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Games / Planetary Annihilation - Galactic WAR!
« on: October 20, 2012, 04:36:16 PM »

Galactic War. You want it, I want it, we all want it!

This game is about annihilating galaxies. Like the Reapers do in Mass Effect 3. But in this game you actually fly to a star and destroying a civilization with all kind of cool weapons to use. Like smashing a meteor into a planet. Or destroying a planet completely.

The galaxies are auto generated.

Off Topic / Torque 3D will be open-source and free
« on: September 23, 2012, 01:03:57 PM »
Just discovered this today as someone told me about it. Everyone who brought Torque will get their money back. Everyone who brought it last month get their money back. :o

Gallery / Screenshots of Terra Nations
« on: August 26, 2012, 12:03:48 PM »

Animation image of Terra by Antares (BL ID: 6979)

Terra 2.0 was an simulated roleplay on a fiction planet named Terra. With people building their own countries and borders, building up wars, it was just completely amazing. Check out some of the screenshots that I still got.

In 2000, millions of Blockheads escaped from planet Blocko after it was on ram course with a meteor. They flew for weeks in the universe, seeking for a new world. After an alarm went off, they discovered planet Terra. It was up to the Blockheads to rebuild their greatest nations.

How Terra ended

Off Topic / Titanic ll by Clive Palmer
« on: August 13, 2012, 09:52:04 AM »

A new era of golden age liners is starting in the 21st Century.

Australian billionaire Clive Palmer to build Titanic II
"It will be every bit as luxurious as the original Titanic but of course it will have state-of-the-art 21st Century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems. Of course it will sink if you put a hole in it. It is going to be designed so it won't sink,'' he added. ''But, of course, if you are superstitious like you are, you never know what could happen.
The official website of the Blue Star Line that will own the new modern Titanic.
Official Blue Star Line

Deltamarin are a Finnish-based naval architecture and engineering firm. Their company promise: “Combining cost efficiency with sustainability”, means that sustainable design does not have to imply added costs to the ship owners or yards, it can be quite the contrary.

They specialise in consulting, design and engineering from small concept development tasks and studies to complete engineering packages in the marine field. Offering services to the Marine and Offshore industries worldwide.

Deltamarin use the latest technologies in order to respond to the latest requirements endorsed upon maritime new buildings, such as sophisticated 3D modelling commencing at the concept design phase as well as the latest document handling and sharing applications to support effective project execution and to achieve the most optimal end result.

Deltamarin’s thorough understanding of possible performance based legislation and rules and good old fashion engineering spiced up with experience and understanding of both shipbuilding and operation has been the hallmark of their work for the last two decades.

For more information visit

CSC Jinling Shipyard is a major state-owned shipbuilding enterprise which was founded in 1952. Jinling Shipyard has an area over 1,230,000 square meters as its factory. Jinling Shipyard has the right of self-exporting and importing and authorized by Customs as a bonded factory. Jinling Shipyard has established a quality control system inaccordance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Jinling Shipyard has the largest comb type slipway in the world. A Guinness world record has been won for heaviest launching weight of a vessel by side slipway.

Technically, Jinling Shipyard has matured techniques of underwater erection without margin, having experience with special tank coating and widely using 3D software on ship design and shipbuilding.

In 1996 Jinling Shipyard entered into the international newbuilding market to build different types of high quality vessels.

To date Jinling Shipyard has delivered and exported hundreds of big vessels to their buyers in over 20 countries and regions with high a reputation in domestic and international shipbuilding industry of China.

For many years Jinling Shipyard has been in the top 50 international shipbuilding industry, achieving its DWT (deadweight tonnage) targets of new orders and deliveries.

Jinling Shipyard is willing to cooperate with owners and friends from different countries and all circles.

For more information visit
17 July 2012
Professor Clive Palmer today released preliminary plans and drawings for the Titanic II project devised by international ship design and engineering company, Finnish-based Deltamarin.

The Titanic II Preliminary General Arrangement Plan and Preliminary Midship Section Drawing depicts nine decks complete with first, second and third class, officer and crew accommodation as well as the insertion of a new ‘Safety Deck’.

Professor Palmer said the plans from Deltamarin for his shipping company Blue Star Line represent a significant milestone for the Titanic II project.

“These plans underline the commitment and progression Blue Star Line has for the Titanic II project,” Professor Palmer said.

He said from deck D upwards Deltamarin have managed to keep the public rooms, passenger stairs, cabins and other features in similar locations as in the original ship.

“The Preliminary General Arrangement plans depict the original separation between first, second and third class, which will be kept in the ship’s final design,” Professor Palmer said.

“To ensure Titanic II is compliant with all current safety and construction regulations, a new ‘Safety Deck’ has been inserted between D and C decks and will feature proper lifeboats, safety chutes or slides as well as new common public rooms.

“New escape stairs, service elevators, air conditioning room and similar functions have also been added and the inclusions of main fire zones have been designed so that they have minimum disturbance on public rooms.

“G deck has also been re-designed to now feature crew accommodation, laundry, stores and machinery.”

The final design is subject to approval of the board of Blue Star Lines.

He reaffirmed the first voyage remains set for late 2016, with the intention for Titanic II to sail from China to England before her maiden passenger voyage retracing its original journey.

“Blue Star Line’s website continues to receive an overwhelming response from people expressing an interest in receiving regular updates from us or requesting information on how to secure bookings for Titanic II’s maiden voyage,” Professor Palmer said.

On April 30, 2012, Professor Palmer announced to the world his intention to build and launch Titanic II in conjunction with leading Chinese shipbuilders, CSC Jinling Shipyard.

The announcement came 100 years after the original vessel last sailed.

The work carried out by Deltamarin, one of the world’s leading ship design and marine engineering companies, will enable China’s CSC Jinling Shipyard to begin construction of the passenger liner.

General Discussion / Viano City Memorial
« on: August 10, 2012, 06:01:45 AM »

‘‘Viano City, never to be seen back again.’’

I want to thank all people who enjoyed my map Viano City, anything that you want to talk about this glorious map I made can be done here.

Give the beta testers a big applause that beta-tested the map in the earlier stages when the map was still an empty ghost town.

Brian Smith ID: 8437
Nasoa ID: 26543
MrLoL ID: 3306
BlockStar ID: ??
Jacob 123456789 ID: 3741
InFamous99 ID: 11322
MunkyCheez ID: 10664
TomTheGeek ID: 2066
Moonlight ID: 10705
Phillip ID: 24585
Serge64 ID: ??
Siba ID: ??
Azur ID: 22925
Robo Dude ID: 10725

Forum Games / Galaxy 2.0 - Doradus Galaxy
« on: August 09, 2012, 10:08:40 AM »

Doradus Galaxy by (Dennis Lamers)

Doradus is a peaceful dwarf galaxy that escaped many collisions with other galaxies in the younger universe. In fact, the galaxy wasn't even discovered by other species from other galaxies. The Doradus galaxy is approx. 67 million light years removed from the Milky way Galaxy.

Lifetime: 2,410,351,782 years

- Antarean Empire (Brown)
- Anagea Empire (Blue)
- O.T.C Empire (Red)

- HDJ200
- Anagea
- O.T.C
1. You can start a war, if you really need to. Contact me before you do.
2. You can form alliances. Contact the person you'd like to form an alliance with before you do so.
3. You can establish trade routes. See above.
4. You can terrorist attacks, covert operations. You don't need permission for these.
5. You can whatever you can think of that's not below.
6. You start off into the prehistoric age not in a intelligent age.

1. No finding stuff galaxy travel.
2. No magic, this is somewhat realistic.
3. No asking for a stupid amount of land.
4. No general stupidity.
5. Message me before you start wars.
6. Cheating with weaponry and population.

Make your own solar system
Now it's time to make an own solar system in the Doradus galaxy.
Code: [Select]
[b]Solar system name:[/b]

[b]Home world:[/b]



[b]Star type:[/b] ([b]yellow[/b]/blue giant/red dwarf)

[b]Occupied:[/b] No

[b]Alliances:[/b] N/A

[b]Empire Color:[/b]
[b]Weaponry:[/b] ([i]This is not possible until you reached Space Stage[/i])

Active users
This is a list of players that were banned from the game.
Antares - Owner of the HDJ200 system.
Legendardisch - Owner of the O.T.C system.

Blocked users
This is a list of players that were banned from the game.
N/A - N/A
This is some information how and which stars there are in the Doradus Dwarf Galaxy. Every Doradus year is a week of one day in reality.

White Giant - The white giant is a star that can live for 100,000,000 years. It is 10,000,000 Celsius hot and they have a short period of living. Inhabitable planets that orbit blue giants can't evolve due the short life of the star. This stars actually live for three weeks in Doradus time.
Lifespan: 3 Doradus Years

Yellow Giants - Yellow stars are the most suitable stars to make some of the planets inhabitable in the green zone. Yellow stars can survive for 10,000,000 billion years and are 4,000 Celsius hot. They transfer into a white dwarf once they are too old to keep up their lives.
Lifespan: 400 Doradus Years

Red Dwarf - Red giants can be recognized by their red color. They have a life span of 100,000,000 billion years. They can survive so long because of their low activity. Normal planets and inhabitable worlds that orbits red dwarf stars have one day and one night side for ever. Due to the low gravity of the star, the planets can't rotate.
Lifespan: 1800 Doradus Years

Brown Dwarf - A brown dwarf is a very cold star that has the size of Jupiter. It can survive longer then a red dwarf. No planets orbit around these little stars, as they don't have enough gravity and light to keep planets.
Lifespan: 21.933 Doradus Years

Games / [24/7-LSRP] Blockland LS-Roleplay [SA-MP]
« on: August 03, 2012, 10:57:18 AM »

:: »» Blockland ~ LS-Roleplay «« ::

Blockland LS-RP is a San Andreas Multiplayer server for the Blockland Community. In this server you can deal, kill or act like you do in real life. The server is 24/7 hosted, it has one great Administrator named Antares_Andrews.

Antares_Andrews - Owner



:: ACCOUNT :: /rules /stats /account /changename /rules /information

:: GENERAL :: /pay /charity /time /buy /unrentcar /unrentbike /switchkey /id /drink /clothes /doro /wo /knock /doorshout /resetspawn /resetupgrades(50k) /buygun /lock /skill /licenses /showlicenses(/sl) /report /atalk /animlist /stopanim /fuel (/re)port /cancel /accept /eject /usedrugs /contract /fill /admins (/f)actionlist /gps /chatmode /fightstyle (/wi)ndows /coin /trunk (/inv)entory /knock /knockout /give /gateopen /sid /smoke /(sur)render /cophelp /selectspawn

:: CHAT :: (/o)oc /me /(ad)vertise (/cw)hisper (/s)hout /(w)hisper (/b) /(l)ocal (/f)action /me /do /togfam /togpm /togphone

:: BANK :: /balance /withdraw /deposit /wiretransfer /atm

:: SAPD :: (/r)adio (/d)epartments (/m)egaphone /arrest /duty /wanted (/cu)ff /undercover /drugtest /frisk /friskinv /take /ticket (/gov)ernment /ram (/su)spect /drag /copuntie /mir givepassport /showbadge /tracelastcall(/tlc) /weplicense  /mdc (/ta)zer /backup(/bk) /checkspeed /breathtest /backupclear(/bkc) /createroadblock(/crb) /removeroadblock(/rub) /removeroadblockall(/rrball)

:: FBI :: (/r)adio (/d)epartments (/m)egaphone (/su)spect /mdc /farrest /wanted /friskinv /frisk /take /ticket /ram /drag /copuntie (/cu)ff (/ta)zer /showbadge /agent /checkspeed /mir /createroadblock(/crb) /removeroadblock(/rub) /removeroadblockall(/rrball) (/gov)ernment /duty /tracelastcall(/tcl) /backup(/bk) /backupclear(/bkc) /breathtest /drugtest /givepassport

:: Military :: (/r)adio (/d)epartments (/m)egaphone (/su)spect /mdc /sarrest /wanted (/cu)ff (/ta)zer /frisk /friskinv /take /ticket (/gov)ernment /ram /drag /copuntie /equip /duty /checkspeed givepassport /soldier /createroadblock(/crb) /removeroadblock(/rub) /removeroadblockall(/rrball) /showbadge /tracelastcall(/tcl) /backup(/bk) /backupclear(/bkc) /breathtest /drugtest /mir

:: Security Guard:: (/r)adio (/d)epartments (/m)egaphone (/su)spect /mdc (/cu)ff /wanted /backup(/bk) /backupclear(/bkc) /mir /arrest /duty /checkspeed

:: Law Leader :: /hunter /hydra /rhino /predator /dv /hydrarights /hunterrights /rhinorights /predrights.

:: Destruction Derby :: /dd /dd2 /dd3 /dd4 /opendd /giveddtk /remddtk /giveddstk /remddstk /ddcount(/ddcd) /ddfire /ddexplode /ddann /ddsay

:: Yamaguchi :: (/r)adio (/jap)aneese /steal
:: Chornaya Bratva ::  (/r)adio (/rus)sian
:: Surenos :: (/r)adio (/spa)nish /steal
:: La Famiglia Sinatra :: /gateopen (/r)adio /italian

:: JOB - Detective :: /find
:: JOB - Lawyer :: /free
:: JOB - Whore :: /love
:: JOB - Drug Dealer :: /selldrugs /get drugs
:: JOB - Car Jacker :: /dropcar
:: JOB - Waiter :: /showmenu /cookuniform
:: JOB - News Reporter :: /paper /papers /live /news [text]
:: JOB - Mechanic :: /repair /refill /duty /tow
:: JOB - Bodyguard :: /guard
:: JOB - Car Dealer :: /sellcar
:: JOB - Stuntman :: /startstunt /stopstunt
:: JOB - Boxer :: /fight /boxstats
:: JOB - Taxi Driver :: /fare /(r)adio
:: JOB - Bus Driver:: /fare
:: JOB - Paper Boy :: /papers /bring /deliver
:: JOB - Trucker :: /buyprods /sellprods /load
:: JOB - Pizza Boy :: /duty /sellpizza
:: JOB - Farmer :: /startharvest /stopharvest
:: JOB - Illegal Farmer :: /startdrugharvest /stopdrugharvest
:: JOB - Drugs Smuggler :: /smuggledrugs /selldrugsto
:: JOB - Street Sweeper :: /startsweep /stopsweep
:: JOB - Materials Smuggler :: /smugglemats
:: JOB - Arms Dealer:: /creategun /buymats
:: HITMAN :: /portable
:: LESSON :: /startlesson /stoplesson /givelicense

Credits and Changelog

Raven - The Gamemode
GTA-Roleplay - Bug Fixes
Modiano - Bug Fixes

:: Fixed /findcar
:: Fixed payday
:: Fixed /sepc
:: Fixed /Buyclothes / Binco bugg
:: Fixed so that women cannot /wank
:: Fixed When you register and take male you are male
:: Added /Bandana


:: Fixed 24/7 /buy
:: Fixed /engine
:: Fixed /v park
:: Fixed /asellcar
:: Fixed car system
:: Added Plate system


:: Fixed 24/7 /buy in all 24/7
:: Fixed /engine
:: Fixed /v Plate
:: Fixed /setbizz
:: Fixed /sethouse
:: Fixed /Buyprods
:: Fixed /Sellprods
:: Fixed /tload
:: Fixed /rentroom
:: Fixed /asellcar
:: Fixed /duty
:: Fixed /rentveh
:: Added /smoke Anim
:: Added LSPD Police Chief office


Server IP

HostName: :: »» Blockland ~ LS-Roleplay «« ::
Players:  0 / 200
Ping:      16
Mode:     Raven's Roleplay
Map:      Los Santos

Games / [FREE SIGNUP/PLAY/MP] Shores of Hazeron ALPHA
« on: July 18, 2012, 03:21:17 PM »
Shores of Hazeron is an ambitious and revolutionary game set in a science fiction universe.

We took a new approach. No off-the-shelf 3D engine was used except OpenGL.
Years were devoted to developing entirely new methods and techniques. No cut scenes are ever used to make the transition from one place to another. Walk from terrain onto a spacecraft. Fly that spacecraft into space; travel to another world; choose where to enter its atmosphere and land there; step out of the spacecraft onto the terrain. The only semblance of a cut scene is a shooting-stars effect that appears as you transition from one solar system to another. The result is the biggest most realistic and usable science fiction universe that has ever been attempted.

Are you tired of the air tight movie sets of contemporary 3D games?
No places are off-limits in Shores of Hazeron. Face any direction and start to walk or swim or fly a riding beast or ride a dirt bike or sailboat. At best you'll circle the globe and return to your starting point; more likely something will kill you and eat you along the way. Build a city to manufacture spacecraft; pick a star in the sky and go there. Explore its planets and moons. Build cities and defenses. Expand your empire and prepare to meet the unknown.

Do you want to discover strange new worlds, beam down and see what's there?
Shores of Hazeron contains millions of worlds and trillions of plants and quadrillions of creatures that no person has ever seen, not even us. Procedural generation of worlds, including the DNA of its plants and animals, results in nearly limitless variations. Fly to any planet you see; no planet is just a picture in the sky. That's not a worn out movie set down below; it's a dense jungle on the coast of a continent; something lives there. Where to land? Which troops to take on the away team?

Does designing your own sentient race appeal to you? Player characters are created using the same DNA as the animals so the choices are nearly endless. Would your race be a typical bipedal human form, or something completely different, like a speckled two-headed bug, or a gilled fish dude with wings that flies, or even a glowing pink warty thing with a long trunk that leaps like a frog? In Shores of Hazeron you design your own race then spread your race throughout the galaxy.

Have you dreamed about the starship you would drive? The Enterprise? Nostromo? The Millennium Falcon? A Death Star? Perhaps the Battlestar Galactica? Maybe a Borg cube is more your style?
In Shores of Hazeron you design your own deck plans and lay out the systems of your spacecraft, balancing performance against capability, mass against force. Then you manufacture your ship and climb aboard. Simply walk|slither|hunker|crawl|fly|ride|drive through an operable door that opens and closes at your command. Turn the lights on. Walk through its halls. Use control stations to operate the systems of your spacecraft, including transporters to beam to|from planets or other spacecraft.

Can you command a starship?
AI controlled crewmen and troops can operate all the stations and weapons of your spacecraft, carrying out your orders. Other players can also operate the stations and weapons of your spacecraft for ultimate performance. Trade cargo and execute missions to earn money. Prepare to encounter the unknown first-hand. Sensor contact! Are they hostile? Shields up, 80% to front! Lock-on weapons and FIRE! Their shields are down. Energize transporters. Boarding party, follow me!

Would you play a massively multi player space game?
This is a real game, the kind that can be won and lost. Players are organized into empires. Empires are established and maintained by players in the game itself. Your empire can expand and win or be crushed out of existence. Ultimately, Shores of Hazeron is a game of self reliance. No matter where you find yourself, even if reduced to an empty world in some unexplored region of space, you have all that you need to reach for the stars.



Maps / Mobiles Disco '99
« on: June 30, 2012, 05:40:07 AM »

Splash back to 1999 when Mobiles Disco was created by two Finnish people named Sampo and Aapo who later made Habbo Hotel in 2000. Mobiles Disco was a pixel disco game that was only opened on one day when there was a band that wanted to play.

So if you are bored and you don't want to build a disco... why not use Mobiles Disco?

Download Mobiles Disco (285.39 KB)

Download MobileS Disco furniture savefile

Have fun.

General Discussion / Blockland World Cup 2012 [Football]
« on: June 18, 2012, 10:58:30 AM »

Blockland World Cup is a soccer tournament started by Antares. Players can form their own teams and I will make the matches. I hosted a 24/7 server with a soccer stadium, training is also allowed. The soccer tournament will end on 16 July 2012 next month. At least 32 players can visit the server in one time.

- Every team must have five players plus a keeper.
- Every team must have a different color.
- If the ball goes through the net by a glitch, it wont count as a goal.
- There will be no referee in the game.
- Have respect for each other, there is a winner and a loser in the game.
- Every match takes 30 minutes. (15 minutes first round, 2 minutes pause, 15 minutes second round)



United States of Peekarica



Code: [Select]
[b]Name of the team:[/b]

[b]Flag of the team:[/b]

[b]Players of the team:[/b]

If you're a coach, you can still play with your own team.

Modification Help / Mobiles Disco map
« on: June 14, 2012, 02:26:11 PM »
Since I made it with my exams on school I thought it would be also cool to keep a virtual party in my own-made replica Mobiles Disco! Mobiles Disco was an old 1999 chat game, developed by Aapo and Sampo who later found Sulake and Habbo Hotel in 2000.

This map is useful for people who want to like to have a sort of chat server to where they can keep a party.

General Discussion / [24/7] Blocko Hotel Peekarica
« on: June 13, 2012, 05:54:39 PM »

Blocko Hotel Peekarica is the only existing chat server on Blockland. From the opening of 4 May 2010 to today, the build has been witnessed by hundreds of players.

Blocko Hotel Peekarica, officially named Habbo Hotel Peekarica, was founded in December 2009. On a Christmas day, I was building with Aphtonites the Welcome Lounge for the lol. Suddenly we gave it a try to rebuild Habbo Hotel inside Blockland.

The build is for now "finished". I want to re-build the project in the style of Habbo Hotel 2003. This means that the entire hotel will be rebuild. This version 1 can't be changed anymore as it takes a lot of time. If Badspot allowed to keep the interiors, I would have made Habbo Hotel in Torque Constructor.

Aphtonites, - Helped me with setting up Blocko Hotel, ideas, building private and public rooms
Olly Krilly, - Nice guy who gave me ideas

Join the server, it is really worth it to check this out.

General Discussion / Is it worth to finish GTT: Blocko Santos?
« on: June 12, 2012, 11:33:41 AM »

Last year in December I had plans to re-create Los Angeles in Blockland. I was involved by the released trailer of GTAV last year on 2 November 2011, to re-create my own Los Angeles in Blockland.

How ever, since the news of Kompressor about deleting interiors and maps in the next version of Blockland, made me stop working on this beautiful map. Because it would be useless to finish this quickly, as it take a lot of time.

Forum Games / Terra 2.0 - Welcome to Terandi
« on: May 27, 2012, 11:03:52 AM »

Planet Terandi (map by Dennis Lamers)

1966 - Each week is a new year
(January, March, May, July, August, October, December)
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

STAGE: Evolution Age
Dark Age (1964)
Evolution Age (1965) «
Industry Age (1966)
Civilization Age (1966/1968)


In 1961, a Third World War broke out on Earth. When the missile crCIA occurred, Soviet Union invaded West-Europe. President John F. Kennedy was killed during a visit to West-Germany. The government of the United States asked in emergency to Wernher von Braun to design a space ship to flee from the massacre of the Soviet Union. On a morning of October 28, the United States government and almost three million people escaped Earth. Their destination was to colonize a new world, orbiting the star 23 Centauri IV, planet Terandi.

Once they landed in 1964, the place had milt deserts, jungles, beaches.. the handful survivors began forming groups and started their own nation.

Super Powers

- United States of Peekarica (owned by: Antares)
- New Manhatten (owned by: Blazerblock2)
- The Stratocratic Republic of Takistan (owned by: Mikoyan)

Default Countries
- Myla
- Mexaca
- Republic Gojira
- Palo
- Viano
- Terrian
- Aubergwan
- Tsunei

1. You can start a war, if you really need to. Contact me before you do.
2. You can form alliances. Contact the person you'd like to form an alliance with before you do so.
3. You can establish trade routes. See above.
4. You can commit terrorist attacks, covert operations. You don't need permission for these.
5. You can whatever you can think of that's not below.

1. No finding stuff in meteors.
2. No magic, this is somewhat realistic.
3. No asking for a stupid amount of land.
4. No general stupidity.
5. Message me before you start wars.

If you country does not follow the rules, it will be suspended without sending you a private message.

Make a country

Now it is time to make your country. If you want a country, place this in a new post.

Code: [Select]
[b]Country name:[/b]

[b]Flag (Make it with Paint.NET or a flag creating program):[/b]

[b]Government type:[/b]

[b]Country type (economic, military):[/b]


[b]Population (Max is 1,000,000 for now):[/b] 11,000


[b]National Anthem**:[/b]


[b]DEFCON Level:[/b] 5


Games / Habbo Hotel Peekarica
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:29:22 PM »
To begin: Using the dcr files and running my own Habbo version 14 hotel was approved by Dutch staff member Jet back in 2009.

Click on the link for a bigger version

Best TwixTX,

Thanks for your mail. As long as your hotel does not advertise on the official Habbo, we will approve.

We hope with sufficient informed.
Translated from the mail.

Edit 5/17/2012 Content removed: A thread on another forum has proven that retro server are still not ok to use. Maybe even when Habbo allows you to keep the retro, but I doubt that.

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