Author Topic: Darth C3P0 part 2: still acting retarded as ever  (Read 15105 times)

please don't derail this like the last thread or randomly report people because you don't like them. I'm sure Darth will incorrectly spam report every single one of my and others posts for "trolling" for no reason other than he doesn't agree with us, but other bullstuff is what derailed and got the last thread locked. Don't stoop to his level. Spare badspot a headache.

Darth C3P0
episode 2

I've already made one thread on this guy for acting like a complete moron, but it turned into a stufffest due to people's personal conflicts and the actual basis of the topic was ignored. That all being said, Darth has somehow gotten worse sense that last thread and I think pretty much everyone's come to the agreement that he's completely unbearable to the setro/buzzwalker degree for various different reasons. Drydress really sums it up in potentally the nicest way possible with this:
i'd like to point out here that darth has really forgetin obviously been whoring for negative attention for the past month. dunno if he's always been doing it but i honestly think it's just recently because he's acting purposely self provoking just so that he can be mocked and thus relevant
i honestly don't see how weathernerd is relevant here, the best i can get out of what you put in the op combined with the prior knowledge of seeing your and his interactions together is that he doesn't like you, simple as that
cubone and limerick evidently hate you for numerous reasons but you absolutely just reinforce it with the way you act---and it's not like you're incapable of acting mature about something like this, because i've seen you do it on occasion in varying degrees of arguments---but you just continue to try your very utmost hardest to be mocked

it's like that one kid in school that eats gum off of the underside of tables to try and fit in and be cool; everyone knows he's forgetin gross but you can't get away from him so it's really hard not to just hate him
I'm not that nice and I'm sick and tired of his bullstuff on the forums and in discord.

this entire thread is honestly the perfect example of all the insanely retarded stuff this guy pulls. If you've seen it, you understand. I'm going to provide some highlights:
Look, I have realized I took the bait, but that doesn't justify this at all. I don't get what you are all going on about.
Imagine saying random stuff just to
For this thread? This drama isn't about you at all besides when you throw yourself in
Oh shut the forget up. You threw an autistic fit when grimlock started posting in anodyne.
Maybe because he was starting stuff?
Is everything autistic to you? Do you not know what it is like to actually take a second and actually think about what you are actually doing in your life?
I cant even go on loving discord without you chasing me around
what the forget is wrong with you? Im autistic because Im homeschooled? to have you know my family has to travel a stuff ton and its been said before. Also I'm sure many of people have fits when their pissed off
everything makes sense now
apparently you lose every single social skill you've ever had in just half a school year

nothin like getting me banned on anodyne by messaging me just in time to desperately search for a mutual server so he can keep starting stuff
you are actually loving cancer weathernerd, if your stuffty excuse is "stop responding retard" then take a loving break

Learn to loving read lmao.

Just remember that Darth asked me what his ban reason was and thought i was starting stuff with him. Besides that, look that the 2 hour gap where i said absolutely nothing to him and he still thinks i'm starting stuff with him.
You are always the one starting stuff and I said that your autistic because of it
I guess ravencroft didnt ban you for starting it in the first place
but I mean to go to the extent of having one of your cuck boys come on the glass server to "vote for my ban" for doing absolutely nothing on there is one of those holy stuff your actually obsessed situations

just incredible. Dude literally almost singlehandedly ruined anyode by himself.

Autistic posting EVERYWHERE
^self explanatory
Darth you seriously need to stop posting
Call me a hypocrite but shouldn't you do the same?
Darth just lit my hair on fire with a butane torch, better watch out
brother this may be loving grimlock telling you to stop posting but he's not wrong, you really do need to stop
all you do is cause more problems for yourself and other people
why the forget would anyone want to be in the nc anyways
imo grimlock's ego is like "hey guys im a retired troll i will criticize your trolling attempts so others dont have to"

noedit I think the same can be applied to you in this situation
the dramas over you missed it sorry
darth the more you make dumb posts like this the more literally everyone on the forums dislikes you
you are running on loving borrowed time at this rate
do u even know what borrowed time means
it means the forum is going to shut down ONCE WE RUN OUT

good lord

oh the irony
yeah you see the irony is that everyone also hates you
apparently thats relevant to the situationI never said that genius and thats what I dont intend to make it look like
kidalex is correct with all posts on this page
jokes on you thats an opinion

why this brother
I'm not even going to quote his autism in the printer thread

I think I speak for everyone in saying this guy is totally unbearable and has got to go. That's really all there is to it. I could have posted more of his stuff, but I can't quote anything in the last drama because it is locked, but there's an insane amount of material there too if you need any more verification of how completely insufferable this guy is.

Please darth, do us all a favor and get banned or leave for good.

place your bets on how long this will last

if you ask not to derail the thread, thot patrol will still do it but even more and even sooner

if you ask not to derail the thread, thot patrol will still do it but even more and even sooner
those damn dirty trolls are a plague on this peaceful community

this guy and unova need to log off forever

Everyone log off right now and loving kill yourselves

place your bets on how long this will last
if you ask not to derail the thread, thot patrol will still do it but even more and even sooner
I put the disclaimer at the top of the OP for this exact reason. I don't think thot patrol is going to derail this one.

I put the disclaimer at the top of the OP for this exact reason. I don't think thot patrol is going to derail this one.
you're only saying that because you begged me and my goy boys for help in discord and like not one of us did

Hey look it's paw patrol

darth gets more loving obnoxious with every post he makes

at first i thought he was just the usual awkward guy and everyone was stuffting on him because of that but jesus christ it's like he gets paid to make himself look dumb. i can understand the fact that he's trying to defend himself but there's just a point where you have to realize that you're doing too much for so little in return.

darth can you like grow the forget up? if you can't then take your own word and take a break

I'm sure the best way to get someone to change their behavior is to call them autistic