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Thanks to Id3s0ac for the RV which I heavily modified

Square Society now has a discord server so that you can be notified when we host a server. Join the Square Society discord

i like dat giraffe tongue

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our clan project Cape Gloire will soon be ready to play! here is a glimpse of new wildlife and characters.

preview pics for some new items coming up. a cape gloire-specific set!

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ever gonna host frontier kosmos again?

ever gonna host frontier kosmos again?
Probably not, most people didn't like Frontier Kosmos. the new build Cape Gloire debuts July 1st and improves on the concept behind Frontier Kosmos.

edit- But hey I still have the save file and all the add-ons for it so maybe sometime in the future.
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On July 1st, Square Society debuts its new server: Londo Archipelago, a combination of Frontier Kosmos (hosted last year; click for a video) and Cape Gloire (built this year), plus content by many other contributors including Soviet Narwhal, Id3s0ac, Wolfly, and more.

Pictured: The village at the heart of Cape Gloire, where players spawn.

Tomorrow, Square Society debuts its server Londo Archipelago

Tonight, you should all attend the funeral for Tyrone Cheddar. Not officially a Square Society server, it's built by geben with help from 2 sq soc members. RIP Tyrone Cheddar

a shot taken from our new server, Londo Archipelago.