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Off Topic / I got in a car accident and got married afterwards
« on: October 12, 2022, 01:37:53 PM »
I've been around for over 12 years here. Literally half my life. I haven't in all my time here really shared anything personal about my life like some, if not, most of you have. But I figured while this place is still up, I'd share some big moments in my life that happened recently with you all. I won't show my wife's picture for personal reasons, but I'll show pictures and videos of the car.

So obviously the title gives it away, but I'll step back a little further to events leading up to this point. In 1986, my mom traded her 1968 black convertible Camaro for a 1969 gold Camaro SS. My parents drove it all the time and moved from California to Colorado in 1999 with it. They packed all of their stuff on it and in it. In 2000, the engine blew up. It then sat on the side of their house for 20 years. When I turned 10, my mom gave it to me for my birthday. In 2018. I got a job at Arby's as a manager for two years. I worked up over $6000 and I decided in 2020, that I would get it running. I replaced a bunch of parts with better parts, put a high mileage engine and transmission from an 80s caprice, put some racing wheels and brakes on it, and got it running on July 10th 2020, my birthday. I drove it to work the same day. I then daily drove it for two years. I met my now-wife on Facebook in November of 2020. We started dating the following month, got an apartment together in July of 2021, and have been living together ever since.

Flash forward to last month. We were cruising on N Academy Blvd around 8:40 pm, we turned off onto E Woodmen Rd. We merged over into the right lane (there are three lanes on Woodmen Rd) after I looked in my side mirror and over my shoulder to see it was clear. 4 other cars in front of us merged over with us. As we all merged over, a car stalled out in front of us causing us all to stop. When I looked in my mirror before merging, I saw a vehicle in the middle lane a ways away. This vehicle was a brand new 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500. A few seconds after we stopped, that truck had veered over from being distracted and hit us going over the speed limit while we were stopped. The speed limit on that particular part of Woodmen, is 45 mph. I was conscious for the whole thing, but my wife was not. She got hit much harder than I did. We got pushed into another car and totaled their car. The driver of the truck was found 100% at fault. My car is a 1969 Chevy Camaro, it had shoulder and lap belts, but you could not wear them both at the same time. The seats did have headrests, however, I was too tall for them. The rear seats hit us both in the back of our heads and gave us major concussions. After we got hit, I looked over and saw blood all over her and thought the worst. It still haunts me and it keeps me from getting sleep. That car has been in my family over 30 years, and now it is totaled. I've put almost $20000 into it and countless hours. My mom and dad had so much fun in it too. Way too much sentimental value in that car. My wife and I have been getting treatment and things have been getting better for the both of us, but we're still struggling mentally. Firefighters even had to use the jaws of life to get her out of the car.

I got a decent payout for my car, enough to at least buy another Camaro, or build another. It just saddens me that it would take too much to just repair the original car. My parents are deeply saddened by it, and my wife feels even worse since she loved that car just as much as I did. When she came to after the hit, she kept repeating the same thing over and over. I had to tell her we got in an accident multiple times, and she doesn't even remember the whole thing. When we got to the hospital, she started doing better and stopped repeating herself. A week later, we decided we wanted to get married sooner. We got engaged in May of this year and were planning to get married in December like when we started dating. I couldn't imagine my life without her now. When I first looked over, I couldn't breathe. I'm just so happy she's still here with me. We're getting PT and seeing a chiropractor. I'm going to start mental therapy sometime next week just so I can get some sleep since everytime I close my eyes, I see what I first saw after the hit. I can't even look at my car in person anymore, it's just too much. Now we're trying to get into a house and get all of her debt paid off so her credit looks good. And then I'll be able to start with another Camaro. We also have lawyers right now seeking to do a personal injury civil lawsuit against the truck driver, but those kinds of matters can take years to fully finish out.

Here's the album of pictures of my car from before I started working on it, to the process of getting it running, and everything afterwards.

Here's a few videos of my car.
Trying to start it
Got it running like garbage
First burnout at only 50% throttle
Had to listen to it in a shop while I was working on it

Gallery / barrier system
« on: March 20, 2018, 08:09:22 PM »
I'm making a specific type of mod only to challenge myself to see if I can do it. It will be released when its functionally stable

I just wanted to show a little bit of something so here's a barrier recording being loaded and then "taken down"

Some of you can probably already guess what exactly this is based off of. I'll add more when I feel like it

Gallery / "Horsing Around"
« on: May 04, 2015, 06:43:33 PM »
So a friend and I were messing around on my server and while I was gone, he started to mess with a few weapons and vehicles.

This was the result. (the original video was more than 20 minutes long)

The only reason that I wasn't in full screen was because I was scripting something while playing. That's why I have it blurred out in the background so it's not distracting away from the main part.

Off Topic / I think I just saw a forumer earlier tonight...
« on: March 28, 2015, 12:59:46 AM »
I live in Colorado Springs, CO.  My dad and I went to a muscle car meet at a somewhat-nearby Sonic.  I remember seeing a topic where one forumer (who lives in CO Sp.) had bought a pale-green chevy (or gmc) 2000ish pickup.  And I saw the SAME EXACT pickup at this Sonic where the meet was at here.

I'm only posting this because I only know of one other forumer that lives in CO Spgs. and it's just cool to meet some of the other forumers.

So I was on my server just building something and I wasn't using shaders (because lighting can mess with where I can see the ghost brick sometimes).  I wanted to see how the build looked so far with shaders on, I turned shaders on high and looked at the build, then I turned shaders back off.

Then this happened,

after a few seconds, Blockland crashed.  I restarted Blockland and it didn't occur again even after switching between off and high shaders.

Strange though, and I didn't save the console.log.

Modification Help / Getting the array count of a specific variable
« on: March 16, 2014, 07:11:24 PM »
Is there a way to do this and if so, how?  I can't seem to figure out a way to do so.


Yes that's right! We're re-opening this server!
We've got a whole bunch of things planned for the next version for this Snow Trench Wars mod!
If you have played this before, well you better tighten up that belt of yours and get ready for some more action packed fighting!

How Snow Trench Wars came about

Well, Snow Trench Wars was just an idea that popped into my mind when I was playing on Xalos' Trench Warfare back in 2010.  My old friend Zax had shown me a build he was working on and I thought it would be perfect for a trench war server-then it hit me, Snow Trench Wars!  The build was perfect for the name because it had a white ground and was surrounded by tall black walls and had these two courtyards separated by a tall wall inbetween a pathway.

Now there was no add-on made for it during this time, all I did was download the Team Deathmatch add-on, then modified the build a little bit and started the server; in which was a huge hit might I add.

After a few months I figured "Hey, why don't I make a mod for this for many different features?", as much as that made much demand, I didn't know much on how to code but I started on it anyways.  A few months after that I made the mod and also had modified the build to be much bigger and also added vehicles-this added much happiness to people and I had to add more admins due to it.

A few years later the build transformed as the mod evolved and has now become what it is today!

Here are the details below of what's gonna be featured in Version 6

+- Client Mod (will show pictures in time)
+- Re-written Server Mod (4300+ lines of code, previous version had 3500+ lines of code)
+- Improved Inventory System (Your inventory is not your tools slots! You can call it your 'backpack')
+- Improved Shop System (no more bugs :D)
+- Added Clan Support
+- Improved Chat
+- Settings System (you can change your settings in the 'settings' section of the interface)
+- Added 10+ Weapons
+- Edited All Weapons
+- Changed "Random Player Bonus/Negative" to "Random Player Boost/Setback" or also known as "Player Boost/Setback"
+- Improved RPB/S or PB/S
+- Added 'STWOS' or also known as "Snow Trench Wars Operations System" (not an 'operating system')
+- Added HoleBot Support
+- Added Build-Cycle (you can send builds to us and we'll review them (use trench dig bricks), still thinking if we should use it)
+- Added New Map (specifically used for version 6 and above (will show pictures over time))
+- Edited Gamemode_TrenchDigging
+- Converted Server_SnowTrenchWars to Gamemode_SnowTrenchWars
+- Improved Saving/Loading Client/Player Info System(s)
+- Added Player-Types "STW Player Normal Upgraded", "STW Player Fast Upgraded", & "STW Player Heavy Upgraded"
+- Added Slayer Territory Support
+- Improved Kicking System
+- Improved Muting System
+- Improved Force-Kill System
+- Improved Administration System
+- Added Co-Host System
+- Added Administration Action Log System (logs every action an admin does excluding gameplay)

Snow Trench Wars Client - 645 KBs (UPDATED)
All STW Change Logs - 5.39 KBs

How to install an add-on (including steam)
If you are a steam user, your Blockland directory is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Blockland
If you are not a steam user, your Blockland directory is in C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\My Documents\Blockland

You'll see a folder named "Add-ons" in either of these directories, you want to open that folder and save the add-on in there.  After you have downloaded the add-on, it is best to restart Blockland for it to work, after you've done that you will need to set a keybind to open the interface.  Just go to Options >> Controls then scroll down until you see "Snow Trench Wars GUI | Toggle GUI", double click that and then set any key(s) to it and then you're set!

Server Information
You can find information about gameplay, client interface, administration, etc. here.

We use and will always use Bushido's T+T and Frogs Weaponry weapons because they are just suited for this and I just love them! Thanks to you Bushido.

One thing you'll notice right off the bat when joining the server and spawning is the HUD aka Heads Up Display.
This is important for gameplay-you'll notice that you can see your Dirt Block Count Bar, Armor Bar, Health Bar, EXP Bar, Rank & Level, Captured Points Count, and Money ($) Count.  All this is important and is very informative based on how you play.

Another thing you'll notice is the build has changed and that there are now AI's running around trying to kill you.
Well the build is something we've wanted to completely redo for a long time.  You'll notice that there are many hills and other small pieces of land in which aren't very far off the coast of the main island.  There is water, in fact there will be an oxygen and body temperature mod coming soon, but not that soon.  The AI was something that was supported when the build was first being made-they were implemented to help keep a low playercount from being bored and gave them a challenge.

We've removed the default teams from the gamemode and just went with optional teaming in the clan support part of the add-on.  You have a few other options when creating and/or modifying a clan.  Clans were meant just as a whole team itself option given to players until ideas started popping up out of nowhere when testing the first revision of Version 6 BETA 1.

Notifications are another thing you'll notice when playing the game; you'll see notifications that pop up from the bottom of the screen that will inform you of certain things that are triggered from specific things that you do.  There will also be message box notifications during gameplay or just browsing through/using the GUI aka Graphic User Interface.

Once you open the GUI, you'll notice there are various options to choose from-such as being able to view different pages of the interface; one of the including the Store, your Inventory, and even seeing the server Rules, but there are more.
You'll even be able to set your own settings and such.  Another thing you'll notice at the bottom of the interface is your career statistics, not all of them (at least yet) but the most important ones.

If you look off the right you'll notice that you can donate money to a player and also can create a/view clan also even Rank-Up.  You won't need to push the Rank-Up button if you have the setting "Auto Rank-Up" enabled as it will increase your Rank when you reach the specified career statistic goals.

There's been a few improvements to the Reporting and Suggesting systems, you can easily make a report and/or a suggestion when using the interface-once posted, the server mod will then take into account what you had posted and notify all administrators on the server.  Though of course being able to view reports and suggestions from the interface has not yet been finished, only the host can view them.

There is a Help section to the interface if you need any help or tips with gameplay.  If that section doesn't do any good to you, you can always ask a server administrator.


[Host] Lt. Jamergaman  |  BLID: 23108
[Co-Host Executioner173  |  BLID: 28987
[Admin] Xalos  |  BLID: 11239
[Admin] Mustang  |  BLID: 17617
[Admin] Cca  |  BLID: 26141


You can view more photos by clicking any of the pictures above.


(08/14/13 - 11:32 AM) - Started re-writing whole server mod and started making client mod.
(08/28/13 - 05:43 PM) - Added Clan Support.
(08/28/13 - N/A) - Started making the new version 6 map.
(09/05/13 - N/A) - Made a Development Team.
(09/06/13 - N/A) - Added "Cca" to Development Team.
(09/06/13 - 03:34 PM) - Finished AI (HoleBot) System.
(09/14/13 - N/A) - Decision was made to remove teams and use clans for optional teams.
(09/16/13 - 12:56 AM) - Finished Clan System.
(09/25/13 - N/A) - Development Team registration available.
(10/12/13 - N/A) - Finished (R)PB/S Improvements.
(10/24/13 - 05:11 PM) - Edited Gamemode_TrenchDigging to work with Gamemode_SnowTrenchWars
(10/30/13 - 12:37 PM) - Finished Inventory, Store, and Ruling system for both server and client sides.
(11/10/13 - 12:47 AM) - Fixed minigame host damage bug.
(12/01/13 - N/A) - Added Slayer Territory Support.
(12/05/13 - N/A) - Finished User Stats in Administration page.
(12/06/13 - 01:42 PM) - Finished Client Settings System.
(12/09/13 - 07:53 PM) - Finished HUD for BETA 2.
(12/10/13 - N/A) - Finished BETA 2 UI Icons.
(12/13/13 - 01:31 AM) - Snow Trench Wars Version 6 BETA 2 is ready for play.
(12/14/13 - 11:36 PM) - Topic creation.

Modification Help / "Transition Effect" not working
« on: October 16, 2013, 02:37:05 PM »
Alright so you know RTB's message notification pop-up?  Well I'm not exactly doing the same but it's something similar.
I've tried finding out how Ephi did it by looking in RTB's code but I had no luck of finding it, I probably didn't look hard enough so I figured I'd try making one out of scratch.

Code: [Select]
function STWGUI::doTabEffect(%this,%message)

%res = getRes();
%width = getWord(%res,0);
%height = getWord(%res,1) - getSubStr(getWord(%res,1),0,1)/10;
%pos = %width SPC %height;
%maxChars = 30;
%beginText = "<just:center><color:FFFFFF>";
%message = %beginText @ %message;
%textPos = "8 20";

if(strLen(%message) > %maxChars)
%textPos = "8 10";

new GuiSwatchCtrl(STW_NotifyTab)
profile = "GuiDefaultProfile";
horizSizing = "relative";
vertSizing = "relative";
position = %pos;
extent = "200 50";
minExtent = "8 2";
enabled = "1";
visible = "1";
clipToParent = "1";
color = "50 50 50 150";

new GuiMLTextCtrl(STW_NotifyTab_Text)
profile = "GuiMLTextProfile";
horizSizing = "relative";
vertSizing = "relative";
position = %textPos;
extent = "184 14";
minExtent = "8 2";
enabled = "1";
visible = "1";
clipToParent = "1";
lineSpacing = "2";
allowColorChars = "0";
maxChars = "-1";
text = %message;
maxBitmapHeight = "-1";
selectable = "1";
autoResize = "1";

%startPosX = %width; //the pos to start the tab effect
%endPosX = getWord(getCenterPos(STW_NotifyTab.getextent()),0); //the pos to stop the tab effect
%RestPos = %startPosX - %endPosX; //the amount to divide/subtract to center the tab
%rate = mFloatLength(%restPos / 10,0); //no decimals
%rateSched = 100; //0.1 seconds 10 * 0.1 = 1 | 1 second for the whole effect
echo(%startPosX SPC %endPosX SPC %restPos SPC %rate SPC %rateSched);


for(%i = 1; %i < 6; %i++)


function STWGUI::setTabXPos(%this,%pos)
STW_NotifyTab.position = %pos SPC getWord(STW_NotifyTab.getposition(),1)-10;

function getCenterPos(%ext)
%testtab = new GuiSwatchCtrl()
profile = "GuiDefaultProfile";
horizSizing = "center";
vertSizing = "center";
position = "0 0";
extent = %ext;
minExtent = "8 2";
enabled = "1";
visible = "0";
clipToParent = "1";
color = "0 0 0 0";

%tabPos = %testTab.getposition();

return %tabPos;

Basically what I want it to do is move the tab to the center of the screen on the bottom but in a transitioning way instead of doing guiname.CenterX();
This just sets it about 200 away from the ending position and doesn't do a transition effect - I'm not sure if I'm just incompetent or if it's something that can't be done this way.

I've spent hours on this and I haven't gotten it to work.  What I've also thought of doing is using an animated bitmap control then just have a swatch control become visible after the animated bitmap control is done doing it's thing but then I'd also have to adjust the extent of the animated bitmap control depending on the persons window resolution.

Games / MC Xbox Hosted Server - OFFLINE
« on: July 22, 2013, 09:34:01 PM »
I'll be hosting it in about 10-30 minutes.

If you wanna join you can send a friend request to me and I can invite you to the party and game, my Gamer Tag is Ltx Jamergaman

The server will be set to Survival on Hard, no restrictions. (i.e. you are allowed to do anything such as PVP, mine blocks, place blocks, open chests and doors, etc. but you can't grief and you have to be nice to other players)

Don't complain to me if you can't join, someone else will just take the spot.

The server will probably be up tomorrow at 8:00 PM Mountain Time (GMT: -07:00)

Drama / Banshi ID 40410 - Internet Tough Guy
« on: July 18, 2013, 05:20:57 AM »
Okay, so here's how it started. I am an admin on Cat123's server and have been for almost 3 years now, I have dealt with people like Banshi before.
 Banshi joined, then he started to play a little, then he spoke.

Which of course on Cat123's, promoting improper sportsmanship is not allowed, plus I took that as a sign of promoting disrespect which is also not allowed.

Then, he started to spam, in which again in any manner is not allowed.

I did warn him (sorry, I didn't get a picture)

He then proceeded to spam after I warned him not to again.

I muted him for 30 seconds after that.
Then abruptly, he continues.

Then I muted him again.

And again, he got back to spamming. (like I said spamming in ANY manner is not allowed on this server)

I banned him right after that.

Oh lookie here! He is being a little bitch to me, trying to act all tough just because he broke the rules and got banned for it!

yes I did send badspot a fi but that was a while ago and I don't care to cancel it :s

Sorry if the images are too big, I wasn't sure if I should resize them or not. :/

Off Topic / It's my birthday today!
« on: July 10, 2013, 01:27:21 PM »
I am now level 15. c:

Okay, so I got this GameStop Gift Card from my grandparents today in the mail, and I don't know what to spend it on.  I play on Xbox 360 and a little bit on PC, I don't need a new headset or controller, and I don't know if I want to buy a game.  I don't know about MS Points either, not like I wanna or need to buy DLC or a game off of XBL, I don't need to worry about a gold membership because mine expires in January 2015.

So, any ideas?

Time for mine to open:
1 second for the launcher to show
4 seconds after that for the console to show and blank window
16 seconds for pictures to show

Is there a way to make a client-sided mod to detect if an object (i.e. a player) is near you?  If not then I'll have to figure something else out...
Help would be much appreciated.

Add-Ons / Admin Only Chat (AOC) - (By Lt. Jamergaman/tkepahama)
« on: March 01, 2013, 04:27:19 AM »
I made this because I wanted to contribute something to the community and that I've been wanting to make something like this but never got to it, so I bring you my AOC (Admin Only Chat) add-on.

What does it do YOU ASK?
Why it only allows admins to chat when toggled!

/AOCPerm <permission> - replace <permission> with either "Admin", "SuperAdmin", or "Host" : Sets the permission for toggling AOC (Host Only)
/ToggleAOC - toggles AOC on or off (varies permission)

Me (Lt. Jamergaman) - Making the add-on
Lamebro1 - Testing the add-on

The updated version has team chat support, meaning team chat will also be disabled when AOC is enabled.

updated version

Please notify me if you have found any issues using this mod!

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