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its 2019. city rpg has been around for 10-11 years now and even a decade later people still continue to make the game worse by adding bells and whistles to the most awful aspects of the gamemode. and they wonder why it's one of the worst servers in history. removing jail would improve the game so much and everyone knows it
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i'm glad there's someone else that thinks making the player wait 5 years because they had too much fun is not actual game design
also, cleaning up evidence takes 500 years for every single one of the 100 evidence items scattered on the floor jesus christ

1) the problem is that the cops and robbers dynamic is completely at odds with the block city esque pacifist rpg where you build houses and sell stuff to people for no reason. one aspect completely revolves around killing people and the other aspect is basically designed without killing in mind. in this twisted and terrible flawed dynamic, criminals exist in the lowest circle of hell, the area that everyone is trying to avoid because being a criminal means that the meta is not playing the game. because if you do play the game you'll be arrested and sentenced to 5 minutes of doing nothing. cops are the exact same thing as criminals except they have the power to arrest people. they spawn with guns, have the same capacity to kill people as criminal jobs, but they get to have fun. because their meta is to arrest people.

if you look at all other games, they are centered around having fun. but criminals are centered around self control and stopping yourself from having fun, because the moment you try to do what your very job was designed to do, you are digging yourself a 5-20 minute grave of being sentenced to have absolutely no fun while you... hold on im gonna bold this because its a big word


to continue playing the game.
good point here, I can see cityrpg games being more fun and much more productive if crime was not a thing. Most people criticize the criminal part of the game (especially drugs) and leave the economical part untouched) so crime is just a tumor.

2) its not called realism, it's called selectively emulating the worst and least enjoyable parts of real life and calling that realism. why do people drop $50 for no reason when their wallet is empty? why do people spawn with guns? why can drugs be reused over and over? obviously there's stuff that isn't properly emulated in real life because it's a video game and things have to be abstracted in order to balance the game out. so why can't prison be abstracted out? it's obviously the least enjoyable part OF THE GAME so why can't it be made better with temporary money losses so you have the option to actually act and get your stuff back?

like the whole bank heist idea only strengthens the cops and robbers meta, and if you don't want that already loving bastardized and neutered aspect of the game to be improved then just remove the entire thing then
My point was that jail is "based on the premise of real-life events" (not realism) meaning "jail exists because jail exists in real life," and that is probably why jail has never been abstracted like you say. If you just removed jail then criminals will just keep terrorizing the streets forever because cops are only able to react, and not prevent criminals from committing crimes. Cops are never given a break. The heist system you mentioned could be effective, but I don't see it working to well like with those scenarios I created. Jail is effective (to some extent) because it keeps troublemakers off the streets for at least some time. You can't punish someone until the crime has been done. I've seen more people complain about criminals wasting their time rather than criminals having their time wasted from jail.

i argued with phantos and its ok now. he loves cityrpgs and wants jailing to also give you a criminal record and make it impossible to find another job on release

i've sat down and spoken with all of the world's great leaders at a UN conference the other day. after much discussion we have officially decided to make jails illegal. all jails are now punishable by 7-12 years of jail time

sounds fine to me, I'll just make a prison

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