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Faces, Decals, Prints / Face - MLK
« on: January 19, 2016, 04:57:39 AM »

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
-Martin Luther King Jr.


Off Topic / Annoying Orange wants to restrict internet usage
« on: December 16, 2015, 06:35:54 PM »
Donald Annoying Orange supports monitoring and/or restricting internet usage much like China and North Korea. At first he claims that parts of the internet would be watched or shut-down. Shortly after Rand Paul explains that he would be violating the first amendment (or that it would need to be re-written to comply with Annoying Orange's idea) he backs up his statement saying that he wouldn't "shut down" the internet, but it would still be closely watched for "terrorism".

Are people really going to vote for Annoying Orange? A billionaire fat cat who thinks he knows it all, and laughs at anyone who thinks they can challenge his ideology. He doesn't mention the constitution, the bill of rights, or anything remotely similar to what our country was founded on; He talks about war and keeping our nation "safer from terrorist attacks" as if it's something he can guarantee will happen while he is in power, and how he will make sure the Star Bucks cup says "Merry Christmas". Wow.

Donald Annoying Orange. Presidential Leader or Republican Dictator?

Add-Ons / Blockland Thanksgiving
« on: November 25, 2015, 04:27:57 AM »

Thanksgiving. A time where families gather, eat good food, and appreciate what they have.
Let's not be tribal this holiday season, and remember the actual history behind the tradition
and how it's meant to bring us closer together and set our differences aside for once.
-Delicious edible Turkey Brick
-Giant fork to stab good meat and shank each other
-Pilgrim and Native Hat to remember the origin

*BONUS* - Native Default Faces! (there are enough bearded faces for the pilgrims, lol)

The hats' bands change to the color of your paint can:
(I guess this only works for the host?)

Tested on a clean install of Blockland
Please report any you find!

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Blocklanders!

Faces, Decals, Prints / Native Default Faces
« on: November 25, 2015, 04:26:38 AM »
Exactly as the title says. These are "native" versions of some default faces to go with the TurkeyDay pack

Grab the whole pack! -> TurkeyDay2015

Add-Ons / Halloween Pack
« on: October 29, 2015, 02:03:48 PM »

Halloween, the most giving time of year, and my favorite holiday.
It's not about the candy, it's about the holiday spirit!
Dress up, and share (or steal) candy!
Happy Halloween fellow Blocklanders.

-Seven new spooky playertypes with custom sfx & animations
-A Witch-Broom Vehicle
-Candy Pile Brick
-Candy Pail Item
-Candy Emitter
-Candy Bar Explosion








The sucker on the candy pile brick is paintable
Candy Pail changes to color of current paint
You lose it when you die so people can steal your candy
It can also be used as a melee weapon
Tested on a clean install of Blockland

-Hats cannot be worn by these player-types (yet)
-The bleeding from being a headless never stops unless you Self Delete

Please report any others you may find!


Add-Ons / Blockland Kitty Kat
« on: July 26, 2015, 05:34:57 AM »

Created by Gothboy77 BLID 14329

Have you ever wanted one of those cute little fellas in your server? Now you can!
The blockland kitty also comes with a variety of stuff, so you can give them a nice home

-Kitty Player-type with custom animations and sound
-Small Food dish for baby kittens - has change-states
-Big Food dish for regular kats - has change-states
-Poo box so they don 't go all over the house - has change-states
-Pooper scooper item to clean the mess
*EXTRA!* - Includes a bag brick with 2 prints for food and litter!

-Striped kitty version
-A few more kitty animations
-Some kat toys

Comes with everything seen here

Kitty Playertype
Kitty Food and Litter Bag Prints

Modification Help / General's OBJ2BLB - Issues
« on: July 20, 2015, 12:52:04 PM »
Before, I always used Badspot's OBJ2BLB and it worked great, however I have recently started making BLBs with prints on them and this is where I began using Gen's "better" BLB converter

I have gotten the OBJ to BLB successfully, however my model always floats, and the print texture doesn't show properly. For example, using the default 2x2f blue sphere print colors the whole texture face blue. Numbers/letters/symbols just appear greyblank and some prints show nothing at all (such as the green square and orange triangle print)

I have followed the documentation provided, modeled in the center of grid/origin, and named things accordingly. What am I doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Modification Help / Brick Name Box : Child GUI Objects
« on: May 03, 2015, 07:52:50 PM »
Does anyone know the name of the Brick Name Box on the WrenchDlg GUI?
I've tried getting the names of the child objects on the GUI, but can't seem to get it working right.

Code: [Select]
function findSubGUI(%this,%name)
   %gui = %this.findObjectByInternalName(%name,true);  
   return %gui;    

package ChildGUINames
   function WrenchDlg::onWake(%this,%name)
      %brickName = findSubGUI();
      echo(" " @ %brickName @  " ");
      return Parent::onWake(%this,%name);
I only need the name of the Brick name Box ctrl object, but this function would be
useful for future GUI modification

Off Topic / nvm
« on: April 21, 2015, 11:58:15 PM »

Help / Missing Old Add-on
« on: April 19, 2015, 06:37:28 AM »
I can't find this anywhere

Is there a chance anyone out there still has it?

Add-Ons / Gothboy's Mod Folder -
« on: April 09, 2015, 05:55:01 AM »

Over the years I have lost some of my add-ons and mods (RTB going down didn't help)
I would like to use this topic to keep track of and update my mods.
Positive or Constructive Feedback is appreciated! NO DRAMA PLEASE
Modifications and Scripts
Gothboy's Modified RTB
GRTB is a modifed version of RTB that gives you what you need, without the errors.
There is no authentication so you know you can always keep in touch with your friends.
There is also support for v21 map files, more IRC commands, among other things.
If you want to know more about it, check THIS POST

Server - Custom Auto Status
Tired of separate VIP-moderator-like mods that all sound the same?
Now you can have a completely CUSTOM server status with color!
(If no color is specified, default grey is used)

Giving someone a server status will give them regular admin
Only SUPER ADMINS may give others an auto-status
Server status is saved via persistence, and loaded upon spawning

People with an auto-status can still De-Auto themselves, but not other admins, or the host
This semi-prevents people from abusing the system. Just remember: A badmin is a badmin
There is also a nifty but almost entirely useless GUI to go with it. I wanted to do a bit extra

You can open the GUI with /AutoStatGui or /ASG in-game

Rank Types
A basic "kiddie script" that contains 5 different ranks of player speed, jump height, defense, fist strength, and a static (non-moving) player-type

Event - Player Bot +
Some old player and bot events, fixed up for v21
Includes the following target output events
Brick       >     BotEditAppearance
Brick       >     BotFireWeapon
Bot         >     FireWeapon
Player     >    DoEmote
Player     >    EditAppearance
Player     >    MoveToBrick
Player     >    PlayAnimation


Fixed Restricted Events
Originally by Zack0Wack0/Destiny, it was broken due to a small code error.
You can restrict events using the RTB prefs menu and using the example syntax
Code: ("Example") [Select]
A is admin, S is super admin, and H is host

Event - Prompt Events
Prompts the user. Originally by Truce, I added support for hole bots and VCE

Event - doTeleport
Originally by Chrisbot6, I polished the code and added support for teleporting bots as well!

Event - setInvincible
No more dead statues! Originally by Dglider, I added support for hole bots

Event - setPlayerScaleFull
Become huge! Originally by Lugnut, I added support for hole bots to become huge too

Roar Emote
Show your dominance! Type /roar to let out an animal roar. No pics, just sound.

Kiss Emote
IN LOVE?? My first emote released! Made back in July of 2010. Type /kiss to blow a kiss!

Barf Emote
Like the ol' puke emote, but more gruesome. More chunks, custom barfing sound. Use /barf

Yes, I am barfing on the foodz
Weapons and Items
Foodz Pack
v.2 of the Foodz Pack. Has more efficient code. Here is the food list:
Chocolate: +15HP
Cookie: +15HP
Doughnut: +15HP
Ice Cream: +20HP
Soda: +20HP
White Milk: +20HP
Chocolate Milk: +20HP
Cake: +25HP
Fries: +25HP
Cheeseburger: +50HP
Pizza: +75HP

Simple Server Currency
A mod that aims to put an end to over-complicated money mods by providing
an easy and flexible system that uses actual money items!

Cash Bag
Grab the cash and run! Beat your enemies with it, toss it, SPEND IT?
See the original topic HERE

The Chocobo from Final Fantasy! Includes a nonrideable wild version, and a rideable leather armoured version.
Downloads for both smooth and flat shaded variations

Chocobo Desert
A desert with a sandy covered plate and a sandstorm. Perfect Chocobo riding weather!

Baddass Colorsets v.1 and v.2
The 2 coloursets I have created

Bricks and Prints:
4 x Height Bricks
One of my early add-ons. Simple 4x height bricks with custom icons. No pics yet

2x2 Ramp Electronics Pack
My first print pack ever, made back in early 2010. Over 20,000 downloads, wow!
Contains an AM/FM receiver, a phone with caller ID, a cash register, a laptop, and radar

Gameblock Color and Games
a 1x2f print with a gameblock color, and 1x1f prints for games

Blockland Universal Dollar
A colorable money print that could be any amount?!

Faces and Decals
Santa Decal
Can also be used for his elfin workers!

Adventure Time Faces
Grab some friends!

Devil May Cry: Dante
Let's Rock! Decal is trans so color is changeable.

Work Shirt
Made for the hard worker. Shirt is trans so color is changeable.

RPG Basic Faces
New faces await on your travels!

Music and Sounds:
Farm Animal Sounds
A few sounds for the farm. Includes chicken, cow, pig, turkey, and sheep.

Exercise Sound
Iiit's the beginning, of a brand-new day

EB Music Pack
A random music pack. Most Music/Loops by Moonblazer21

GRTB v.2.7.2
Server Auto Status
Rank Types
Event - PlayerBot+
Fixed Restricted Events
Event - promptEvents
Event - doTeleport
Event - setInvincible
Event - setPlayerScaleFull
Roar Emote
Kiss Emote
Barf Emote
Foodz Pack
Simple Server Currency
Cash Bag
Chocobo Player
Chocobo Desert
Baddass Colorsets
4xHeight Bricks
Ramp Electronics Pack
Gameblock Color
Gameblock Color Games
Universal Dollar
Santa Decal
Adventure Time Faces
Dante DMC Face | Dante DMC Decal
Work Shirt Decal
RPG Basic Faces
Farm Animal Sounds
Exercise Sound
EB Music Pack
I will try to update this when I'm not busy. See ya around!

Add-Ons / §imple-$erver-Curren˘y v.2.6 *
« on: March 29, 2015, 08:36:49 AM »


Simple Server Currency aims to put an end to over-complicated money mods
by providing an easy and flexible system that uses actual money items!

+ Cash Stack, Cash Pile, and Gold Bar Item
+ Wallet and Briefcase Items for tossing cash
+ Admin commands for changing prefs without RTB
+ Events for modifying player currency
+ Player Persistence Support
+ VCE Compatibility
+ RTB Prefs included
Commands used for display help and changing currency prefs

/cashHelp - Open the cash help GUI
/checkCash - Displays on-hand cash
*/adminCash- Open admin cash GUI
*/toggleCashDisplay- Toggle drop shape names
*/setStartCash [int] - Sets the starting currency
*/setCashName [str] - Sets the currency name
*/setCashSign [str] - Sets the currency symbol
*/setStackWorth [int] - Sets the worth of cash stacks
*/setPileWorth [int] - Sets the worth of cash piles
*/setGoldWorth [int] - Sets the worth of gold bars
*/setCashDrop [int] - Amount of stacks to drop on death. -1 drops all
*/cashDecayTime [int] - Sets cash drop delete time.
*/clearCash - Clears all cash drops
Events used for modifying player currency. Found under [Client] > [VCE_modCash]

cashSet - Set the player's currency
cashAdd - Add currency to the player
cashMultiply - Multiply player currency
cashMinus - Take currency from the player
cashDivide - Divide player currency

*NOTE These events are not admin only! Please use restricted events!
Enabling Support_PlayerPersistence and Script_PlayerPersistence
will load the players cash when they return to the server
New players always begin with the starting cash pref
If you use VCE, you will find another unique feature:
Testing for cash with VCE_ifValue, using <var:cl:Cash>


Simple Server Cash also includes RTB server control preferences for it's commands

I'd like to give a big thanks to the following blockheads.
If not for them, server currency just wouldn't be the same.



Modification Help / getActivateDirection + ItemCount
« on: March 15, 2015, 11:51:52 PM »
So I know that you can get the direction of a bot with
Code: [Select]
%obj.hActivateDirection = %dir;

How do I go about getting the direction the player is facing when throwing an item? I am trying to make a serverCommand that throws a number of items in the direction the player is facing, but with a slightly random velocity of the initial direction.

Here is my code

Code: [Select]
function serverCmdTossGITEM(%client, %input)
%velocity = %client.player.getVelocity();
%position = %client.player.getTransform();
%item = GTHISItem;

if(isObject(%client.player) && %input >= 1)
%item = new Item()
datablock = %item;
position = %position;

%itemVel = %item.setVelocity(vectorAdd(%velocity, getRandom(8,-8) SPC getRandom(-8,8) SPC 8));
%item.spawnBrick = %position + %item.Vel;
//%item.BL_ID = %client.BL_ID;

//Any help is greatly appreciated!

Currently, it only throws one item at a time regardless of %input and in random directions of wherever I am standing.

Environment Files / Chocobo Desert
« on: March 04, 2015, 03:44:08 PM »

A map to go with THIS

A fierce desert with a sandstorm and a sandy-covered ground plate to go with it. You can still see the ancient studs covered in the dusty material. How will you survive?

(Better grab a Chocobo and head for the dunes!)

Ground Texture

Add-Ons / Chocobo
« on: March 04, 2015, 03:39:46 PM »

The Chocobo (pronounced chōke-ō-bō) is a flightless bird from the Final Fantasy series.
They are usually considered a peaceful avian creature...until you piss it off, that is.
Chocobo's can be fierce in battle and may help aide allies through deadly sandstorms
by providing transportation on their backs. They can run pretty fast, too.
Of course you should try to befriend it first, or it might just attack you.

*-Custom Model, Animations, and Sound
*-Includes a WILD and TAME version
*-Includes a SMOOTH and FLAT shaded variation
*-Has a unique Skybox and Ground texture to go with it


Wild Chocobo does not have a saddle, collar, or leather helm and cannot be mounted

Gothboy - Model, Animation and Scripts
ChocoboPah - Inspiration ;D


Info: Important
These are not bot holes for a very specific reason: People who join the server cannot see animations on bots, unless they have the add-on installed (as far as I know?)
For this reason, the Chocobo is a PLAYERTYPE which means you can apply it to any bot
using the changeDatablock event and players who join the server will see the animations as well. Players can also be the Chocobo, so it's a win-win.

Another thing, it's best to use the Tame-Chocobo with the horse or any regular mountable bot. If you use the default blockhead bot, the Chocobo will dismount you after 3 seconds

Click Here to ride the SMOOTH SHADED Chocobo!

Click Here to ride the FLAT SHADED Chocobo!

Want the full Chocobo Experience? Get the Ground and Skybox!
Take me to the dunes!

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