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at this point amiibos are exclusively buy-in optional content or bonuses rather than content 'keys' which unlock things necessary for complete play

so here's my current amiibos:
mario (WAA HOO, incredibly stupid, got it with my smash wiiu)
link (lonk, super rare from what I've heard, found it in a best buy on black friday)
samus (spamus, never touched or mentioned again, same best buy as link

and the ones I want
luigi (WAA HEE)
little mac (wack mac)
and ness (pk fire)
also pac man (black man)
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if we're listing nicknames, mine are:

mario (meatman)
luigi (linguine)
link (green bean)
samus (sandwich)
donkey kong (donk)
diddy kong (dinkie)
pikachu (peepeejew)
kirby (carebear)
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mario (WAA HOO, incredibly stupid, got it with my smash wiiu)
luigi (WAA HEE)
Are those 123pendejos references, or are they just because the bros. say that?

bump because this doesn't need to die and because i have news

super mario series amiibos are announced, mario, luigi, peach, yoshi, toad and bowser are all in it.

also, captain toad: treasure tracker, kirby and the rainbow curse, mario party 10 and codename steam all got their amiibo features announced

Pit was apparently up for grabs for a while on Gamestop's website today. Would've posted in this thread if I got the memo earlier. If you're looking for him, I suppose it's still worth a try.

nah i don't want armpit too much

I don't see a "Codename Steam" on that list

is cpt. falcon rare? i saw it at walmart a few days ago

I got a Samus recently, and it really does copy me. I play like a complete spaz doing random inputs that somehow works. It can 2-stock level 9s.

is cpt. falcon rare? i saw it at walmart a few days ago
he's kinda rare I mean, he's not seen too often.

I picked one up from the gamestop that had attempted to field destroy all these amiibos for whatever reason, but failed miserably.

still waiting for my sanic amiibo to come out
everyone should get a shulk amiibo and just spam really feeling it and backslash
10/10 amiibo
now give me amiibos

Some TRUs got Wave 3 today! Go go go go go!

*TRU = Toys R Us

i can't wait for the 4chan gifs of guys ejaculating on the female amiibos

Freek, please update the current rarity chart. While most of it is accurate, there are a few that need some changes, and Little Mac being a common is completely wrong - some people consider him to be on the same level as Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer.

Here's the most common and accepted chart, stolen from courtesy of Reddit: