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They are having sound issues. The audio was very low, and then suddenly it became normal. But everyone yelled "too loud!" so they lowered it. Thing is, the audio was FINE for me. I actually left my audio on normal and was waiting for them to raise it. They actually fixed the audio, but everyone else raised their volume a forgetton, so when they got the volume right, they were like "LOUD" and made them lower it again. :| So ya, the audio is way too low for MOST of them, not all, which is VERY annoying. But it won't get fixed, so... stream is forgeted in a way. Be careful, audio could go up or down depending.


gonna make a tony probe and go all over the place

I keep getting tempted to talk to trydying about it, then I'm like "I really shouldn't bother him about something he is probably far more involved in than I am..."

rofl server is broken anyway

I'm doing this. Any tips for docking and landing on other planets?

docking is really cool
trying to make me a space station but hard stuff.
also, add me if you want to just talk about what you are doing/how cool it is
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also guys how the forget do I build ships that can reach stuff past the moon and still come back? I keep running out of fuel, or it's too heavy. what do

Delta-V. make your rockets where they get rid of empty fuel tanks when they run through them.

also how do I use these goddamn electric engine things
and what is oxidizer

tl;dr engines need fuel and air. jet engines use air from around them, other engines have air and fuel mixed in to one.