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Modification Help / Herle College re-construction
« on: May 12, 2012, 09:42:30 AM »
This is my school Herle College, re-made in Torque Constructor. The interior will not be made in the model, since each Torque file has a limit for polygons or something like that.

See my school in Google Street View.

Off Topic / Thunderstorm Thread
« on: April 25, 2012, 06:34:36 PM »
Always been fascinated by the horror of mother nature? Always took pictures of thunderstorms but never posted it? Now you can.

15 July 2010
This large thunderstorm came from far away. When the day started hot in the morning, this large cloud came closer from far away. This pictures were taken from my Samsung ES15 camera.

21 April 2012
This was a roll cloud formed by cold temperatures. Although it seems like it was a thunderstorm, there were some lightnings but when the roll cloud was over there was only very much rain.

Minecraft RP Nations

Remember back in those days of 2010, when the landscape had one color: green. And a simple classic survival? I've set up a server for the people who miss Alpha. I ran first a server with 1.1.2_01 alpha version. Now I'm running a 1.2.6 alpha server. Join us! Use MCNostalgia to downgrade your Minecraft version.

4/25/2012 - I've downgraded the server from 1.2.5 to Alpha 1.2.6 again. Because it is more better then the current Minecraft.
4/22/2012 - Server is now set into RolePlay.
4/20/2012 - hMod installed on the server.
4/18/2012 - Server updated from 1.1.2_01 to version 1.2.6 Alpha.

- N/A

United States of Peekarica
Capital: Peek City
President: Peekarica (Antares Andrews)

There are some other nations.. that are nameless

- Do not grief other stuff.
- Do not annoy other people.
- Do not ask for OP (I don't need one)
- Do not use hacks (They wont work, lol...)
- Do not cheat
- Just have fun, and hang around!

When you spawn, do not build with-in the borders of another players nation. You only have to make borders of your own country, and build what ever you want. If you need any help with building roads, ask one of our admins and we will help you out.

You can better build the borders with block id 42.

Remember that your country needs a mayor house. You can even setup your own political system. The choice is yours.


- Peekarica
- Maxwell7777


Get MCNostalgia here. It's free and only takes seconds to downgrade a version.

General Discussion / Artanic's ending
« on: April 15, 2012, 06:20:04 PM »
The grand old vessel Artanic. The first and largest ship that was ever made in Torque Constructor was impressive for many people. The ship's keel was built on 3 August 2009. The entire ship was finished on 28 August 2009. She was originally a "three-funnel" liner, but a fourth funnel was added to improve her design.

Artanic as a three-funnel liner can be seen here when she was in progress. There were many Artanic-fans in Blockland, and I really appreciate it how many people loved the ship. Even some people were complaining about her hull, but the ugly hull problems were solved in the new Olympic and Artanic III.

After I had become better in Torque Constructor, I started to make two new ships. The new Olympic and Artanic III were finished last year. How ever, compared with the new ships I had made last year, the Artanic became outdated. Her design was soooo 2009, that she didn't fit anymore in the Laurentic Star Line.

It was really quiet for six months, and I had already questions from some people, why there wasn't any news about the good old vessel Artanic. She was actually withdrawn from service on 16 October last year. I decided to remove her lifeboats, Olympic remembrance poster, flags and lights inside the ship.

This was her life time.
Artanic's white design (5 September 2009 - 20 August 2010)

Artanic's war design (20 August 2010 - 25 September 2010)

Artanic's Trans-Diamond Service design (25 September 2010 - 15 February 2011)

Artanic's second renovation (15 February 2011 - 16 October 2011)

Artanic in the dry dock of San Fierro (18 October 2011 - 10 May 2012)

More can be seen at the Artanic facebook group.


We fight, and build in servers

The National Socialists Peekarica Party is a clan in Blockland. New very younger kids, that joining at a young age of 8 years, are destroying the culture of Blockland. Together we will unite in this party, and keep the way clear and clean. The bigger we are, how more powerful we are. We will all stand behind the mighty leader that will lead us to a new age of architecture and glory in Blockland.

When ever I saw the USSR, it was the most successful clan ever launched in Blockland. Many people don't know the USSR clan, this is something new I wanted to launch. A successor to the USSR clan. We, as one team, want to inspire the Blockland Community of our greatest architecture that has been ever seen.

4/11/2012 - Headquarters/server of the NSPP is in progress!
4/11/2012 - I've successfully launched the National Socialist Peekarica Party.

Together with many people we will stay strong and we only have one vision: Making Blockland a better place to play. We need to wipe out the enemy of the surface, that are ruining glorious servers in Blockland. An order is at the hand to restore Blockland's own glory and power again.


Name: Antares
Blockland ID: 6979

Name: Grimlock
Blockland ID: 20075

/ ! \ This troops are named Peekarica Bodyguards. They will secure the leader around him for his own safety.

/ ! \ This are actually generals, you wont have a chance to get in here.

Name: FadedGlory
Blockland ID: ??

/ ! \ Paratroops are members who are fast and skilled in battles, they will conquer places before the normal troops arrive.

Name: Darkness
Blockland ID: 22088

/ ! \ Socialists troops are members that will fight for their freedom and the leader.
Name: Prodigy
Blockland ID: 26925



Q: Why do I need to join?
A) Some pieces in the Blockland community are thrown in half. If we all unite, we can solve this problem.

Q: If I join, where do I begin?
A) You will be put in rank 6, Socialists Troops.

Q: How do I greet the leader?
A) You click with your left mouse-button in front of him, so you hand will go up once.

Q: Will the NSPP have a headquarters?
A) Yes, from there we will plan what we do.

Q: I have a question..
A) Send me a private message.

Q: Where do I apply?
A) Here.
Code: [Select]
[b]Blockland ID:[/b]
[b]Rank (soldier or paratrooper):[/b]

Clan tags: NSPP


You must:
- Respect other members.
- Not steal builds, we make them together.
- Not lie to other people.
- Be creative and serious.
- Not be annoying.
- That's all folks.



Gallery / Launch of a Space Shuttle
« on: April 09, 2012, 07:00:47 AM »
This is a video I've made in my own Earth 2.0 server. The world Terra was on collision course with a comet, eleven miles wide. Then I made this video where a the crew of the space shuttle Freedom will stop the comet.


After the comet was blown up, it was confirmed that the detonation failed and two comets were formed. The story was based on the 1998 movie Deep Impact.

Creativity / Antares's Exoplanets
« on: March 24, 2012, 08:06:46 AM »

All this drawings were made by me, Dennis Lamers, in PaintdotNET. The plugin I used was Shape3D. It's free and can be easily found at Google.

If you want to make planets like me, I've put up a video about it.

Welcome to my exoplanets drawings. It all began with Earth 2.0 that Shinji started in May 2011. Once I started to draw planets in paint, I discovered that Paint.NET had much more features for making professional drawings. Then I found out about the Shape 3D plugin, and started to make more drawings. The first drawing is my new planet drawing. Hope you'll like them all. If you want to use this images, contact me please.


Do you want to have a planet drawing for a forum game or something else? Please send me a image of 600x1200 with continents in BLACK color and the oceans in white color. So I can cut them out and replacing them by landscape.

Professional drawings

First drawings

Share your opinions.

General Discussion / [24/7|Mini Empires] Earth 3.0 - Planet Picturial
« on: February 18, 2012, 09:47:35 AM »

Planet Picturial (map by Antares Andrews)

2011 - Each week is a new year
(January, March, May, July, August, October, December - Each day is a new month)


There are no wars going on (yet)


After the greater destruction of the terrain maps in the Blockland universe, the great Blockhead Race struggled and fled to a brick planet named planet Picturial. Located in the HDJ200 system, they landed slowly on the surface. Everything was perfect to restart an entire civilization for the Blockhead Race.


Please, read this before you enter our Earth 2.0 server.
You can do:
1. Start a war, if you really need to. Contact me before you do.
2. Form alliances. Contact the person you'd like to form an alliance with before you do so.
3. Establish trade routes. See above.
4. Terrorist attacks, covert operations. You don't need permission for these.
5. Whatever you can think of that's not below.
6. Build the borders to make your country.
7. Build roads and connect them to other countries.
8. Ask someone to become a citizen or civilian in a country.

You can't do:
1. Randomly start wars for no reason
2. Use real world leaders to represent your country IE: Riddler, Stalin, Bush, Obama, etc.
3. Have really stupid and handicapped named like "SUPERGUNNATION" or "MINECRAFTLAND". Be creative.
4. Quit a war, it must last a minimum of 5 months (days).
5. No stupid alien technology stuff about super powered weapons, invasions, first contact ect.
6. Enter someone else country, he has permission to kill you.
7. Build vehicles (tanks, helicopters, cars) without factories.
8. Build outside on the repeated terrain. Repeated can be seen in the dark water.

If you country does not follow the rules, it will be suspended and destroyed.


1. United States of Peekarica

If you are listed as a country above here, you can make a government website for it. You can use WordPress or Weebly. Both website services are free and have rarely down-time.


Now it is time to make your country. Copy the post below, and start off with 5,000 people and an empty weaponry.

Code: [Select]
[b]Country name:[/b]


[b]Government type:[/b]

[b]Country type (economic, military):[/b]


[b]Population (Max is 5,000 for now):[/b]


[b]National Anthem**:[/b]



World Map

Gallery / Antares's House
« on: February 12, 2012, 11:20:28 AM »
Last year during Christmas I've been thinking in which house I would life, since I turn 18 in 2013. Once I found a perfect house somewhere on the internet, not far from my home, I decided to rebuild the house a little into Blockland and fill it up with furniture. I've posted two pictures from the house that is for sale, below the Blockland screenshots.

Outside the House

Inside the House

The Gardens

Two pictures how the house looks like in real. Combined with the house I made in Blockland, and the real one has not much differences.

Suggestions & Requests / Leopard 2a6 tank
« on: February 11, 2012, 06:06:25 PM »

Is someone out there who can make the Leopard 2a6 tank? I've never seen a Leopard tank vehicle, only the Abrams tank and default tank. I really appreciate it! I need this for my Earth 2.0 server. ;-)

Even to make my Earth 2.0 server better it would be nice to see this vehicles being made.

Transport Helicopter

Heavy Battle Ship


B2 Spirit bomber

Modification Help / Tank model made in Torque
« on: February 05, 2012, 04:20:12 PM »

This is a tank model I made last year for the civilian war in Peekarica. The tank is a interior model, not a vehicle. This is the only picture I took last year. The tank is a self-made design, so far as I know. I named this tank Anta V1. Should I release this or not?

Forum Games / Spore 2.0 - How do you create the universe?
« on: January 12, 2012, 01:02:53 PM »

Universe Year: 3

Far away outside our universe there is a multiverse. In another universe world, a space dominated with galaxies of the Spore world. Welcome to the Spore milky way. This is just the beginning of your evolution.

You cannot:
- Attack worlds from other players that aren't in the Space phase (yet)
- Evolve your world with-in one day. It takes a week to go from cell to space stage.
- Blow up planets (yet)
- Visit other galaxies, only the milky way.
- Have Staff of Life as tool to terraform a dusty planet

You can:
- Make alliances in Space phase
- Make trade routes in Space phase or Civilization phase
- Attack other worlds in Space phase
- Build colonies on other planets
- Visit other player worlds, but NOT attack them
- Ask permission to visit a planet that is also in the Space phase
- Keep your countries on your home world in peace

Solar systems

Antarean Solar system (owned by Antares)

Alkuchos  Solar system (owned by Grodus)

Build your solar system
I prefer people to use Galactic Adventures to get the small planet icons. If you don't have Spore, don't worry, I can generate you a planet.

Code: [Select]
[b]Solar system:[/b]

[b]Star type (Yellow star, red dwarf, blue giant):[/b]



[b]Home world:[/b]

[b]Planet type (Totalitarianism, communism, democracy, etc):[/b]

[b]Planet icon:[/b]



[b]Phase:[/b] Cell phase


Creativity / [Spore] Peekarica Day (2012) [MOVIE RELEASED!]
« on: January 10, 2012, 04:36:34 PM »
Peekarica Day
They don't come in peace

Peekarica Day is an upcoming science fiction movie using Spore and the Galactic Adventures expansion pack. Sinds the blockbuster of Spore Skyline, I was not interested in making a sequel to Skyline.

The director of Independence Day is planning to make two sequels. I was inspired by this news and decided to make my own version of Independence Day, Peekarica Day. Not everything will be the same, only the space ships how they act.

Length: 20 minutes
Genre: Science fiction, action
Age: 12+

February 3
It's 3 February 2012. Two days before the celebration of Peekarica Day. Scientist Antares Andrews sees an object slowing down behind the moon of Terra. Once it stopped, Antares receives a radio signal. He wants to warn his friend Leoni, but he ignores it a little. Some seconds later, he warns Leoni that the space ships are entering the planet atmosphere with in the next twenty-five minutes.

Antares decide not to report this to the president, when he decide to visit his wife and little daughter. Once they decide to leave, the invasion begins. Large space ships settle their position above each capital building of a country.

Antares goes with his wide and daughter immediately to a secret base to tell the truth why they are here. When Antares is thinking into his self what if the Antareans didn't had a home world and visiting another inhabitant planet, he discovers a shocking discovery. The positions of the space ships are going to do "checkmate". They landed her to wipe out the civilization of Antarean race, and settle their base on Terra for the resources.

February 4
But it's too late, around 0:00 AM the aliens launch their nuclear weapon world-wide on mayor cities. It's up to the military of Peekarica to find out how to win this impossible war.

February 5
It's Peekarica Day. People of the country are seeking the president to bring down the large space ships. Two men, Antares and David becomes an important part of the military. They will find out to bring down the mother ship by the moon of Terra, that controls the space ship.

Dennis Lamers as Antares Andrews
Melissa Hermes as Liesbeth Andrews
Caithlyn Vromen as Baby Amanda Andrews
Zachary Tolbra as Tom Walles
Ryan J. Whyte as Thomas Whyte

Drama / Pacnet2012 - Abusive Admin and his failed Dedicated Hosting
« on: January 06, 2012, 12:08:44 PM »
Some of you may know him, Pacnet2012. He ruined my server today. Don't ask me how he got admin, I am trying to find out right now. When I joined my server today, everything was a bit destroyed. CrystalWarrior had recently banned Pacnet, maybe a good job for you to ban him too from your server.

His ID: 22696
His name history:

Other stuf I found is about a stuffty Dedicated Hosting from him. Here is another one from his self.

ยป (He is already banned on the forums)
Forum profile

Forum Games / Earth 6.0 - The world of Gojira
« on: January 02, 2012, 10:33:13 AM »
* * * Earth Series website * * *
* * * Terra Maps * * *

Planet Gojira (map by Antares)

2075 - Each week is a new year
(January, March, May, July, August, October, December)
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

After humanity left planet Terra they settled and colonized a new planet around the star Hubble. During the crash, most of the technology was lost.


There is no war going on (yet)

Super Powers

United States of Peekarica
New Aosan
New Irajinia
New Kintharia
New China
United States of Blockarica
The Xarian Federation
Glaktatian Colony
United Republic Of Seraga
The Soviet Socialist Republic of Andorra

You can do:

1. Start a war, if you really need to. Contact me before you do.
2. Form alliances. Contact the person you'd like to form an alliance with before you do so.
3. Establish trade routes. See above.
4. Terrorist attacks, covert operations. You don't need permission for these.
5. Whatever you can think of that's not below

You can't do:
1. Suddenly claim you have 39492 nukes.
2. Nuke anything (Yet)
3. Nuke (Yet)
4. Have super weapons. (Yet)
5. Start a nuclear war once ICBMs are enabled.
6. Base your country off of a game.
7. Have any super laser weaponry stuff or travel light speed shuttles we're not THAT far into the future.
8. Use real world leaders to represent your country IE: Riddler, Stalin, Bush, etc.
9. Have really stupid and handicapped named like "SUPERGUNNATION" or "MINECRAFTLAND". Be creative.
10. Have nukes, no one can now even a super power
11. Your population doesn't count if you counting it with your entire union.
12. You cant end a war within 5 Months only after 5 months.
13. Don't leave the game when you have started something big, like a war. There no point starting it (unless its urgent for resources)

If you country does not follow the rules, it will be suspended without be sorry.

Now it is time to make your country. If you want a country, post the name and location. Do not make a country if you leave after a week.

Code: [Select]
[b]Country name:[/b]

[b]Flag (Make it with Paint.NET or a flag creating program):[/b]

[b]Government type:[/b]

[b]Leader or president:[/b]

[b]Country type (economic, military):[/b]


[b]Population (Max is [i]950,000[/i] for now):[/b]


[b]National Anthem**:[/b]


[b]DEFCON Level:[/b]


(Please don't add more information about holidays, victory things. No one cares about that)

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