Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 691949 times)

You get a jar with a plastic figure of Jack Sparrow in it.

I insert an old Toshiba laptop.

You get a brand new macbook. However, some joker installed windows 11 on it.

I insert a Mega Man X cartridge

You got... cheated. No more Ali-express for you.

I insert –1.

you get 23.06 zimbabwean dollars

i insert a platypus

you hear what sounds like flesh & bone being crushed along with upset platypus sounds emanating from the vending machine. it's probably fine

i insert a harmonica and a single a 9mm round into the vending machine

you get a gunmonica. blow to fire out of the side.

i insert the concept of an upset platypus

you get a happy beaver with a sad duck

I insert an arrowhead water bottle

you get a dasani water bottle

I insert $1

you get 362 singular zimbabwe dollars

i insert 100 not very sharp knives

You get one knife in return, upon taking it out of the bottom receptacle, the knife cuts the very atoms in the air, causing a huge explosion and vaporizing everything for 30m radius, and somehow leaving the machine untouched.

I insert a lighter which is out of fluid.

A gallon of lighter fluid sprays out of the machine.

I insert a roll of dental floss.

in return you receive a big package of toothbrushes. no toothpaste though, sorry

i insert a big thing of toothpaste to compensate