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Hey all,

This is gonna be the best effort to suggest and to convince why the terrain and interiors should be brought back into Blockland again. Maybe its just better to get rid of the shadows and shaders and to introduce an anti aliasing option with water reflection. The Torque Game Engine terrain still looks outstanding with the anti aliasing and it could make Blockland up to date with other Indie games out there again, but in its own unique shape and form like Minecraft is. I really call out for a 'Great Reset' update for Blockland to roll back the shadows and shaders, and roll out an update (terrain and interiors, anti aliasing and water reflection) that will keep Blockland up and running for the decade to come. This simple features will explode the retail sales and keep people addicting again to Blockland, in a positive way speaking.

This features would not only make the terrain and interiors standout much better but bricks too! So even brick creations will look outstanding. If the suggestion above wont blow you away, wait until you see the differences in the pictures below. The newly introduced features WILL make Blockland look better and it will motivate people to make new, more realistic maps. Can you imagine an oil rig on an ocean map and let your fantasy go wild with building a brick boat next to it? Or having a team deathmatch on a terrain map where you can see the players much better in the distance instead of looking at a 10 pixel shadow block?

However, there is still a Golden Era waiting in the future for Blockland and its up to Badspot to make the choice.

Click the video to see how this concept looks like in animation

Terrain differences when water reflection and anti aliasing is introduced

Interior differences when anti aliasing is introduced - The aggressive pixel line is smoothed out and interiors look much better and more realistic, and it depends on the interior drawing skills of the person

Look how well rendered the ship is in the last picture with anti aliasing and the water is reflecting its environment a bit.

General Discussion / Chervorzk development - RELEASED!!1
« on: November 24, 2022, 11:05:53 PM »
Hey all,

This is a repost of the older topic, since it was too old to edit or post something in the previous topic. There have been some people that tried to make maps similar to this one, made by bricks. Shortly before the shadows and shader update was introduced in 2012, there was someone that tried to remake the Chernarus map from the game DayZ. But the lag spikes made him quit the project.

However, since June I have been developing this map named Chervorzk and it turns out pretty awesome already. Notice how the interiors and terrain create a perfect match with each other. There is also enough spaces for farm fields, little forests, power masts, two smaller villages, a military base with airfield, etc. There will be people out there asking me why I would make a map for a game that is slowly fading away into history. The question is simple. This map will be made for Age of Time, Blockland 0002 and Blockland retail (older versions). Chervorzk is currently being developed on Blockland Classic Mod.

I will keep this topic regularly updated now and hopefully Chervorzk can change the course of Blockland's future to bring back interiors and maps in a separate Blockland client.

Click on the image for the video(s)

Anyone is free to use the map assets to make a similar map in a different environment or something. Have fun all.


Hey all,

There have been some people that tried to make maps similar to this one, made by bricks. Shortly before the shadows and shader update was introduced in 2012, there was someone that tried to remake the Chernarus map from the game DayZ. But the lag spikes made him quit the project. However, since two days I have been developing this map named Chervorzk and it turns out pretty awesome already. Notice how the interiors and terrain create a perfect match with each other. There is also enough spaces for farm fields, little forests, power masts, two smaller villages, a military base with airfield, etc.

Many buildings, not all, have an interior to experiment with the mission lighting limit. If this map is done for an older Blockland vanilla mod this week, people are allowed to port this map into a different format into version 21 and make a similar DayZ gamemode for it. I really do believe that maps such as this one attracts a lot of people! Too bad that my mapping skills weren't great back then before the terrains and interiors were replaced by shadows and shaders in August 2012.

As of 28 August today, I have made up a story for the map. You can find some pieces back into the map. It was 2 October 2023 when a weird yellow powder had been spread into the air during the Ukraine war. A terrorist attack? A false flag attack? Rumors are going around that NATO got involved. The yellow powder began to act like a virus, infecting thousands perhaps a million people in one day across Eastern Europe. Within weeks, the entire world had been infected. Six billion people have died of the virus, most lucky survivors did not catch the virus and those who managed to survive the virus have become aggressive flesh eating zombies. It is October 2026 now, welcome to the fiction city Chervorzk in the southwest part of Russia.

Screenshots (new - 28 August)

Screenshots (old)

Chervorzk meets Age of Time
It seems like that the modern age has finally found the remotest region of Port Town.

Gallery / Blocko Hotel Peekarica™ [24/7] *Jay, it's back for good!*
« on: June 19, 2022, 07:32:27 PM »

Back in the days of 2010 and 2017, Blocko Hotel Peekarica used to be famous in Blockland with tens of people playing the server each time it was up. It resembles Habbo Hotel in the 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 era.

Blocko Hotel has always been a place to hangout and chill. You can even make your own private room in one of the private room categories. Discover one of the public rooms, go for a swim or take a dive from the diving tower. Visit Blocko Rumble and do some Wobble Squabble with the push broom.

- BattleBall (currently researching if it is possible to remake this game)
- Finishing the Hotel Kitchen
- Finishing the Sun Terrace
- Eastereggs

It all started way back in December 2009, to recreate a public room from the real Habbo Hotel with Aphtonites. Once the Welcome Lounge was done, the ideas popped up to recreate Habbo Hotel with a working hotel navigator, public rooms, private rooms and more! In May 2010, the Alpha edition of Blocko Hotel was opened for the public. The server was then hosted until 2012, when the VPS went down taking Blocko Hotel with it. old topic here and here. The old Alpha days of 2010 can be seen back in a video posted by Filipe1020.

In 2013 I started to rebuild the project, making it better detailed and more realistic. However, the lack of interest and the removal of terrain and interiors years ago delayed the project a long time. After this upgraded new Blocko Hotel was temporarily hosted in 2017, it's time to reopen the doors for good now.


Games / BLOCKS Of Time (looking for coders)
« on: January 20, 2020, 06:34:52 PM »

Hey all,

Two and a half years ago I began with making a game similar to Age Of Time. The idea of making a Blockland-themed Age Of Time had been floating in my head since 2011. But when the interiors and terrains were removed, I decided to abandon that map. But now since 2017, I decided it was time to make an Age Of Time inspired game with Blockheads, but more fun. There's still a lot to do, but it looks already nice! Don't know what Age Of Time is? Check out this thread, yes the AoT v3 server is still alive.

Want to contribute to the project as a coder, modeler of beta-tester? You're welcome!

- Simple jail system
- Log Challenge
- Horse

- Login/Register system
- Inventory system
- Quests
- Local talk
- Grappling Hook (requires engine coding)
- Coins system
- Destroy crates for coins
- Bank system

Games / Blockland Vanilla port on Torque 3D
« on: December 13, 2019, 06:04:58 AM »
So guys,

I had a port of Blockland Vanilla for Torque 3D between my folders. I never really finished the port, I screwed up something in the code. GitHub wont allow me to upload the entire large project there, so people can work on the source code of the game.


- Player animation is broken (T3D has a different play animation code maybe?)
- Player can no longer pickup items (I have screwed up something ages ago but I forgot where in the code..)
- The shadow of the player moves slowly in low frames per second

To do
- Skin customization
- Save and load system
- Floating bricks
- Editor Wand (For rotating and scaling bricks)
- Fixing the screenshot system

Download > Source Code

Games / Return To Blockland Classic topic
« on: August 27, 2019, 04:33:53 PM »

A modernized version of the original Return To Blockland 1.045 (2006)

Return To Blockland Classic is a clean modernized version of Return To Blockland 1.045. The game was ported to the latest Torque Game Engine version, 1.5.2 which dates back to May 2007. The game has become more stable, less crashes and less laggy so far. To preserve an awesome mod and keep it working in the future, this was the best option so people can still hop on and play it with friends.

The only features that no longer work is swimming, crouching and sliding with the good old ski. Some stuff had to be recoded in a default engine source. The ski, swim and crouch resources were no longer available on Garagegames. There are also some maps that have been fixed with a better environment looking.

RTB's history
Before the Add-on Return To Blockland was made for Blockland Retail, it was a mod for the prototype of Blockland in 2005. Return To Blockland introduced new features such as more spray can colors, the editor wand to use up less bricks in the server to avoid lag, new maps, more options to make a better looking player appearance, tons of new bricks, IRC client and much more. Return To Blockland had a huge player base back in the day and Badspot slowly started with developing a more completed Blockland version with more features. In late 2005 or early 2006 it became known as Blockland Retail. Return To Blockland released there last version 1.045 and began developing RTB as an Add-on for Blockland Retail which was released in late 2008, a year after Retail's release.

The older RTB community began to move on to Blockland Retail while others stayed behind. During a master server failure in 2010 and a little bit later, most of the last players left the original Return To Blockland.

What makes Return To Blockland Classic important to the original version?
- The game wont crash a lot on Windows 10. (Personally it hasn't crashed for me since the day I ported it)
- The dedicated server of Return To Blockland Classic wont suddenly shutdown because of a memory error.
- Return To Blockland Classic does accept Torque Constructor interiors now (in the original version, the game gives you an error and wont spawn the TC interior)
- Maps can have a much better environment with a lot of effects, this is an example from Blockland Classic Mod and here.

Forum Games / Earth 5.0 - Planet Terra Redux
« on: August 19, 2019, 08:35:24 AM »

Planet Terra (map by Antares)

2049 - You decide the time speed!
(January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December)


After Hera was on a collision course with a meteor, two space ships left. Each with their own destination for two Earth-like planets. The Spaceship Anageas IV headed for HDJ 200b, also known as planet Terra. The people were put into cryosleep to travel the long journey. Once the spaceship crashed on Terra they woke up, the technology was all lost but humanity made it. The world had mild deserts, dense forests and grasslands, and two polar ice caps.

It's important that you follow the rules, before you make a country.
You can:
1. Start a war, if you really need to. Contact me before you do.
2. Form alliances. Contact the person you'd like to form an alliance with before you do so.
3. Establish trade routes. See above.
4. Terrorist attacks, covert operations. You don't need permission for these.
5. Whatever you can think of that's not below.
     You can't:
1. Randomly start wars for no reason.
2. Have any super laser weaponry stuff or travel light speed shuttles, we're not THAT far into the future.
3. Use real world leaders to represent your country IE: Riddler, Stalin, Bush, etc.
4. Have really stupid and handicapped named like "SUPERGUNNATION" or "MINECRAFTLAND". Be creative.
5. Wars last a minimum of 5 months.
6. No stupid alien technology stuff about super powered weapons, invasions, first contact ect.
7. Colonize the polar icecaps.
If you country does not follow the rules, it will be suspended.


North and South Peekarica continent
- United States of Peekarica
Eurazia continent
No countries yet
Aquaric continent
No countries yet


Now it is time to make your country. If you want a country, tell the name of it. Start with a population of 400.000 people.
Code: [Select]
[b]Country name:[/b]


[b]Government type:[/b]

[b]Country type (economic, military):[/b]

[b]Economy type (Market, Command, Mixed, Traditional):[/b]


[b]Population (Max is 1,000,000 for now):[/b]


[b]National Anthem**:[/b]


[b]Military Technology**:[/b]

[b]DEFCON Alert posture***:[/b]


Games / Eco Survival - OFFICIAL THREAD
« on: July 12, 2019, 07:08:56 PM »

Create a civilization capable of stopping a meteor without destroying the ecosystem in the process.

Buy at Steam

Enter the world of Eco, a fully simulated ecosystem bustling with thousands of growing plants and animals living their lives. Build, harvest, and take resources from an environment where your every action affects the world around you. An imminent meteor strike threatens global destruction. Can you save the world without destroying it in the process?

Construct buildings and towns, tend to your farm, hunt wildlife, build infrastructure and transportation, craft clothing, build power plants, and research new technologies. Specialize in a craft and trade your goods to other players. Develop your civilization and sculpt your planet.

As your civilization grows, you’ll need to brown townyze data from the simulation; evaluating the impact you have on your world. Use this data as evidence in proposed laws, restricting harmful activities without disrupting the advancement of technology. Balance your individual needs with the needs of community, all while maintaining the state of the ecosystem. The future of your world is in your hands.

Every organism in Eco exists as part of a detailed simulation; a disruption in one species can have cascading effects across the planet. Chop down all the trees, and habitats for creatures will be destroyed. Pollute the rivers with mining waste, and your farms will become poisoned and die. The ecosystem supplies the resources you and your community will need to stop the meteor (this can be disabled in server settings). Manage your pollution, mining waste, hunting, and resource collection to balance your effect on this system.

All of the world’s resources originate from its environment, which is affected by your actions. While a meteor looms over head — set to strike the planet in thirty days — a more subtle threat grows from player-interaction with the environment. Without careful attention, ecological destruction can destroy civilization before the meteor even strikes. To ultimately succeed, you and your community will need to use the tools of government and economy to find a balance between progress and protection.

Included Features
  • Online Multiplayer - Collaborate online with a community of players.
  • Local Singleplayer - Build your own world, with the option to invite friends.
  • Dedicated Server Included - Host your own Eco worlds.
  • Over 30 different craft tables, with hundreds of recipes.
  • Hundreds of items, skills, craft tables, and building blocks.
  • A simulated ecosystem with dozens of unique species.
  • With limited carrying capacity, players must create vehicles and networks of roads to transport materials.
  • Create your own backed or fiat currencies, using them as a means of exchange in the economy.
  • Build stores where you can sell your excess items for a profit.
  • Eat varied and nutritious food and build ever larger homes to increase your skills.
  • Create contracts for jobs that you would like players with different skill-specialties to accomplish for you. Take on contracts from other players that need the skills you possess.
  • Design laws using programmable template system to protect your world or increase your profits, enforced by the game if ratified by the population.
  • Run for election and make decisions that affect the globe.
  • View and compile rich data from the simulation and use it to argue for group decisions.
  • Claim land as your own property, and share access rights.
  • Give and remove reputation from other players.
  • Find a balance between progress and protection, between individual needs and those of the group, succeeding or failing together.


Antares' Terra Server - IP: private

Off Topic / Earth forum games
« on: July 07, 2019, 08:14:10 AM »
Hey all,

Some of you remember that we had in the past Earth x.0 forum games where players could start their own country on a new planet, make trade deals, wars, placing news and much more. In the last years I haven't seen any of these Earth threads back. Some of my friends who are not on Blockland loved the Earth game so much because of its realistic roleplaying and events that you can create where other people can respond to it if their country is linked with it.

So after years I have started last week a new Earth game on another forum that has become quiet successful.

A list of Earth x.0 games

I have upgraded the Terra map with better graphics and it looks pretty well.

A new feature I did, spawning a tropical storm which will become a hurricane. If one of these hurricanes hit (H4 or H5) your country, you may lose a couple of thousands of people in your population.

Hurricane seen from space. A lot of work went into this.

If anyone is interested, I could launch this game again naming it Earth 5.0 - Terra Redux.

Suggestions & Requests / Ideas for the Start Server/Main menu
« on: May 30, 2019, 05:37:54 PM »
Hey all,

This night I had nothing to do and was bored as hell. In my head there were some ideas going around, like this idea. It has been nearly seven years since the start server menu had a major update. The idea of this new start server layout is a mix-up of the new and old classic Start Server menu from v20 and before.

The new Server Menu
The new server menu is dedicated to the good old classic start server menu we had years ago before 2012. The simple settings are put together again in one window. So how will this server menu work? It will just work the same as the old one was. The only thing that is not visible is the Add-Ons button. It is explained below why:
  • If a player wants to load Add-Ons, he clicks on the game mode Custom. Whenever the player launches the game, the Add-Ons window will popup. The classic Add-Ons list seen in the picture is just an example, if Badspot is going to remake the layout the list should be small text compared to the classic one.
  • If the player chooses another game mode and he launches the game, the game will check if it does support Add-Ons. If not, the game will launch without the Add-On window.

Bring back the classic Tutorial button where new players go straight into the Tutorial level once they clicked the button.

The old server list doesn't match up the Start Menu server, lets give it a update too.

The Server Info window popups when a player moves with his mouse over the server name.

A make-over for the Blockland window GUI. It kinda matches up with Windows 8/10 now, it makes the game more modern. How more simple everything is made, the better the game feels like.

All screenshots are modified in Paint.NET and are NOT actual ingame screenshots.

What do you people think about these ideas?

Creativity / Planets map in BCM
« on: September 03, 2018, 08:03:05 AM »
Hey all,

This is some piece of artwork that has to be shown. Let me start a quick story that takes us back to 2007. In 2007 there was only one user named ReactorWorker that made a planets map of the Solar System. The Solar System map quickly became fun and popular. The ground was limited, you had your own planet and you felt some kind of survival. Without vehicle, you were doomed to invade other planets if the server had a space roleplay. All those pieces together is what made the map cool, the adventure and building. However, ReactorWorker stopped with developing The Planets 2.0 in 2009.

In 2012, I started with a new galaxy map named Doradus. Development continued in 2015 again, containing six star systems. There was only a couple of stuff missing: stars have a glowing effect, planets are lighted by its home star(s). Yesterday the map was updated, making it more realistic but, too late to make it for Blockland. Imagine if we had pull all of our effort to get the maximum out of Torque Game Engine with a planets map. Check out the video here.

Lighting effect
The planets are lighted by the home star(s). If a planet is very close, it is bright. If it is far away, it becomes darker until the planet turns black. There are two types of stars in the map: red dwarf and yellow stars. The blue stars do not work yet but these will be very bright.


Creativity / Blocko Santos - The map that was never finished
« on: August 19, 2018, 09:02:28 AM »
Hey all,

Back in 2011 before the terrains and interiors were removed I can still remember how GTT Viano City turned out well by the community. Because of the success the development of Blocko Santos began in December 2011, it was based on Los Santos from GTA San Andreas.

The roads and terrain were almost finished, the progress on the buildings started immediately. After I took a break, Kompressor then announced the removal of terrains and interiors in February 2012. The development of Blocko Santos was halted. After months of inactivity, version 21 was released. In 2013 plans were risen again to finish this city map for Blockland version 16. Not long after that, the external hard disk was crashed, carrying the entire Blocko Santos development and it's 3d model files. The development was immediately stopped and the remaining files that existed in Blockland were achieved.

Years later I want to share you how big this project was going to be. If it was finished, GSF San Andreas fans would have moved over to this map. It was going to replicate A LOT of stuff from GTA San Andreas in to this map. Groove Street, Verdant Bluffs, LS East-side ghetto's, Big Smoke's house, eastereggs, etc. It's such painful to see this map empty, unable to continue the progress.


The adventure continues!
Anyone who thought that the map development for me was over, it is still going on. The latest project is Peek City Stories, slightly based on United States of Peekarica savebuild with it's own theme and culture. This map will work with B4v21 clients and Blockland Classic Mod.

Help / Dedicated server keeps loading default Add-Ons
« on: January 06, 2018, 07:44:14 PM »
Ever since the arrival of version 21, the server keeps loading default crap instead of the Add-Ons I've installed. When ever I go to the Server Settings none of the Add-Ons I've installed will appear in the list, except the custom music files.

Code: (Dedicated.bat code) [Select]
BlocklandLauncher.exe ptlaaxobimwroe -dedicated -map custom
Yes, I have already searched the problem in the entire forum many times in the past. But it seems like that the dedicated.bat code works for a little time and then it is broken again by loading up only the default Add-Ons. This problem only occurs on v21, any dedicated server that has been hosted before v20 didn't had this strange problem.

Games / Age Of Time ☆ (v3/29) ☆ Now with jail on v3! ☆
« on: November 30, 2017, 01:01:07 PM »

Age Of Time is a little RPG game made by Eric Hartman back in 2005. The game is an attempt to blend the combat of first person shooters with the character building and leveling aspects of rpg games. The game is designed to be played online with up to 30 other players at once. You play as a female, since male characters were never made, in a map with quests, places to discover and much more. There are two versions of Age Of Time: a v3 server and v29 server. To download and play one of those servers visit the discord for the downloads.

Since November 30th, the winter has arrived in the landscapes of Age Of Time. This map will be changed back to summer style in March 2018. This map can only be seen at Antares' v3 server.

In version 29 you can't craft items anymore. Login with your account on Age Of Time, open up your console by pressing ~ and type:
Code: [Select]

Go to the Blacksmith and the crafting should work again.

We've also a discord. You can chat, share screenshots or play together with people.

You can join our Discord group by clicking this link. The official website can be visited here.

All credits goes to Eric Hartman for Age Of Time.

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