear web cash/cookies, redownload flash, etc) have not worked. I googled the error message it sometimes gives me, but google brings up nothing related to steam. Eventually uninstalled and reinstalled steam, which also didn't work. Don't know what else to do at this point. Also tried updating a driver from geforce experience which made no difference.

EDIT: its all videos, youtube, twitch, etc. Everything
Nvm, still just livestreams. Youtube works now after installing adobe flash for mozilla firefox and google chrome. Also disabled "enable gpu accelerated rendering in web views" and "enable hardware video decoding"

Add-Ons / Jurassic Park Pack(By Blockalpha and kinda legolad) IMAGE HEAVY
« on: October 26, 2018, 03:04:56 PM »

first some screenies i took to set the mood:

good? good.

So me and blockalpha have been working on this super secret boi for a while and by that i mean since like the 2nd semester of my sophmore year in HS and now its my 1st semester as a sophmore at college whoa. he did all the fancy playertype and vehicle and code-y stuff. i build. yeah.

it was intended to follow old JP stuff, aka pre-jurassic world. indom is included only because blockalpha decided to make it for funsies, but it doesnt have a cloaking ability (jw fanboys rekt)

it was supposed to be a big neat hunting rpg thing then a tdm thingy for a bit then a survival RP thing like zombies in the bluzone but none of those ever happened and the map is big, but still unfinished. ill probably release it at some point. for now yall can just have the meat an potatoes aka the actual add-ons including bots, the jeep vehicle/train, prints, music, sounds, and items.

so lets get on with that:

^ this one requires some explanation. in the old JP canon carnotaurus could camouflage like a chameleon (ik they dont actually change colors to camo but u know what i mean)

^ ankylosaurus does this too

^ is a train so it can follow tracks like in the movie

diloph also has a special spit weapon that is largely made from the magic_darkness weapon, but they are compatible so dont worry

oh also the allosaurus can dash like the tracer playertype. there are 2 variants, one that dashes with right mouse, and bites with left. the other does both with left mouse. i think its a bug and it was supposed to be a non-dashing variant. allosauruses in general arent very dashing tbh big ugly bois. cerato is cooler. play cerato.

The brachiosaurus has a stomp attack but its kinda hard to aim.

many of the dinos (namely the carnivores) have sit animations that look like they are about to ambush/pounce. especially the dilo, who's pounce animation also makes it look like it really wants some pets:

that's a good boy.

another thing is that they have different movement speeds. On some dinos, shift will make you sprint, and others it makes walk.

theres also music included along with sounds. the music is the JP theme obviously and then 2 jungle ambiances that were meant for the map, but are included anyway. yay.

theres also a night vision goggle item but it requires environment zones to work so uh should probably get that.

also dinos cant pick up items. i mean, they're animals. why would they. u also cannot drop dino attacks like dilo spit and stego tail swipe once aquired, because they are a part of you. blockalpha could probably change that rly easily tho but idk how code works

oh you want the download? sheesh. just for that, im gonna upload it to mediafire only. just kidding you get dropbox instead

required addons: and

note: dont enabled phydeux's lego dino bot holes with these dinos, they will conflict. also there were some jurassic park decals originally in the pack but they didnt work so i removed them. blockalpha will prob fix them soon. the pack also includes some neato stuff that was intended for the map like falosaur's foliage bricks, christbot6's train mod (which is required) and peggworth the pirate's footsteps. if u dont want them u can just delete em, except for train mod which the JP jeep needs.

meh ill just release my map now:


- only the host can see the animations on the pteranadons, most likely cuz of a typo in the code. they are included anyway for anyone who wants to see them/look at the code
- hitting things other than normal players with dilo spit will make their playertype turn human for the duration of the blinding period, thats just how magic_darkness works :(
- dinos cause crashes every now and then

edit: o i forgot dilo spit weapon lolol

edit: ik not all trans ppl get operations but in this thread im primarily focusing on those that do

ok i really really really dont wanna sound mean or aggresive or anything so bare with me on this

so i was reading a post from an person i follow and they said to not call trans people by their old name (like if someone goes male > female and their birth name is tyler, but they wanna be called veronica now) because it could cause them discomfort or dysphoria (which is unease or unsatisfaction with life) and i had 2 thoughts on this:

1: okay, thats fair enough. everyone deserves respect

2: maybe they feel unsatisfied with life or uneasy because it reminds them that they arent really male/female, and that they are chasing something that will never be 100% authentic? (kinda sounds aggresive ik :c )

so i was thinking, what should ppl who feel trapped in the wrong body do? one side of me says that if a guy is feminine or a girl masiculine, thats fine. they can just be a feminine guy/masculine girl and thats that, no need for a surgery or anything serious. Another part of me however remembers reading that going though with the switch is the healthiest treatment for being trans, so i guess thats that? but if it causes them to go into insta sad mode anytime someone brings up the truth, maybe it isnt so great? like maybe its better to just accept the love u were born as and grow from it, but maybe trans ppl just cant? this is all coming from someone who has no idea what its like to feel trapped in the wrong body so idk.

another thought i had about it was that it kinda reminds me of ppl who spend tons of money on plastic surgery, chasing some perfect image they imagine themselves as, unable to accept they way they look instead. they damage their natural, valuable, healthy and functioning body to look and feel better about themselves, but if they just learned to accept reality then they'd be better off is that im getting at. just seems kinda... wrong? unhealthy? idk cuz again i read a study that said that the most healthy treatment is to just go thru with it so maybe im wrong but in my own opinion, a life where u accept what u are and keep it that way sounds a lot more enjoyable than changing it and sacrificing the valuables that it came with.

again i dont mean to be rude or anything and if ur trans then i dont think any less of u because of it, the thought of disrespecting someone who's just trying to exist happily genuinely disgusts me but this conumdrum has been bugging me for like the whole week :P

Drama / Why do ppl never admit to being wrong in arguments on here
« on: September 13, 2018, 08:56:06 PM »

in all my years on the blf, ive noticed that arguments can drone on and on w/o a foreseeable end. this is due to new data/facts being found, more ppl joining in on the argument and adding stuff, sometimes both sides firmly believe they are right, etc. but one important reason i think is that party A and party B never stop going at it, because ppl dont like to admit they were wrong, especially after an argument has gone on for ages. thus, they keep arguing. obv this is probably a matter of having too much pride to admit when ur wrong, but maybe not the only reason? after spending a decent amount of time on blf a new idea has hit me:
what if a major reason people don't admit to being wrong in an argument on blf is because ppl tend to get super aggressive? like a ton of the arguments and disagreements ive seen ppl make are legit arguments with some unneeded insults tossed in imo. no one wants to back down from something that feels like a personal attack, so they keep arguing, maybe even throw some insults in themselves, to try and beat their "opponent"

Ive gathered these two recent example's with brickuchu's permission:
I didn't miss anything, you have no loving point because we keep getting these dramas because THE PROBLEM OBVIOUSLY ISN'T FIXED and it NEVER WILL BE because dumb forgets like you would rather sweep the issue under the rug and complain when someone inevitably trips over the giant bump in the rug again, and again, and again. "Typical Brikichu," acting like you loving know me despite us never speaking to each other, piss off and get the forget off your high horse you absolute forget-up of a person.
I've bolded the part here that i believe goes too far. telling someone to get off a high horse is 100% okay, but the next part was just an unneeded insult
[/size]Your words are as empty as your soul.
this speaks for itself, admittedly it was in response to something equally too far, but 2 wrongs dont make a right, and someone has to take the high road or nothing will ever get better here. I didnt get permission to quote the person who posted the thing this was a response to, (because they never responded) but i guess you could just easily find it yourself anyway which isnt my fault. this is a public forum afterall :P

Admittedly, it is okay to call someone an idiot if said person is simply being foolish. it may even help them open their eyes or something; but when you're about to do this, really ask yourself if its too far or not. I know that not everyone is gonna agree on where to draw the line, which doesn't help my case. brickichu told me they firmly believed they were justified in posting that they did, thats fine. what this means is that if everyone thinks theyre justified in posting something, when people like me think its too far, then what happens? if the line isnt universal, then whats the use of this thread? frankly, it might not be of any use. I just didnt want to feel like i did nothing to help blf become a better place. even if this fails, at least i tried i guess? maybe someone will learn at least a single new thing from all this, or will choose to dial the aggressiveness/insults back a bit if im lucky.

Off Topic / dont hug me in scared is back apparently
« on: September 13, 2018, 02:52:17 PM »

just a trailer tho not a new episode

yes yes i stole this from nonnel shut up

ok so since mccain died and all that ppl have been torn over whether he was a war hero that should be honored or some violent
dude hungry for conflict (the thread about him dying being an example obv)

i was curious about it so i did some research aka google searched for articles on either side but i still cant make up my mind since idk what to consider solid proof/evidence since the articles i found just made claims instead of providing stuff like videos of him saying x y and z as proof

ik this was kind of already going on in the thread about his death, but it seemed kinda offtopic since the topic was to spread the news of his death, not to debate on what he did

i could just keep googling articles but thats boring and i'd rather watch a debate on it so uuuh go

also this isnt a "dance on mccain's grave" thread pls none of that, if u think he deserved to die then ok but no grave dancing :(((

Off Topic / HTTYD 3 trailer in 1 week
« on: June 01, 2018, 11:22:28 PM »

Games / is SW battlefront 2 (EA, not the old one) worth $24?
« on: May 06, 2018, 11:38:10 AM »

its on sale for $24 and i wanted to get an opinion from ppl who already have it

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