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Games / Where my Sony buds at?
« on: August 01, 2020, 04:58:46 PM »
Uh yeah hi, I'm just poking around in one of my lurking sessions. Don't spend a whole lot of time on the forums because life is kooky, but I'm dropping my PSN account in case anyone wants to play games or even just spy on each other. Add me at XR_7-16

Cheers, BL

Off Topic / Mean black man tries to give boo boo
« on: May 17, 2019, 10:06:26 AM »
Setting: Lewisville, TX
Date: May 17, 2019
Time: 6:45am

So I was exiting the I-35E into Lewisville to go east towards Plano. There were three lanes curving towards a stoplight but I couldn't make it up to the stoplight because the cars in the center lane were too close to the right lane for my 75' semi truck to get through, so I had to stop and wait for a green light. The people in the cars behind me did not like that.

Once the light was green and I made it onto the street, a man behind me accelerated in front of me and slammed on his brakes. I tried to go around and he changed lanes to stay in front of me. I tried to go around again, same deal. I decided to slow down and let him just accelerate away from me but instead, he pulled across the road into the left lane and came up on my driver side window. He roostered and aimed a shotgun at my face. I ducked below the window to the right side to keep one eye on the road while avoiding death as well. As I came to a red light with some railroad tracks in front of it. He pulled his car into the tracks so that my bumper was up at his passenger door. I think he was going to get out and walk up to my truck with his gun, but on the other side of the intersection, a police car began initiating a traffic stop on a different car. Not wanting to blow my brain into Jell-O, he took off across the intersection and made a quick left onto Main Street before speeding away.

Silly man.

Off Topic / Is XR coming near you soon? [Prosser, WA -> Atlanta, GA]
« on: February 06, 2018, 12:29:41 AM »
Yes I am a truck driver and I've started driving across the lower 48 states. Will I be passing near you? Check in here whenever I update it.

February 5 (delivery due Feb 9): I'm driving roughly between Provo, UT to Cleveland, OH. If anyone lives near I-80, I'll be passing nearby.

Off Topic / What have I been doing while I've been dead?
« on: January 16, 2018, 07:12:43 PM »
Yeah so I don't spend much time around here anymore. Love you guys but life calls me away too much.

As of my most recent update, I'd been living in my own apartment with my cat. Since then I've tried getting roommates, all of whom fell through and left. Have a life going on. Worked at Hardee's in my management position up until last Friday before quitting after 2.5+ years. This past half week or so, I shipped away from St. Louis and I'm currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah where I'm attending a truck driving school to get my CDL. Once I get that, I'm going to be working for C.R. England driving rigs around and delivering across the United States.

Obviously I don't have much time to spend around here anymore but I still stop in and visit if the forums cross my mind. Sometimes I may or may not post. Out of any of you who haven't, feel free to add me on Snapchat (xrseven) where I frequently post my shenanigans and experiences in my Story.

That's all. Yeeeeeeeet

Off Topic / People keep asking me if I'm dead or in jail
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:30:39 AM »
And you heard it here first. I'm not actually completely dead, just a little bit, on the inside.

Anywho, here's the rundown of things that've happened in the past several months of me being gone. Really, the only reason I ever lost interest on the forums is because I invested that interest into my girlfriend and the life that we put together, so I lost the time and interest to circlejerk around here. After 18 days of being in an official relationship (c. December), we had an apartment together and were living the married life (that's actually not a joke either). Two jobs, two incomes, things were pretty easy and I could afford cool things.

Then came July and this guy from her past returns from Iraq. Thursday morning I was mediocre happy and settled. Thursday night and she dumps me for this guy and then I'm homeless and single. Stayed with my buddy Eric for about 2 weeks or so to recover before getting my own apartment, which I got in the first week of August. I'm doing better, gained some weight back so I'm not borderline anorexic anymore (talking down to 112lbs for a 21 year old) like I was back in the relationship days. I've joined a street racing club that takes place during the weekend early morning hours in North St. Louis County. I'm a manager at 3 different Hardee's restaurants, an Uber driver, and still a certified severe storm spotter through Skywarn. I still drive a police car, have a cat, and now my 1 bedroom apartment that I have for myself.

You know, just been through life's learning experiences making handicapped decisions and regretting them later. I'm back in the dating game and going out on another on Thursday. Probably still won't spend a whole ton of time around here but I stop by maybe a few times a week.

Thoughts on the return of another forum game like Cross Country Run?

Off Topic / 21
« on: June 20, 2017, 10:03:28 AM »
I'm 21 yay

Also Electrk is slow

Off Topic / I lasted one month without the forums, AMA
« on: March 17, 2017, 10:17:50 PM »
And by that I mean not even opening the URL, because I hadn't been posting much anyway. Thought I'd see how you guys are doing and since everyone loves AMAs, AMA.

Off Topic / The XR Update: Where am I now? [I have my own internet]
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:22:29 PM »
Not in jail. That was just me following along with you guys. I just haven't been around as much because life caught up with me and have adulting things to do.

To those who followed the Relationship Status thread, I liberated my friend from her ex's house after getting together a 5 car posse (her mom's van, her car, her sister's car, her sister's boyfriend's truck, and my car) and took all her stuff with us. After a brief stay at her mom's house, she and I got an apartment together and that's where we are now. Life is going peachy and perfect right now. I just haven't had time to hang around on here as much.

And as for my whole dangerous driving stuff, I lasted an entire four days into 2017 before getting my first ticket of the year.

Off Topic / A race goes awry
« on: October 28, 2016, 11:19:43 PM »
So you guys are familiar with me and you know that I sometimes get involved in stuff road related that I shouldn't be involved in. Yeah.

Well anyway, I was hanging around Walgreens with my homie and his friends with our cars and my dad calls. I answer and he tells me to wait there, that he wants to show me something. He shows up in a supercharged Audi S5. After some rev battles in the parking lot, a 4 car race ensues. My dad was briefly involved, there was me, my homie in his silver Cobalt, and his friend in an orange Dodge SRT4.

My dad split off early to go to Six Flags (at 10:30pm, not sure why they're open so late), and I raced with them for about 7 miles before departing in my direction. My homie and his friend apparently continued racing. I get home and my homie starts freaking out and he sends me this pic.

I'm just like, "Bro, what happened. I leave you alone for literally five minutes and then this?"

Apparently, while the SRT4 was going about 120, the hood latch gave out and the hood flew open and smashed into the windshield. I'm going by my friend's words here because I'm feeling doubtful considering the hood doesn't look very damaged. At that point, I'm just laughing at the whole situation.

More information may follow, as this is still fresh news.

Off Topic / I'm glad I didn't get arrested last night
« on: October 26, 2016, 05:20:47 PM »
So as a little bit of backstory, Hardee's where I work was getting a new operating system installed for the computers and register terminals, so we had a practice register to play with and the "tech guy" (I literally address him as "tech guy", although his name is Ben) was in and out of the store all day. I went in there on my lunch break from Walgreens and Tech Guy arrived while I was there to work on some stuff.

After work, I waited for my best friend/girlfriend/not sure what to call her in the parking lot and he pulled up next to my car, we exchanged a few words, and then he left again. The usually 24/7 restaurant was due to close down completely at 8pm so that Tech Guy could fully transition the computers overnight, so after my friend and I got back from Walmart around 8:45 to pick up my car, the parking lot was pitch black and most of my co-workers were still there. Tech Guy was standing among them, so we went over, said hi, and then remembered we needed to buy one of my co-workers a birthday present so my friend and I got in my car and left again. We returned around 10:30 and Tech Guy's car was still there.

Jumping to conclusions, we thought that he was probably off having love with one or more of the more "hoe" coworkers who had been there earlier, so we were just going to get my friend's car and depart to our corresponding areas of residence. While we were doing our long, drawn-out, goodbyes, I see a light in the corner of my eye and look towards the dark building. I see a hooded figure stooped down by the side door doing something to the lock, and I just say casually, "Well I sure hope that's Tech Guy." I open my door and get out and I'm like, "Hey Tech Guy, is that you?" He confirms his identity so both my friend and I leave my car with engine running and lights on to go see what he's doing.

He apparently managed to get all the registers converted to the new OS and was trying to leave, but he didn't appear to have the right set of keys to lock the building for the night, so my friend and I decided to help him troubleshoot. My friend opened the door and ran into the building, locked the door he was attempting to lock, and then decided to try to exit through one of the two customer doors. Unfortunately, those locks are capped and unable to be locked from the outside. She ran back to the side door and we tried to use a credit card to knock the latch into place, but the latch is in bad condition and doesn't work very well in the first place.

I look back and notice a police car sitting in the turn lane right next to us, with my car's headlights shining directly on the side of his car, but he wasn't able to reach our area without driving down the road, hitting another turn lane, going around a loop outside of his jurisdiction, and then getting into the parking lot. Still, I knew we couldn't be seen as three hooded figures fiddling with locks on the front highway side of a closed building.

As a last resort, I had my friend lock the broken door latch, open the drive thru window, and then I picked her up and pulled her out of the drive thru window, which we were then successfully able to latch with the use of a credit card. Probably didn't look suspicious at all. Was fun having an adventure with Tech Guy.

Off Topic / Working 122 hours in 2 weeks ama
« on: September 30, 2016, 11:53:58 AM »
Yeah I dont remember ever doing an AMA before so I need those cool points. I'll work on answering them on my work breaks.

Off Topic / XR plays cop and crashes a late night drinking party
« on: September 24, 2016, 08:33:52 PM »
Hoo boy the situations I get myself into.

Woke up this morning at 4am. Wasn't sure why, but something didn't feel right. I checked my phone (which I literally never do in the middle of the night, but for some reason I did) and I found two missed calls and a text from my crush/best friend. The calls were time stamped at 2:57am and 2:58am, right after the other. Wondering what could be going on, I text her asking what's going on. She quickly responds asking if I can come pick her up. I ask where and if she's drunk, but don't get a response right away. She finally calls about 5 minutes later saying that people are getting out of control and she's getting bullied and things are escalating.

Obviously concerned, I ask her for the address. She doesn't know so I ask her of anyone else at the party knows. I hear her asking around but people are being difficult and not giving her straight answers. I get a new idea and ask her to enable location services on her phone and open Google maps and send me screenshots. She's lost on what to do, so I walk her through it over the phone via call and text. I start to hear noises upstairs in my house from people stirring by the time I get her screenshots, so I sneak out the back door wearing only my old shirt, sweats, and socks that I slept in and jump in my car. After some technical difficulties with Google Maps, I take off down the road in her direction. Lo and behold, my phone lights up.

It's my dad. I ignore the call. And the next call. And the next call. And the next call. Finally I send a text telling him that I'm in a situation and that I'm driving and that I'll call him later. He flips out telling me to call him right away. I don't,  since I'm trying to keep my line open to my distressed friend plus use GPS at the same time. After repeated calls, my dad calls my work trying to get information (I'm due there at 6am), but they know nothing either and before I know it my manager is calling me too. I text her a condensed version of what I'm doing and she asks me to be safe but takes my answer.

After driving through flooded roads with water going up to the 3/4 mark on my wheels, I come across a house in the floodplains up on stilts with lights on and teens and young adults climbing all over and around it. A strange sight at 4:30am, I figured I found the place. Approaching it while I dashed through the flooded muddy road, the place went up in panic seeing my approaching police car in the dark.

I quickly call her and tell her to get outside and I spin my car in a circle in an empty yard, drive passenger door side to the house, she jumps in, and I take off down the road. She tells me the place both inside and out went ballistic seeing my car approaching.

Finally I decIde to answer my dad's calls. With one hand on the wheel, the other on my phone while I maneuver through the dark back roads on the 19 mile trek to her car, I get grilled, belittled, and threatened for a 75 minute long phone call. My friend starts getting friendly with me and we cuddle while I drive and talk simultaneously.

I ended up one hour late for work, but it didn't matter. Everyone revered me as a knight in shining armor for my actions. Except for my parents, who have promised that this ain't over yet, so here I sit waiting for grilling session #2.

I'd do everything over again if I had the chance to choose wiser actions. I probably made one too many poor decisions but when a scared girl, especially one I care about, needs help my logic just goes out the window.

Off Topic / Dealing with really bad anxiety
« on: September 22, 2016, 09:26:31 PM »
Since I'm very aware that a lot of people on this forum deal with anxiety, the main purpose of this topic is to find out how you guys are going about treating it (or not treating it).

I've been dealing with some degree of anxiety for at least the past couple months now, and it's always at its worst when i'm at home. At this point, only hanging out with my best friend and driving my car give me some degree of relief, but I'm getting tired of refilling my gas tank on a near-daily basis and I won't be able to afford doing that once I move out and have to pay rent and bills. I'm at the point where I haven't eaten substantial food since Monday because although I'm getting so hungry that I'm feeling in pain, as soon as I begin eating I start to feel like I'm overstuffed, and I don't make it past the first few bites before feeling the sick overstuffed feeling.

Then today I had a breakdown at work and just started crying in the stockroom and then again in my car on one of my breaks. Only then did I realize how serious it was because it's extremely rare for me to do that.

Do you guys use medication? Therapy? Do you just deal with it and stay quiet about it?

Off Topic / So people at work are worried we might get shot up
« on: September 13, 2016, 09:37:50 PM »
Welcome to another of one of XR's colorful situations. In this episode, the crazy abusive husband of the line cook has threatened my general manager and claims to have an automatic rifle.

Basically, the usual morning line cook/assistant manager has this husband, and he seems to think that his wife is apparently in a homoloveual relationship with my general manager (far from the truth lol) and doesn't take no for an answer. The situation escalated rapidly when he showed up at Hardee's in their white Dodge Dakota and stood in the parking lot yelling threats at the GM and his wife while waving his arms and making gestures in front of customers. After that incident, my GM contacted corporate and the restaurant had a restraining order filed against him so that he couldn't legally access the property anymore.

Not long after that, he dropped his wife off at work at around 5:00AM one morning and we saw the white Dakota down the street at an old foreclosed restaurant lot, just facing Hardee's. He was still there in the same spot just watching us until we noticed he was gone around 9:00AM. He apparently knows that he can't come inside without the police getting involved.

So now he's sending his equally disturbing guy friends out to spy on his wife and the GM incognito. The thing is, they aren't very good at going unnoticed. We caught one of them making throat slashing gestures at my GM on a security camera before sitting down with food. One of the other managers, as she was taking food to tables, overheard him talking about having an automatic rifle while he was discussing with another of his friends about the restraining order, but because it's all hearsay, we obviously can't use it as concrete evidence to get something done about it.

Since then, cops have been showing up every once in a while, which never used to happen. They tend to buy food and act normal but it seems that they're also wary that something may or may not happen. My manager told me while we were in her office that she's not as worried about herself being in danger as she wants to help her friend, she'd be "more concerned about you or one of the other employees getting shot/hurt/killed in any confusion".

Off Topic / Me, saving lives one 911 call at a time.
« on: September 06, 2016, 11:16:24 PM »
Yeah my day was going pretty rotten today, until I was driving home from work and things got interesting. Deciding to go the long way home, I drove to a highway about 10 miles off of my usual path home and started heading south. Right as I got onto the highway, I came up onto a gray Dodge Ram with lifted suspension, huge tires, and tow mirrors. The license plates were not visible if they were even on the truck at all. He was going about 80mph when I filed in behind him. At first, I was just going to use his truck as a radar shield (I only drive as fast as he goes, so that any cops in front of us clock his speed and not mine), until he started swerving around. He kept crossing the center line and swinging over onto the shoulder hitting the rumble strips, so I flashing my lights at him like, "wtf bro stop". As soon as I did that, he violently careened in the other direction so I decided that surprising him was a fairly bad idea.

After a bit, he started to drive more sensible, but kept occasionally crossing the lines on the road. I continued to follow closely. We then came up on a Ford driving slow in the right lane. He followed that car closely for about a mile before uneasily swaying over into the passing lane and picking up speed. He kept moving closer and closer to the other car before swaying in the other direction on the opposite shoulder. That was the last straw.

Once we were safely out of reach of the other car, I moved in behind him again and called 911. I told the operator where we were currently at, where we were headed, and gave a description of the truck. She told me she'd forward the information to the police department and I hung up, continuing to follow the truck. He then began driving extremely slow, down to 30mph (speed limit is 65), probably because I was starting to freak him out following him closely and matching his speed for the past 10 miles. As we came over the final hill before the highway ends at a stoplight, I saw reflectors on the dark median. A huge smile formed on my face as I thought, "Ohhhhh that's a cop there".

We got closer and the reflective car's headlights turned on. At this point, I'm getting excited. We both drove past the police car (another Crown Victoria mind you, like mine) and he started rolling out of his spot onto the highway. I moved over onto the right shoulder as he began accelerating and then he flipped on his emergency flashing lights and took off after the truck, blowing right past my door. I was so pumped that all I could do was punch the top of my steering wheel laughing until my sides hurt because I was so tickled that all this happened because of me.

As I drove past them when the truck pulled onto the shoulder for the traffic stop, I just yelled from within my car, "IN-TER-CEP-TED!"

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