Author Topic: Darryl McKoy/Boltster, Posting research; Troll  (Read 27404 times)

i was wrong, big deal. don't care what darryl did or didn't do he's still more tolerable than your bunch lol
Enjoy the ban by the way, hope it was worth it to defend your friend.

LOL! Nice one murder burger! Did you make that yourself?
Also Carol says hello


PS Can i have my lawnmower back

funny how i stopped defending darryl when there was actual substantial evidence against him
Sorry for the triple post, but I think an explanation is warranted so I'm going to be straight forward... basically, when you act stupid you're going to get stuff for it.


actually..... no. that video could easily be faked and seeing as imglite doesn't use https it wouldn't even be difficult to do so

as for your "answers" specifically:
1. not possible, your video shows the image in the post at 1:48am your time, while his post was made at 10:15pm your time the previous night, and it would definitely be showing the "edited" note if the post had been edited after that point
and 2: also not possible because imglite simply doesn't allow you to edit images after you upload them. you can't even delete them or get a list of all the images you've uploaded

I'm not sure which one of you actually did this, because I frankly didn't think any of you had even the slightest idea how you might, but I think you're gonna have to try again

Please take off your Retard RaysTM