Is Swollow the champion?


Author Topic: 👍👌 Blocklander of the Year 2015 [2015 WINNER: Swollow] 💪⚠️  (Read 52270 times)

Post a screenshot of your vote for me like so and you'll receive a "Cool Person" title on Boss Battles!

Disclaimer: I'm not advertising this on my server so I don't have any reason to believe this is unfair advertising

I voted for you before you offered it ♥

but ok

I voted for you before you offered it ♥

I'll be applying the title to the BL_ID on people's forum accounts unless otherwise noted.

I'm on my phone so I didn't feel like uploading it to imgur or anything.

my vote goes to destroyerofblocks for both being a forgetin awesome smash player and for his fine papers on stuffty games

selling out the votes I see

i guess you didn't take people not voting for you well
I mean my plan from the start was to use several people's Alts to win the contest by 100 plus votes
like trinick alone has over 100 keys I can use (he didn't even help me forget u Tri)

also XR I rigged more than that one poll lol. Everyone I voted for got at least 10 more votes on top of it

What was the point though?

lets go pecon lets go woo woo

Pecon's great and all, but Greek2Me wished me a happy holidays when i opened up Blockland...

As former Blocklander of the Year, I have to make sacrifices and deep devotions to choose who the new king will be.


has my easy vote. His striking charm. The sacrifices he makes on children. The memes that he causes.
The clans. The clans he causes.

I would like to thank everyone who supports this young man, and just like Donald Trump, I wish him the best in his votes.