is minecraft dead

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Author Topic: Minecraft Megathread; yeah its update 1.12 big whoop what about it  (Read 4364802 times)

Although the new Legend of Hobo episodes are going to suck... Curious why the last episode was so strange? That's because a bunch of voice actors dropped out, so they are rewriting the story around losing those characters. That includes Nevil leaving...

I just went to a minecraft server. It was a DayZ based server. I got 3 people killed by zombies

A 3rd shadow of israphel, in such short time?
Bullstuff! This is to good to be true!

they promised israphel every friday idk wat U R TAKIN BOUT

I've been thinking about starting up a true survival/anarchy server like 2b2t, but strictly for the Blockland community. Would you guys be interested? The server will not be run off my computer, but be hosted by LethalDrive, which means I will be paying for it.

I dont like Anarchy Servers.

Too chaotic

Didn't even know what an anarchy server was until about 30 seconds ago

I've made a huge mistake

Servers i go to is where you can build survive and creative communitys togeather without war coming down and destroying all your hard work

(Yes i dont like war got a problem with that?)

A server like Mindcrack would be fun

When you say "anarchy server" it attracts dipstuffs

When you say "survival server" it doesn't sound as bad

BUT THEY'RE THE SAME THING: No grief protection. Just anarchy server is ENCOURAGED griefing and survival is just NOT PREVENTED. Silly.

We need more survival servers where you're allowed to wage war but you don't have to. But once you hit higher player density fights break out anyway, and actual griefing will still occur. Even with loads of protection actual griefing will occur.

eldigato wont change lol. as much as he seems like it, he wont. do you know who he even is?
me ;D
Also, I only did raiding when the rules never stated against it, but I usually got banned anyways for going on killing sprees, but I'm tired of douching. Really, when I socialize I really make friends; a good example is Dragonoid X. I did some bad things, I repented, and I turned someone who didnt look too lightly towards me into a good friend.

Like I stated, I'm sorry for any damages caused.

maybe in minecraft but not on the forums lol. he claims to be sephiroth
I am Sephiroth, but I'm done having the names of antagonists (ganon seph maze etc etc) From now on, my identity is Biggs; a minor protagonist with a rich story. I feel that the name is just perfect for me. It's 5 powerful letters, and I just feel it's one of those names that is easy to recognize and know.

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you're being relegated to Jesse, Biggs is too cool for you

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also I was referencing the Star Wars Biggs, not the ff7 biggs.
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your gay

also I was referencing the Star Wars Biggs, not the ff7 biggs.
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