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BLOCKADE BLASTERS 2 is yet another forum game that's vaguely like The RNG Dungeon.  You're one of the nerds in a group dedicated to destroying very literal obstacles blocking your way - barricades, roadblocks, maybe even walls!  Gameplay isn't very complicated: usually you post what you want to attack with ("I grab a sword and slash the wall!"), I roll to determine what happens ("1, it bounces off and hits your face.")

These are the laws of physics the entire game is built upon - they determine what happens during your assault. Your attack can land as advertised, hit like a train at full speed or blow you sky-high, depending on how feels today.

Let's for example say you want to shoot at the obstacle with a gun:
1. OH CHRIST NO NO NO - Your gun's bullets ricochet off and fly into your face instead.  Something goes so wrong I need to flip a coin to ensure your survival.  Heads, you live at the cost of health.  Tails, RIP in pizza - details further below.
2. YOU DONE GOOFED - Your gun explodes and sets you on fire.  Your action backfires into your face, hurting you.
3. BLUE BALLS - Your gun jams and refuses to fire.  Your action simply doesn't happen, resulting in an awkward pause.
4. ACTION SUCCESS - Your gun shoots the wall.  Your attack behaves as advertised, doing decent damage.
5. PERFECT! +2000 - Your gun empties itself into the wall.  Your attack goes the extra mile, dealing even more damage and possibly doing something cool.
6. LITERALLY ON FIRE - Your gun inexplicably morphs into a rocket, blasting off into the wall and exploding with you in tow.  Your action goes horribly right. dealing heavy damage and either hurting or straight-up killing you depending on a coin flip.

The following roll isn't possible without a boost (details further below)
7. I'M NUCLEAAAAR - Your gun suddenly detonates with the full force of a hydrogen bomb. This attack is so powerful it instantly kills you and badly hurts your friend in its wake!

You very obviously aren't invulnerable - you start off with three hearts to your name, and lose them as you botch your rolls. The results will dictate in an obvious maroon if your roll maimed you, and if that happens, you'll lose a heart.

Lose all three hearts, and you're KO.  Get a notably nasty 1 or 6, and you're instantly KO!  If that happens, you can either wait until someone revives you (details further below) or ask to be revived directly, in which case I'll flip a coin. Heads, you're back on your feet - tails, you're still down and have to try again.

You can opt to give someone a hand instead of attacking, which will enhance their roll by one!  For example, if they roll a 2 you'll make it a 3 instead!  It also heals one lost heart, or straight up revives them if they're dead.  Just say "I'll assist/help/heal [username]" or something along these lines, and BAM.

However, there's a catch: if they roll a 6, it'll result in a 7 instead - which will instakill them and cause you collateral damage, as described above.

As I've mentioned a few times, you'll be attacking various obstacles that will do their best to hinder you - sometimes by intimidating you, sometimes by launching bricks at you, some might even have a turret to attack back with! They will also have a rating attached to them, which tells you how dangerous they are and how long it'll take to topple them.

ROADBLOCK: 100.00%

  danger: low

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I shoot an RPG at the roadblock

I shoot a gun that shoots guns that shoots more guns at the wall.

It's back? Hallelujah.

Assist Murderous Cop

I cast fist on the wall
everybody assist me so I can roll past 7

stick a c4 on the roadblock and set it to blow in 20 seconds

ram the road block

I drive into the wall on my speedkart.

i empty my acidic glands onto the roadblock


- You show up with a RPG-7 and a crate filled to the brim with rockets, and enlist KIDALEX90 to cram the entire crate into your weapon!  The resulting blast launches you backwards at 60 km/h as the ROADBLOCK is bombarded by a very literal rocket shower.
3 - You brandish your new, innovative invention - a gun that shoots smaller guns that shoot smaller guns!  However, your attack just scatters small guns everywhere, none of them hitting the ROADBLOCK.
-  You brandish a bigger, badder version of LEGODUDE77's gun launcher, get help from TBER123 to set it up, and fire!
   The gun lets loose a veritable beam of firearms - bazookas, snipers, shotguns, rifles - all of them firing everywhere in very rapid succession in a cacophony of explosions and gunfire as terrifying as it is powerful.  After some sustained fire, the gun launcher suddenly vanishes in a massive blast, catching TBER123 in the massive spray of shrapnel and launching you into the sky in seven pieces.  GAME OVER, CONTINUE?
4 - You put on your robe and wizard hat, and summon a large ethereal fist to smash into the ROADBLOCK for you.
5 - You storm in with a large bag full of C4, spend half an hour rigging the ROADBLOCK with all of it, and push the button.  The resulting blast nearly deafens you.
- You storm in on a jeep with THEMRDOORS in tow, fully intending to smash into the ROADBLOCK - only for the jeep to inexplicably swerve on LEGODUDE77's pile of guns and flip over.
2 - You screech in on a speedkart, fully intending to slam into the ROADBLOCK as well.  You manage to wipe out on the exact same pile of guns, fly out of your seat and slam headfirst into MERP's totaled jeep.
5 - You run up to the ROADBLOCK and start to violently throw up hydrofluoric acid all over it,  grossing out everyone who isn't distracted by the car pileup.


(damage: -75.65%)
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set up a sick modter ramp and attempt another run with the speedkart

that was fast
i desire to live once again