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You stand in front of a ridiculously large wall, that's rumored to guard an "AMULET OF AWESOME" and, for purposes of this thread, you badly want it. Unfortunately, as I've stated, the artifact is smack behind the wall, so you've decided to...

Just saying, the title is short for "You Must Destroy The Wall". Excluding the roman number of course.

It goes like so: you post an action, I ask to roll a virtual die and determine what happens.

1) YOU forgetED UP - Your action backfires really hard and I flip a virtual coin to see if you survive. 1 means you die a grisly death, 2 means you somehow stay alive.
2) YOU FAILED - Your action does nothing.
3) YOU ... DID IT? - Your action succeeds but does little.
4) YOU DID IT - Your action succeeds.
5) YOU OVERDID IT - Your action succeeds even harder.
6) OH stuff - A few things happen:
 - Your action's success is exaggerated,
 - I roll again to see what happens,
 - if I roll five you enter RAGE for 5 turns, which I'll explain down there.
 - if I roll 6 you blow up and die.

being in RAGE means everything you do is cartoonishly exaggerated. that's it that's all that happens.

If you're somehow "killed" you can ask to revive. I roll, and if the number passes the requirement (which goes down every turn) you're back in action.

That pretty much concludes the rules because I don't want to complicate it too much.

oh also lemme leave this quote here
The pleasure of being cummed inside


currently hyping up the next part of this game, stay tuned
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Complain to the wall about how Cybertails should just continue his Sense Of Right Alliance - thingy.

tell the wall i killed its brother with a wrecking ball

Hug the wall... with a lot of force.

JARELASH: 5 - You almost get a sore throat fuming at the wall. It, however, reacts like you'd expect a gigantic brick-and-mortar wall to.
CHARLESSPEAKING:@4 - You intimidate the wall with a statement about its brother's death by wrecking ball. Pretty convincing.
ELECTRK: 1/1@ - You go for a kiss with the wall, but trip and smash your head against it. NASTY, 2 revives left
KILLERCOP311: 1/1 - You try to hit the wall with a mini-nuke at point blank. You're predictably rearranged on a subatomic level. The wall somehow emerges unscathed. OUCH, 2 continues left
SWAT 3: 1/2 - You sprint at the wall and spread your arms wide for a hug, but smash against it and end up with a concussion instead.


♥♥♡ ELECTRK DEAD, roll 5+
♥♥♡ KILLERCOP311 DEAD, roll 5+

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Give everyone, including myself, another continue

use magical powers to rip bricks out of the wall

I use a RYNO V and make sure to stand a good distance back
And I'm renderman so I can't die >:)
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I summon 32 tactical airstrikes on the wall, making sure to distance myself at least 5 miles from the area.

I cover myself in the strongest bunker and launch 5 nukes at it-

REDCONER: 3 - You attempt the exact same railgun thing PurpleMetro constantly forgeted up. You manage to actually fire them, but they don't do a lot.
GOJIRA: 5 - You manage to give everyone a motivational speech on continuing and pressing on, raising morale. Extra lives not included.
FLATFLYER: 1/1@ - You attempt to magically rip bricks from the wall, and eject one brick straight through your face. OOPS, 2 lives left
RENDERMAN: #5 - You grab a RYNO V and continuously blast it at the wall.
IPQUARX: 4 - The airstrikes carpet bomb the wall, as expected.
F3D323: 1/1 - You manage to nuke yourself in your own bunker. GG, 2 tries left


♥♥♡ ELECTRK DEAD, roll 4+ (3 < 5, FAIL)
♥♥♡ KILLERCOP311 DEAD, roll 4+
♥♥♡ FLATFLYER DEAD, roll 5+
♥♥♡ F3D323 DEAD, roll 5+

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