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And it was all done peacefully <3
So all your submarines are yellow?

The proposes drawing up plans to replace the Pan-TP railway network with monorail bullet trains, and if the TP and UOU are agreeable to it, including the former Eastern Erinaum in the revamped rail network.

I think it would increase trade and tourism for all nations, and I accept.

I feel that with Swat and Blazer dropping out, the activity level of the thread will decrease too much.  I propose that the three biggest nations, the AC, Belsnia, and myself all donate a small piece of land each to provide room for three new nations.

Either that or get out the inactivity boot

I feel that with Swat and Blazer dropping out, the activity level of the thread will decrease too much.  I propose that the three biggest nations, the AC, Belsnia, and myself all donate a small piece of land each to provide room for three new nations.

Either that or get out the inactivity boot
I agree with you.

I want SWAT One and Blazer back :(

Word begins to spread that there may have been an heir for the Erinamese throne.  The rumor spreads quickly, and the Eastern Erinamese province of UOU are looking into the matter.  The leaders of the Western Erinamese province seem uninterested, even though the populous is somewhat interested.  Since the passing of the late Ivek XL, the Erinamese people, especially those in E. Erinaum, have been down with their missing leader being gone.

The state of Abdullahi is somewhat uneasy.  Asha has gone missing for unknown reasons, and the Abdullahians, while comfortable with the new UOU rule, do not hold the same national identity that they held when Asha was with them.
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Irrklaand Homeland Defense Force papers leak onto the Internet and are quickly taken down, but not after many people see them and criticize the government for setting up a large missile launching system north of the largest city, Reykjavik.

The AC decides to hold off plans on inclusion of the UOU into the bullet train monorail system as it seems probable that Erinaum will come back, and for a good while, ever since Abdullahi's rebellion even, the TP has been engaged in a cold war with Erinaum and its sphere, let's admit it; though at some points the war was put on hold or even prevented from becoming a hot war, there was a war going on.

Now that it seems that war may rekindle...
Work continues on the secret projects.
TP scientists and engineers work tirelessly to make their own versions of certain Erinamese military technologies.
The AC begins to set its MAD system back up on the former Erinamese border.
DEFCON goes from the highest it's been in a very long while (4) back up to 3.

This is generally because I'm expecting more of the same, powergaming and warmongering from a massive quasi-fascist nation.

After decades of planning and construction, the TPSP sends a manned mission to Mars.

A letter is sent in to E. Erinaum from a W. Erinamese post office.  Apparently, this letter has been held up in W. Erinaum for some time now.

It reads:

I have been locked away for 43 years with my brother.  We have been taken care of and treated well for the time we have been here.  A war must have happened, because I heard the ground rumbling all around me for a few years, but it has stopped.  Father, are you well?  have you explored the world?  Happy 100th birthday, if you have truly made it this far.  Tuevon is well, but he has grown reckless.  The guards won't tell us of the outside world, but I trust that you can handle Erinaum well.  Erinaum is in good hands.

Best regards,
        ~ Zjulev S. Premein

The contact says that she was not permitted to send this letter for a long time, but sent it secretly, as its contents, she was told, would question the Ivek's rule and be considered treason to send.  She has not disclosed her name, but has reported that there are more hidden letters from the Iveke.

Newspapers reporting the finding of this letter are printed all over the UOU to receive mixed opinions.
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Minor riots begin to form in E Erinaum (although it is now UoU, we still refer to the territory as East Erinaum).  Additional police force is sent to contain the riots.  Additional missionaries are also sent to help guide people to a more positive passion to give meaning to their lives.

The missionaries are kindly turned away by the rioters, as the issue lies with mending the broken Erinamese identity.  Another letter is sent from the contact, apparently from when Zjulev was young.

The letter reads:

Father, why have you locked us up in this cell?  I don't like it, and I want to go home.  Tuevon is a bumbling idiot.  All he does to scream and drool all over himself.  When can we go home?  I miss mother.

        ~ Zjulev S. Premein

The contact also shares concern that her administrators are growing suspicious.  She has said that other postal workers have been arrested and questioned by Erinamese police, and is afraid of what might happen if she is discovered.

W. Erinamese politicians begin to deny the existence of the brothers.  Local government-sponsored radio in W. Erinaum is broadcasting disbelief in the old system, and mentions doubt in the the new heir, who many believe to be mentally retarded.  E. Erinamese rioters demand access to hospital records of the royal family.
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So Swat, I am a little confused.. am I still in control of any Erinaum territory, or are you back officially?  Just asking because I don't understand how missionaries could be turned down from my own nation lol

The rioters turned away the missionaries, not the provinces.  The provinces are still under your control.

Edited for clarity.
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Chairman Nasanov invites the leaders of UOU and AC to a meeting to take place in a Swedish mountain resort. We shall discuss UOUs planned relationship with TP and the rest of the world after the collapses of Erinaum and Abduallhi along with other issues.
i guess atsina isnt in the TP anymore