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jeprimer studies the critically endangered hellbender salamander, under supervision of the owl from animal crossing

the shack where we research vernal pool ecology

word has it there might be a chest in there..

Soviet Narwhal joins the Square Society ranks

Soviet Narwhal is expanding his island

my island is coming along nicely :)

Square Society turns three years old today

Three small mammals from our current build: Cape Gloire

Thank you to those who have supported the clan over the past three years

cute critters
happy birth ss

happy 3 years of SqSoc! i went back and collected some of my favorite older photos from the thread, taken by various users. mostly myself, mega bear, and TBD!

blockland is probably the best sandbox game out there, and unless Blockland 2 comes out (please Badspot) i will be playing this until the end of time. i hope everyone keeps playing, making mods, and creating builds!

click the picture to view the album!

for the 3rd anniversary, here's a giant model dump of all my source materials for a while, enjoy modders! i hope some folks will find use from it
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islands comin along nicely

a little soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning special from the same sesh as Soviet Narwhal just posted!