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Darryl McKoy/Bolster

Previous Accounts
Not a complete list, there's an account or two of his that got deleted and there's plenty not named Boltster, he's got a long list of alts, look thru the dramas.

Previous Dramas
Boltster/Beekay/cboeree (8/21/09)
Mr.Boltster (9/21/09)
Boltster- Such an ass he drove off one of our best modelers. (4/25/11)
Boltster's evil reign over Creativity is over. (6/1/11)
Boltster is back. (6/23/11)
Boltster v2 (11/14/11)
Boltster likes to go out of his way to find out other's personal information! (6/5/12)
Boltster and wound -Mother of forget (6/22/12)
Boltster is seriously unreal.  (6/23/13)

Part 1: Posting research
Video Evidence (Includes Refreshes)
If the video gets taken down or you want to see the un-censored version, DM me on my discord, celau#0270

(thread this was in; note, the image is no longer there, he switched it out)
So, you're probably looking and saying "Hey, that picture isn't there." and, you don't see any edits to the post, so how was it there and how did it get swapped out?

There's two answers.
1. He quick edited it out.
2. The image was changed by the service host.

Reactions to the image:
You always were a kidder, Bolster.

Tony here says he had a delayed cache update to the changed image, after it was posted and past the no-edit limit. That means it had to happen in the 2nd manner.
(The site the CURRENT image is hosted on:

While making this, I have not done research into this site at all, so I'm not aware if you can change images on people with it, but it certainly has been done on this forum before and there's 100% video proof of him doing it.

The whole bait game he's been playing (denying doing):
It's not hard for Tony to use inspect element to take a screenshot (or video) like that which is what I'm guessing he has done in this case
I really don't get what you guys are up to but good luck with that
This leads into the next part of this drama.

Part 2: Troll/stuff-stirrer
I'm about as convinced as I was when I saw your blockland 'gif faces'
You're probably one of the most mentioned people in the thread - i wouldn't be surprised if you're second only to verification

Does explain why you're trying to minimise the whole thing lol
I more think you should be banned for your own good, all that sperging out can't be healthy
libruls ruining gaming for everyone
Have they accepted you into thot patrol yet? you follow them around like a puppy lol
libruls ruining gaming for everyone
libruls ruined my computer
Sounds like something a problem user would say smh
Not a lot of brain to weigh down your head ay
Boltster is an obvious troll. Always has been. If you look at his previous dramas and accounts, he's always done stuff to piss people off. From the quotes above, he does things such as derail threads mocking people like Tactical Nuke, as well as using nothing more than petty personal jabs. He's not new to this kind of stuff either. He's gone out of his way to threaten people with doxxings, stalk and harass people for "le epic troll", etc.

This 2nd part isn't focusing on his Ebic Trolls rather it's reinforcing the 1st part and the likelihood that he'd pull a kind of gag like this. It's definitely not below him and Tony is one of the people he's shat on for quite a while now. It's more possible than not with all the evidence and Darryl's forum persona.

Boltster is just doing what he's done in his past without change. Baiting and trolling. It's obvious that it's all he's here to do and it's pretty depressing to think that this guy is a grown man now. He's been banned countless times yet he stills come back.

twilight always seemed like a cuck


He strikes me as an inflammatory richardhead, and God knows we have enough of those around here as-is.

yeah hes an starfish


posted mlp research
i smash that mf /support button

hmm... looks like were gonna have to call up team mckoy before this gets out of hand

he used to be cool

i think the years caught up with him :(

it was grimlock's avatar

/support weebs are bad enough now we got mlp research

it was grimlock's avatar
it was foretold that only those worthy enough and of purest blood could don the Avatar of Grim Lock Squared, else they turn to dust...

grimlock pinged everyone on my sever with a link to this give me a reason to read through it

How many times has he been banned?
I feel like he's a repeat offender.