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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1551477 times)

Ps: I'm not accepting criticism.
This doesn't stop you from being criticized.

And there nothing wrong editing you comment! Jerks
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=3UjuYtgMDIg

[I think] we're trying to tell you your app was poor, and showing  theareas that need to be worked on
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Name: Gigs
BL_ID: 44462
Previous administration experience: Iriakar's Town RP (Dedicated server, lots of cool builds)
Who recommends you?: Possibly Iriakar?
Why should I accept you?: The ammount of arguments and trolls on the chat and ingame have gone up in the
Good old boss battles server, And admins arent always on. I was on this morning for an hour and no admins
were present, There were plentifull harassments and arguments on the chat. I also have experience
administrating in not just blockland, but plenty of other games too, I think i'd be good at it on
the pecon7's boss battles server.
Timezone/Region: EST, USA.

Pecon7: Does not meet minimum requirements. No.
Jetz: Using your prior experience in the reason to accept you doesn't really fit with your really weak prior experience section. No.
Ipquarx: Not enough reccomendations. Please prepare more before your next app.
Tophat: No recommendations.I also remember an issue or two with you. Unsure exactly what it was, nothing pleasant, I know that much. You'll need more experience as well.  No.
Ry: Using possibly as a recommendation is really sketchy, if you aren't even sure wether or not people trust you, that's a bad sign, No.
Soroxzion: Recommendations are sketchy and this does not meet application standards.
Frontrox: What Rykuta said, no
Aware: Spell check? No. Grammar? No. Two recommendations? No. My vote? No.
Marioguy0:  Failure to meet minimum application requirements.  No.
Xalos: You already applied and Iriakar already told me he does not know you well enough to recommend you for admin.  No.  http://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=177870.msg7698592#msg7698592
Tetris: I'd like to know what "other games" this fella has administrated on. Would be interesting to see the list. Also, saying "I think I'd be good at it" isn't even close to enough. Gonna have to be no on this one.
Trifornt: Unfortunately this review falls flat on the recommendations and experience. CityRPG's/Town RP's are notorious for their absolutely terrible admins, so having admin there isn't really something that makes us say "Wow!" The reasoning was... decent... but we're looking for good admins, not decent admins. Sorry, but I'm going to have to say "No" on this one.
Visolator: Poor app. No.

Name: Ravencroft
BL_ID: 2229
Previous administration experience: The Brighter Dark's servers, Whirlwind's servers, Wink's CityRPG, my Falling Tiles server that averaged 60+ people at a time when I hosted it, my Basketball Tournament, Wrapperup's servers, Jeebis' Falling Tiles, Kong123's servers, Glass' servers, Hata's servers, WALDO's servers
Who recommends you?: Whirlwind, WALDO, The Brighter Dark, Wink, Kickflow, You, Wrapperup, Allun Pentax, Cca, Cowboy6, Mango, Kingston, Jam Jar, BluetoothBoy, Pablo. You can ask them if you want. I'm too lazy to ask and screenshot every one of them recommending me. I can grab a few if you'd like.
Why should I accept you?: You should accept me because I am a proven admin that can handle even the most hectic situations, such as when there are a lot of people on the server at once. I also have a lot of experience being admin at servers that are popular or were once popular, for example, my own Falling Tiles server, The Brighter Dark's TDMs, various CityRPGs and more, so I can handle the pressure of keeping a renowned server in order. I can also build, make music loops and make prints so I can do productive things for the server if you're making a new map or simply just renovating the map.
Timezone/Region: Eastern Time

Pecon7: This application is good, but you also have quite the personal history. No.
Ipquarx: I don't like that you included Cca as a reccommendation. That's shady as forget. But besides that, everything looks fine. It's a yes from me.
Jetz: I've said in the past that you seem alright to me, and I haven't seen the reasons behind your questionable reputation, so once again I'll say yes and let the others deal with it if they have a problem. Yes.
Ry: Affiliations with Okiver, KalpRiddler and the rest of the anti-blockland league make this individual a highly questional rouge element. He might be good, but I don't trust his past affiliations enough to want to risk it. No.
Frontrox: Not the best reputation. No
Tophat: Been clean for a little while...But not enough for me to sway in your favor, although I think you're a good admin, even with your past. No.
Soroxzion: From your personal history I will have to say no on this.
Aware: Anyone but Ravencroft. No
Marioguy0:  I understand that people can change, but I do not feel that I can safely approve of you with your history.  Perhaps later.  No.
Xalos: I've previously denied Ravencroft on account of his shady history, but since you seem to have legitimately cleaned up your act, it's a yes from me.
Tetris: I've personally seen him swapping BL_ID's to access servers that he was previously banned on. Shady activity for a shady guy. What kind of idiot goes under such a hated name over and over, anyways? Definite no.
Trifornt: Whenever I'm around you, you're perfectly normal and a reasonable guy. You're actually pretty likable, save for the constant unnecessary use of cussing. However, I have heard nothing but that you're a troll and a problematic player from other people. I can't say "Yes" here, but I also don't want to say "No" because of how you act around me. It's conflicting, but I'm just going to have to say No because I cannot say Yes. Sorry.
Visolator: Your personal history brings everything down, the app looks good though. No.

Name: Bot24
BL_ID: 34730
Previous administration experience: Hosting a few non dedicated servers: Bot24's Island Fortwars, Grapple Sniper TDM and a REG on Tezuni's
Who recommends you?: Oplo123,Mcloler (maybe Eagle and Xr_7 and Apak)
Why should I accept you?: First off, I really love playing with others and making friends on a team, I enjoy helping players out and showing them around to a new server! At home I watch my brother when my Mom is at work and its pretty demanding. Although I am a softy, I lay down the rules when there is a crCIA, I don't put up with crap and i'm not afraid to punish whoever is messing around. Although I "say" i'm a good leader, I would like you to know something. As many of you know, running a server is a hard but rewarding job, I may not be as well known as everybody else, but I have played this game long enough to know whats right and whats wrong.
Thanks for your time
Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Ipquarx: I'm kinda on the fence about this. On one hand you seem alright, but on the other hand it doesn't seem like you can accommodate the most time towards the server. I think it's going to be a no from me until you can provide more time. Seems you have enough on your plate.
Soroxzion: If you can't even verify your own recommedations then I'm going with no.
Jetz: Suspicious quotation marks around "say," demanding side job to keep you away from the server, and the fact that rules are for day to day operations, not crCIA scenarios. No.
Tophat: I don't like the recommendations from my own experience with them. Others may instantly "no" you due to mentioning Tezuni. Reasoning got the point across, but wasn't enough to make up for the rest. A couple to a few more recommendations would help you here. No.
Marioguy0:  Pretty weak reasoning, and you did not bother confirming half of your recommendationsns.  No.
Tetris: I'd like to hear what his definiton of "right" and "wrong" are. You can't just throw statements like that out without backing them up. Also, you don't put up with crap? Wow. This guy doesn't put up with crap, he said! Hire him straight away! Definite no.
Trifornt: I'm going to ignore the Tezuni part and cut to everything else wrong about this review. You've hosted a few non-dedicated servers, but you did not tell us what servers they are so we could recognize them. Also, Grapple (Anything) servers have very little administration in the first place since very little of them are up and there aren't a lot of ways to break rules on those servers. The recommendations are also a little weak and you said that MAYBE those people recommend you. The reasoning is the best part though, but it's still weak. You just need expand on it a little bit, back up what you're saying, don't make suspicious quotations, and don't say stuff that admins are supposed to do any way. My verdict: Nope.
Visolator: Seeing as how the app goes, many other admins can do what you put here. Also, I'm not sure why you put part of your personal life on here. No.

Name: Kevorkian
BL_ID: 101299
Previous administration experience: TheNinjer's Server Panquake's Server
Who recommends you?: TheNinjer  Count
Why should I accept you?: Honestly, I dont THINK you should Accept me. But in truth it is entirely on what you think. I only apply here in hopes i can improve the overall Fun/Quality of your Server.
Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Jetz: "Honestly, I dont THINK you should Accept me." Well that makes two of us. No.
Ry: YOUR REPUTATION FAILS TO PRECEDE YOU; mister expecting us to just kinda figure out who you are without any information. If I have to go through the effort of looking you up then you just completely wasted my time.
Frontrox: Why is this even here? No
Soroxzion: The amount of issues in this application is astounding, you don't even meet the criteria of calling this an application, No.
Ipquarx: No
Tophat: Due to the amount of issues you cause in the server from my view, in addition to having very few recommendations and little experience, No.
Cknfrydsteak:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Xalos: I sometimes wonder if these are serious apps or if people just fling whatever they can together.  No.
Tetris: I agree with your reasoning. Also, I'd like to hear some of his ideas to bring the overall "Fun/Quality" up. Gonna go with no.
Legend: If you don't think you should be accepted, you either don't have confidence, or you're not entirely sure you can handle it. Your history is also an issue. No.
Trifornt: Two servers of experience, extremely tiny reasoning...
I don't have a lot to say about this. Nope.
Visolator: If you already deny yourself, you know you shouldn't apply until you feel positive and mature about yourself. No.

Name: Cheese And Butter
BL_ID: 45175
Previous administration experience: I help people who are new. I have really good ideas Example: I suggest you to make a class called Air Breaker you can fly for 5 sec.
I give warnings to people who are rude or hackers. I can help with tips by telling the people who deserve it.
Who  recommends you?: the troller
Why should I  accept you?: I think you should accept me because i'm very helpful with suggestions and ideas.
Time zone: Mountain USA

Jetz: We don't need an "ideas guy." Also flying for a few seconds already describes the pyro. No.
Frontrox: With a recommendation like "The troller" I'm surprised you weren't accepted on the spot. No
Ipquarx: No previous experience, nope
Soroxzion: This needs more of a body to what your even trying to achieve here. Needs more recommendation and make the recommendation a little less unknown and more well known like other administrators in the servers or people who are in the server I say about 80% of the time. Anyways rewrite this and get some more decent hours in the server. Just take your time and rewrite this whole thing verify everything with all reccomendations and get better ones. Then repost it and go from there, also in this current state, going with a No.
Tophat: I re-read this three times in order to understand it. Experience = giving ideas? Since when? You're going to need more recommendations and experience, since you have none of the latter it seems. No.
Marioguy0:  I am going to take a minute to try and help you.  Being an administrator on a server generally means that you will take it upon yourself to regulate the gameplay and interactions between users in the server chat.  You do not need to apply for this position if you want to pitch us ideas.  I am going to assume that you want to see something you imagined make it into the server and that you are trying to become an administrator to boost your chances.  This is not going to work, especially not the way you have tried to do it.  The best advice I can give you is to wait a while and find out exactly what it means to be an administrator for anything, then see if you should bother submitting an application.  If you want to send us ideas, leave them in the thread once you are certain you know what you are trying to convey to us.  No.
Xalos: I feel as though I've already reviewed this exact same application before.  No.
Legend: First off you provided no previous administration experience. There is a class that can fly, the firebug. It doesn't have the staight forward mechanics of flying, it has its own. Your app gives face value at best, but hardly anything more. No.
Trifornt: First, the previous admin experience part is wrong. You need to put that in your "Why you should accept me" part, and replace the empty previous administration area with nothing since it seems like you don't have any to begin with. I don't want to sound rude, but this application is total garbage. You don't need admin to be a fungi and you don't need admin to give us ideas.
Visolator: Many admins can do the same thing as your reasoning, no.

Name: chrismash
BL_ID: 37712
Previous administration experience: Infiminer's server, terminator's server, Kong123's server and some more i can't remember it has been like a year+
Who recommends you?: people who I have administrated for
Why should I accept you?: I have had administrator experience on various game servers, I can give harsh but fair punishments to those who deserve it, I am also mature and will act sensible when on the server.
Timezone/Region: GMT/UK

Ry: All three of the above ones are too short to be proper applications, they all get Nos.
Jetz: Once again I motion that we add a section to the admin apps where you restate what an admin's job is so people will be less inclined to do it in the reason to accept. Though he already restated that he has past experience so maybe that'd be pointless in this case. No.
Frontrox: Too short. No
Tophat: Pretty sure you went at me about the apps. Either recommending you, or pushing the apps out. Or someone else. I can't remember the exact reason of the problem. Can't really trust who recommends you. No.
Soroxzion: Too short. No.
Marioguy0:  Failed to meet minimum application requirements.  No.
Legend:  Application lacks of detail. No.
Trifornt: There is no reason for you to not list more servers in your previous admin experience area if you've administrated on servers for years. To top it all off, your recommendations are vague. Also, a harsh punishment isn't a fair punishment. A harsh punishment in my eyes is a permanent ban because the guy said "rekt" over and over and that inevitably annoyed people. You are also expected to be mature as an admin, and you're also expected to be sensible as well.
It's a no from me.
Visolator: "I have had administrator experience on various game servers", this is why we have a "Previous administration experience", your reasoning should be more detailed. No.

Name: Cruxeis
BL_ID: 35041
Previous Administration Experience:
I only started administrating as of 2 years ago, however, I believe that as an admin on those servers it is my sole job to take a leadership position for the server's well - being. I used to administrate some years ago, but then again, it was a lot more quantity than quality, and by a pretty far stretch. Earlier this year, I set a goal for myself - that I would prove my skills and talents in the community, so I started scripting and applying for a couple servers, just to start out. I've known Agent Red for 2 years, and then I started playing on his server a lot. Later, he decided that I would be a great admin as I had many aspects of doing so. I eventually applied for his server, and became an Admin. Around a year later, he made Super Admin, and realized that I knew what I was doing. I eventually became Co Host and now I write a part of the custom mods for his server. Then I gained confidence in my administrative skills, and started applying to many other servers. I got accepted onto some of the newer ones, and from there, I learned a lot about contemplating what to do in a server which is withheld in an amazing environment. Then on, I started applying on the forums for admin on other servers. Applying for Pizza Man's server was my first task, as I had met him in - game and knew him quite well. He then accepted me onto the Moderator team for his Army RP, as they weren't accepting any more admins. After that, I just applied on the forums for the rest of the servers, and got accepted. I hope to function well in the Boss Battles server better than I have in the past, as it is a more popular server than the rest.
    Agent Red's [MultiBlok]:         [Co-Host]
    Pizza Man's Army RP:            [Moderator]
    Datablock's Zero Gravity DM:   [Admin]
    NuclearNacho's Post-Apoc RPG: [Admin]
    ProTear's ThrowMod:               [Admin]
    Ikares' Rock Climbing DM:         [Admin]
    Nuclear Bear's Merp:                [Admin]
    Nicepoint's Endless Zombies:     [Admin]
    Adam[AnimeRush4]'s Factory TDM: [Admin]
    Zan's Server:                         [Admin]
    Crazy Dog's WIP:                     [Admin]
Who reccomends you?
    1.)  Alphabite
    2.)  Patient Zero
    3.)  Pizza Man
    4.)  Freestyle
    5.)  TUXY
    6.)  iKindle/Unity
    7.)  Agent Red
    8.)  Gothboy77
    9.)  The Law
    11.)Mr. ToRTillas
    12.) Kyber
    13.) Startled Canine
    14.) Mythrac
Why should we accept you?
(This is going to be really long, just as a forward warning)
I wish to give all of my effort that I can towards improving the server in it's entirety. I'm on of those people that tells the newer players how to work the game when they need help. Also, this server has improved greatly over the past few years, and I believe that people should give this server their all because Boss Battles really has an extreme amount of potential, even more than before. The environment in which your server stays seems to be very well kept by your administration team, but I believe that I too can contribute to this server.
I also wish to prove to the community that while a server may have a big administration group, that doesn't mean that it's to much to deal with. By having done that in my previous servers, I believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly; a place where everyone is given the same amount of chances, not because you have a personal bias towards a person. That's one of the most important things to me, as well as making sure that none of the other players have a negative point of view on someone because of something they did in the past.
I would also like to help code and help making addons, as I can code/script myself, and having been doing so for maybe a year or more by now. This way, I can help bring new ideas to the server and actually make the magic happen.
Basically, while administrating, I don't take in account personal opinions, and I normally ask for a higher power (eg SA/Host) to deal with the problem if I seem to have a biased viewpoint towards any of the problematic users, so their punishment would be just as fair as if I didn't know them. However, I'm not extremely harsh while giving out punishments. I generally mute a couple times, then comes the kick.
I hope to see this server to continue to grow, and help it do so.
Time Zone: Eastern USA

Ry: Holy crap someone attempted to organize their application; that shows a level of competiance miles ahead of the typical rabble; he has a backstory, he avoided lots of annoying buzzwords, and he obviously spent time on this. Dedicated and Experienced. Yes.
Jetz: Jyeezus. Wrote a lot and not even a wall of text. Well organized and formatted and even went into detail in the past experience section. THIS, people, is how you show effort. Needs to look good, not just have a bunch of stuff thrown in there. As Ry said, buzzwords were avoided and experience was communicated. Yes.
Frontorx: A very neat and organized application, and you don't sound like a hard ass. Yes
Tophat: Well written although the experience was a bit overkill, with the details at least, and I've only seen you but three times in the server. I could be wrong, but I honestly think you don't have the time for this server, or aren't interested in it. No.
Marioguy0:  My brain hurts from the size of this app.  Going off what I have read and what others have said, I suppose it could be worthwhile to let you in.  Yes.
Soroxzion: A nice organized application, decent recommendations, well executed attempt at writing a very good application. All in all I'm going with No because I don't know you enough.
Xalos: I would have to be reaching to try to deny this application.  Yes.
Legend: Quantity does not always mean quality, yet you bunched the two together well enough to get my attention. First nicely organized application that I have seen for a while. Some points have a little question behind them, such as it sounds like you're looking to make something out of your name. Not wrong as long as you go about it the right way. Overall your application looks appealing and promising. Yes.
Trifornt: Another application that mysteriously puts part of the "Why you should accept me" section inside of the "Past administration experience" part. Otherwise, you still seem like a good admin, but something gives me the wrong vibe about you. You just sound too good to be true, and the backstory of when you started administrating servers was unnecessary. I know very little of these people who recommend you, and none of those servers you were admin on have the greatest administration (especially that "Merp" server, where an admin flamed me.) Also, I have NEVER seen you on Pecon7's server at all. How on earth am I supposed to say that you sound like a good, trustworthy admin when you're not even on the server at all?I am one of the only ones here, but I'm going to say no.
Visolator: This looks like someone put an essay for their english assignment, I like it, but when I saw this, "I would also like to help code and help making addons, as I can code/script myself, and having been doing so for maybe a year or more by now. This way, I can help bring new ideas to the server and actually make the magic happen." This shot it down for me. You pretty much overkilled the "Previous Administration Experience", which brought it down even more. No.

Name: Rexx
BL_ID: 33172
Previous administration experience:
   Back in the day, I used to do myself quite a lot of the administrating, but that was years ago. I do not really administrate as much anymore because I do not find interest in certain servers as much as I did before. I will usually only attempt to get admin or something of the sort when I enjoy playing on a server and I want to keep it enjoyable (by making players follow rules/regulations, using good common sense/judgement/logic). I basically only have admin on one place of considerable importance at the moment, which is Sanctus Rem's server. The administration system on there is a bit complex-- but very effective. I am most likely going to obtain the position of super admin on there at some point, the process takes a while.
   I have a lot of experience in the past, since early 2009 (my first key was a shared key with my brother, Zloff (BL_ID 12879)), so I consider myself quite well at reading other players and knowing how to handle most all situations that may presented. Besides that, if I think back to the extent of my memory, I've been admin on Pieslapper's, Kojolika's, Katadeus', Zloff's, Lt. Portalfreak's, Chetz's, Cat123's, Count's, SigSawer's, Boosts, and Midnight Tanks servers.
Who recommends you?:
   Aoki, Cca, Sanctus Rem, Cat123, Slushie, Big Steve XC, Eagle517, General R, Blockman01, DanteKO, Jakeonwind, Sharp Shooter, Blockhead31735, Light, Deokotaru, Cruxeis, Final Walrus, Ardenlo7, Kyber, Oak, Kingston, Boost, Veil, Snow White, Dexeys, yawa200, Bobeh, Roli, Lego Lad, and xWither.
   That is thirty recommendations, if you'd like proof of their recommendation you may ask them. I know in most cases that quality-over-quantity is superior to the vise versa, but usually whenever I had attempted to work with a player of some sort of importance, they would not cooperate decently despite my consistent efforts. These recommendations are the best I could conjure up.
Why should I accept you?:
   I am currently playing a fairly large amount of time on the server, and I find it very entertaining, I enjoy it thoroughly. Frankly, I'm addicted to it at this time, and if anything negative were to happen to it, I'd be particularly devastated. I don't want it to be spoiled by players that are able to break the rules and get away with it, that may begin to break rules and are not stopped before it possibly gets out of hand, or those who intend to be a nuisance to the server and ruin the fun for others.
   Anyway, I will describe my current skills: I know how to edit basic scripts, I used to be able to do some fancy eventing (I can do some now), I can build decently, and I can do a little bit of modeling. But, my specialty is the actual administrating by its plain self, and most likely always will be. I can read people well, I have got a ton of experience playing on Blockland, about five or so years (and active, for the most part, for the entire time span). I may explain how I am only better at handling players, but I am willing to learn other things if told to do so or wished upon me (and maybe with help so that I am able to learn properly and efficiently).
   I want to be able to offer the best playing experience to players on the server to the farthest possible extent by filtering out the negative/troublesome players from the positive players. I am usually able to spot a nuisance before it becomes a larger issue, and then I am able to effectively deal with the issue by avoiding further possible aggravation or problems related to the situation.
   I may also be able to provide possible improvements, tweaks, and additions to the server by contributing ideas or something alike. I have a wonderful imagination, you'll find out, and when I get an idea, it's certainly a nice one. Unfortunately, most of my ideas aren't all that useful, and I'll keep them to myself-- but when I do get a good idea, I will share it.
   This is how I might handle an issue concerning players (although it is obviously dependent on the situation how I may punish a player how I deem fit according to rules) is by warning them if they are being a nuisance to the server in any sort of way, if they continue I may warn them again or kick them, if they continue even then I might issue a ban. I realize you have a mute command, so I will make use of that also.
   I'm also very much willing to answer questions for information-needy players and help out newbies to the server-- I prefer to keep the peace on any server to the extent of my power (whether I am admin or not). Another quality about myself, that I would consider positive, is that I am very unbiased towards most every single situation or topic. I try not to discriminate in any way, shape, or form. whether some may think it's a joke or not, it could be offensive to someone else out there, and I don't want to be starting up trouble myself if I were to be an admin. Being an admin means I'd be a possible role-model for other players, and if I start screwing around willy nilly, that may encourage other players to do so, also.
Timezone/Region: Eastern Time Zone

Ry: I can't figure out if this is the same Rexx who added me on steam and spammed the stuff out of me with horribly written sentences and the like, trying to ask me to proofread his application or not, since I declined his request (too busy to be an English teacher). If it is, someone else wrote this for him, which shows some degree of desire to be an admin but I don't think it shows any degree of competance. On the merits of this being written on his own this would be a monumental accomplishment, as his writing skills (last time I checked) were worse than Furling. I'll stay out of this one though.
Ipquarx: Jesus what is with people using Cca as a reccommendation? Stop doing that, seriously. Shady. As. forget. Also Aoki, again shady. But putting that aside, according to Ryk and Tophat this application doesn't match up with you whatsoever. Again super shady. Gonna have to say no.
Jetz: Feels weird approving 2 applications in one day, in a row, and/or for the same reason. Still, you seem competent. Yes.
Tophat: While reasoning may be nice, many of those recommendations are either alts, have been banned here on the server, or have been banned on the forums/VAC Steam ban. Considering you have a disorder I can't remember, the remarks you oftentimes give when unneeded and the other general comments that weren't welcomed were the reasons I broke contact on Steam. I generally dislike you and wouldn't accept you as an admin. Nothing personal. No.
Trifornt: Rexx is a good friend of mine, but I know that he's no admin. We met each other and got into an argument straight off the bat because he was being ignorant and mocking me. Also, as Tophat stated, your recommendations have either been banned on the server or have bad Steam reputation.Sorry, but I have to say No.
Soroxzion: Combine what Tophat, and Ipquarx said and you got my answer. No.
Marioguy0:  Aoki, Cca, General R?  None of these people are good recommendations.  Two of them are very harmful for your app.  No.
Visolator: The recommendations shot your app down below the ground. No.

Name: The Brick Builder
BL_ID: 38783
Previous administration experience: Fedora King's, Elias, Ice Dragon's, Rocket Bot's, Despuro's, and My servers (Of course...)
Who recommends you?: 7, Ice Dragon, Rocket Bot, Elias
Why should I accept you?: here it goes: One of the reasons I like to help out at this server is because...I'm on this server alot and I think I can do the job cause I'm kinda good at eventing I guess you can say, also another reason I would like to have admin is helping out which can be "extremely important" to the players and the admins. (sorry if you didn't get that part.),
Anyways here's another reason I'm not an abuser which everyone else says on they're application for this server, But sometimes they are not always right. Usually I'm mostly a legitimate person on Blockland, and I'm nice, the 4th reason on why I think should be admin: The server is looking pretty good and the lounge looks kinda "cool" and I like all the server admins there I talk to them alot If they are there, they've shared some good examples with me and the other players and that has became "inspiring" and makes people want to apply. 5th reason: Before I go on the like the website http://bossbattles.pecon.us/ explains that us "players" have to be extremely nice, not a jerk,and not an abuser, I have followed all of these rules, Even though the website might of not actually said that, that's what it means/telling us to do. Anyways this is the most important part of a Job interview so lets go on to Number Five: 5th I think this is the Best server in Blockland that exist, and I like it so much and I got proof My points are really high and have over 500k+ proving I'm good, And I would donate to anyone who loses they're points in a match say like you're a Juggernaut fighting against Penth and this spy backstabs her/him when you only shot Penth once which has wasted your points and had only done about 87 damage which happened to me once. And I don't care if I get in a tough situation I will try to do it if I have the time, if I'm not on all day some days its because of the Following: I'm busy doing something with my family, Alot of the times I have to go somewhere all day but not all the time, This rarely happens but this can still count: Whenever I have company over at my house, which can be one of the reasons cause I'm talking to them, doing crap, blah blah blah. And I might be on Vacation this Summer or Fall but idk if there's any plans for it yet so anyways these are reasons. Anyways like all the other admins here such as Gizmo, Aware, Blackstorm, Trifront and many o
thers. I would like to have your opinion. Hope your not mad. Because I have more stuff to say. Anyways like I said I won't be an abuser and stuff like those admins at Tezuni's Jail Escape which abuse they're power I heard. Ugh I might sound like a 2 year old saying this and I don't want to really but I kinda get mad when I'm not accepted and have a few anger problems in real life but I promise when I'm an admin I won't be bad, I will be on my best behavior, I will try not to rage. No I will not be an abuser and mute people for no typical reasons I will only mute if it spams like to a link to some website such as Lego.com as an example if its spammed 2 or more times I will give out about a 30 second mute, I will ban someone for a few days for hours if they give out a link leading to research which is extremely explict and not acceptable, I swear to follow all of these rules and obey the other server admins. Anyways the whole point of this long application is proving that I can be up for the job and try my best. If I make a mistake on the server, then I will private message Tophat, or Pecon or someone. Guess what? If you guessed more info did you guessed it right. I also will donate to people who lose they're points but I will also donate to some poor people like someone new and needs points like for a Gentlespy I will say /donatepoints (name) (points) and I will also obey to the other admins if they tell me what to do most of the time. I think you guys should know more about me so...here's some stuff about me: Stuff in real life and in Blockland. (Real life:) I like to play Blockland alot and all that and hikeing, I also have some animals in a pasture and I pet them sometimes. Now here's some info about Blockland: I play this game alot on somedays usually playing about 4-3 hours somedays idk  and Also I like to build alot and have made so many previous games on Blockland. Heres the list of some games I've made: School RP, Jail RP, Boss Battles, Paintball, Ultimate Random
 TDM, Boulder Dash, Crumbling arena, and more such as Mega slide race. So anyways I'm mostly a guy you can trust most of the time and I'm pretty nice and NO I did not copy and paste this/cut and paste and NO I didn't lie about any of this. To the people I put in my Who recommends you? List were some of my greatest friends on Blockland. And I know that they will recommend me because I've always been nice to them, helped them build, mostly do anything for them...Application ends here. If you find something that shouldn't be here send me a PM and I will think it over.
Timezone/Region: Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00) Mississippi, USA Time zone.

Ry: This is one of those applications that makes me wish you could properly bold text, italicize, and underline stuff, or more that peopel would, this is an enormous blob of text and it's too late in the evening for me to pull out my reading glasses to try to figure out what I need to know in timely fashion. Although this line "Best server in all of blockland" is a good way to see your attempt at kissing and sucking up. No.
Tophat: Okaaaay...Uhh. This is more of a review of the server and your times at it, along with your experience in the app. I read through the entire thing. I fell asleep on my keyboard. You trailed off into your real life...No idea where you were going with that. Also, if I had to send you a PM, I may as well re-write your entire app and send it to you with everything that should be changed. No.
Frontrox: What. Is this even an application? No
Jetz: "I'm on this server alot-" *BZZZZZ* Try again. Though I thank you for respecting my reading quota by giving me an excuse to deny you early on, a reason to deny you isn't a reason to accept you. No.
Marioguy0:  "alot" and then the end of your app.  No.
Xalos: Grammar and spelling may not be important keys for adminship, but combined with the actual content, this app raises a lot of red flags.  No.
Trifornt: Bad grammar, and it seems more like a review of the server than an actual application. If you can't even put the time into using good grammar on an application, then I have no words for you. Xalos left a wonderful link which made me dislike this application even more. No.
Soroxzion: Uhhm... is this an application? No? Extremely confused here.

Name:Custardo/Fen (One is an alt)
Previous Experience:Sanctus Rem's, Gummy's, Falco's, Kenko's, Pablo's server, and a few TF2 servers (I know that sort of doesn't count)
Who Recommends me:
That Blue Creeper
Bob Saget
You should accept me because I have previous experience and want to get rid of trolls and bullies and people who are just general jerks. I hate people who can't respect a player or a new blockhead. I'd also like to get rid of all those alt f4 trolls too. Another way I could help is that I have every current map save and know eventing well so I can fix issues with the map and reload it if it's somehow glitched or broken. I'm on blockland almost 24/7 and I enjoy playing boss battles so I can be there a lot longer than most admins. I've played Pecon's server for a while now and have always noticed how the admins handle issues and I understand how they do it. You should accept me because I have lots of experience with previous moderation and know how to run a server.
The server is almost like a office/workplace to me, I go there everyday, I enjoy my time there, I see people I enjoy to see such as friends. Then If I were an admin it sort of would be like work because I go there and see everyone and have an actual job to do there and not just screw around. I usually don't abuse either and can handle the fact I'm an moderator/administrator and can just act normal and not try to be a royal jerk. Lastly you should accept me because I try to be nice to players and have a good experience with moderation on servers.
Central Timezone/USA

Soroxzion: I give you a very strong no, for the simple fact that it's frowned apon to place other game administration within an application for our server. Also as Tophat sayed you're not liked around here. Strong No.
Tophat: Generally not liked around here. Recommendations are disliked as well. Don't remember if you've been banned or not. No.
Frontrox: With a state of mind like that I'm a little afraid to accept you. No
Jetz: Seems above average for an application. I have no opinion whatsoever of you, so if Tophat says you're not popular 'round these parts, I'll let the others deny you. Yes.
Marioguy0:  I came, I did not like what I saw, I said no.  No.
Xalos: I remember having recurring problems with Custardo spamming 64x cubes on my server.  Also, either you don't understand what "24/7" means, or you're using hyperbole, which isn't really a good thing to use in an application or rsum.  No.
Trifornt: Your application might be good, but I've had to put tape over your blocky mouth multiple times because of your constant rule breaking. Recommendations are also pretty bad (Bob Saget, really?) I can't say "Yes" to this. Ever. Not because the application is bad, because you're just a bad influence on the players. Giving you admin would be an all-time low for the server. No.
Visolator: Just by looking at everyone's comments, no.

Name:Xquavier The Umbreon
Blockland Identification : 138692
Previous Administrations : Grouptree24, Hotremox, and Hayden8r
Recommendations : Hotremox, Grouptree24, and Fen
Acception : Although this game is quite fun but all I want to do is to expand the community, help on the development, protect the people that are getting bullied, almost on Blockland everyday and active, saw how friendly the admins are when Tophat had his birthday with his birthday I heart touched when all the admins were celebrating his birthday and I wanted to help with his birthday too,and I can be also easily contacted through via Steam (Profile Name:Xquavier The Umbreon)
Time Zone that I'm in: (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Tophat: Reposted the app three times over, with little in recommendations or experience. Thanks for the thoughts, but a "happy birthday" isn't exactly reason for me to accept. No.
Ry: His name made me laugh, 11/10 best application. Thanks please come again, I await not reading your application for the fourth time. No.
Frontrox: No.
Ipquarx: How the hell am I supposed to pronounce your name? No.
Jetz: If grammatical errors are the potholes of a sentence, this application would destroy the entire car by the end of it. No.
Marioguy0:  No.  No.  No.
Xalos: There are no periods anywhere in the entire application.  Perhaps I shouldn't reject an application based solely on grammar, but in this case my brain just can give no answer other than no.
Trifornt: Nope.
Soroxzion: What Jetz said and now I need a new car, No.
Visolator: No.

Name: The Critical Feeling / Critz
BL_ID: 2216
Previous Administrating Experience: I've had many experiences on being an administrator on Blockland. For the servers I have been admin on, I've been given high praise for my way of handling a server. I've also have hosted my own server, an Endless Zombies server. It has grown and has had many players come to join in on it.
Carbon Zypher's Laser Tag/RC Racing (Super Admin)
DrumStix's Fort Wars/AirRace
Acidrain's Freemode
XanTron's Snipers VS Runners
Nick.exe's Duck Hunt
John Blockhead's Servers
My Endless Zombies Server
Who Recommends You?:
BlackStorm, he's seen me administrate on my server.
DrumStix, I was an administrator on his Fort Wars and AirRace servers. He stopped the continuation of both the projects.
Carbon Zypher, I am a super admin on his RC Racing server.
Acidrain, I am an administrator on his Freemode server.
Master King Deaddude, he's seen how I act and how I handle myself on Zypher's server and is a good friend of mine.
Steve Jenkins, he's seen me administrate on my server.
DragonoidSlayer, he's seen me administrate on my server and is a good friend of mine.
Nick.exe, I am an administrator on his server.
Xillogean, he has seen me administrate on other servers.
Sirgir, he is a good friend of mine.
WaterOre, he is a good friend of mine.
John Blockhead, he has seen me act within a server, and is a good friend of mine.
Why Should YOU Be an Administrator? (Please Elaborate): I believe I should be an admin because I have had experience at keeping people in check and in line. Being an administrator of a pretty big server is a responsibility I believe I can handle, as for I am not the type of person who would stress out and break down under pressure of a job like this. Administration of the server is the top priority, as the fun comes second. The servers I have been admin on have all been well handled and set for what I have contributed to it. I am a heavy contributor to any server that needs my help, whether it'd be building, eventing, or dealing with the players, for example, maybe players who stall the round. I am willing to help any administrator(s) that need it if it revolves around a two or three-person task which they can't do by themselves. I am mature and self-handled, I don't burst out in rage when I die or when someone starts to taunt me, I'd keep it cool. I don't act like an idiot or fool around mindlessly with the powers of the rank. I am an interactive person, I like to talk to the players and strike up a conversation with them, and other players. If someone would need some help, tips on how to play a certain class and/or boss, or recommendations for good bosses to practice on or to start on, I'm there to inform them. I will be on the server quite a bit, considering I have free time to spare during the day. If arguments start to heat up, I'll try to address what the problem is and figure out how to resolve what the players are arguing about. The general bullies and trolls will be dealt with immediately. I believe that players should have a good time on a good server without being harassed by the other players via insults and/or arguments growing and people taking sides of one of the players in said argument. I'm also a creative person, I have bright ideas on how to improve the server. This server is very fun, and I feel like I can improve it even more.
Timezone: Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (UTC-10:00)

Tophat: Recommendations and from where you got experience makes me uneasy. App is nice from my point of view too. I'm too uneasy on this in it's whole to say yes. No. If recommendations were changed/gained, perhaps I could be swayed.
Frontrox: This is bossbattles, not a bootcamp rp. No.
Jetz: "I believe I should be an admin because I have had experience at keeping people in check and in line." *BZZZZZZZ* *Dusts off heavily used "A LINE IS A TERRIBLE BOSS FIGHTING FORMATION" stamp* "Administration of the server is the top priority, as the fun comes second." What kind of evil totalitarian system yyou think we running here, Pecon's title notwithstanding. No.
Trifornt: You and I have gotten in a lot of arguments, making you slightly unlikable. Not only that, you basically just stated what an ordinary admin should do. Sorry mate. Nope.
Soroxzion: No.
Marioguy0:  A good number of the recommendations looked good, but "dishonorably" demoted administrators never help on your app.  I will be honest, you make a few points I actually liked, but you need to understand that it is not a no-fun-allowed system.  You came close with me.  No.
Visolator: No.

Name: supercooolguy32
BL_ID: 37676
Previous administration experience:my own server, my friend pepisman boss battle
Who recommends you?: pepisman
Why should I accept you?: im a nice person and i will ban big jerks,i can build and event,i will not abuse admin,i will a great admin for your server
Timezone/Region: Eastern, USA

Tophat: Not enough experience nor recommendations, You'll need a lot more, then try again. I suggest reading http://bossbattles.pecon.us/admin/ for more tips on how to improve. No.
Frontrox: No. Lol, harsh \/\/\/
Jetz:  Pecon, you don't even need to write a joke app as a target dummy for the top of the review document next time, just copypaste this one. No.
Ry: Not cool enough, No.
Soroxzion: Needs more information, no.
Marioguy0:  Failed to meet minimum application requirements.  No.
Xalos: This app contains one recommendation, no periods, no capitalized letters, and no apostrophes.  Your reasons to be accepted contains the following sentence fragment: "i will a great admin for your server".  You will what?  For all I know, you intend to kill a great admin for our server.  "i will kill a great admin for your server" - at least then it makes sense.

In-game Name: Current: EventBot
Most recent name before change: MrNoobalotPlaysBL
BL_ID: 37977
Previous admin experiences:
-My servers (Of course, Host)
-photokevv's servers (Co-Host)
-Mr Queeba's servers (Admin)
-Block king124's servers (Old RTB friend, admin)
-TheOnlyOne's Server (Mod, then admin)
-Gibus' servers(Admin)
-That Blue Creeper's server(s) (Admin)
Who recommends you?:
-Block king124
-gun zombie
-That Blue Creeper
Why should I accept you?:
First of all, I would put full effort towards contrubuting to the server, the building, and eventing. I think that this server has been a big  attraction to most players. The server, since Bedroom, where it all started, has gotten very big in the times it's been up AND how many admins it has gotten. It has quality, structures that amaze me in the arena, and  the admins. I feel an admin takes responsibility, kindness, and  cooperativity. Admins have important roles, even the non-admin players  have a role! For all, it is fun. That's what the server was made for. The fun is included in this server. The help is needed from admins though. So that's why I want to apply. Because:
-I am dedicated to this server.
-The server does need more admins, but why not get a GOOD one, hm?
-I was looking forward to making a giant statue for Pecon7 on the server, along with helping others.
-Players will need lots and lots of admins to help them in servers, especially this one.
-Loops are needed, so I can help.
When I first played, I had lots of trouble, especially not knowing what to do! But, the other players helped me out. Well, some of them. And that is supporting. And as all of you people play, you get better. Like other things, like building, eventing, helping, and just fighting. But, admins are  responsable for watching over the server. But, sometimes admins can cause players to get mad, especially breaking a rule and saying, "Oh, I didn't even break a rule and the admins think I did! Such jerks!" (<--Oh, I'd NEVER do that), which I don't like and will try my best not to do. I understand how important administrating a server  is. Administrating is like a job for players that ARE admin. It is to help out with others, and support the server with maps, eventing, and more. I am dedicated to this server most of the time,  besides playing with friends on other servers, when I am online.
How I would help the server. Well, eventing I am good at. Need help? Go  ahead. Not that "perfect" at it. Eventing the blocks is good, and for  the BIG stuff, halp. That, I am "bad" at. So, eventers are helpers.  Always. Next! Building. Well, I'm ok, but if you need anything, go  ahead. It might take a bit. But it's worth it having a builder for the  server. You might need eventers more than BUILDERS. Next! Music loop making! I am really good at THAT! give me some songs and I'll loop it! Next! Contributing  to the server. It's important, yes, but it's good. You might need help.  Ask me. But I shouldn't be so serious about it...ok. Maybe a little. But  not TO much. Yes, I think for myself. So trust me on this!
Quote from: Jetz
We need someone who can think for themselves.
Ok, that's all. Conclusion below.
To conclude this, admins are probably important, especially eventing ones. If there was no  admin, people would be taking over servers, which is BAD. And, the  players at the most important. Some donate to keep the server alive, and  that is good. But admin, is partially the most important thing to the  servers throughout Blockland. It has been a popular server, and I hope  it continues to stay up and have players get a lot of fun on this  server, and most importantly, get many admins and good players! This server is awesome, and I'm looking forward to more on this server.
Timezone/Region: Eastern Standard Time

Tophat: Personally, you're trying too hard to do something I'm not sure of. App itself was too hard to read for me as well. Recommendations and experience are a bit unwelcome. There was also that time you kept begging myself and Aware for an aimbot we were obviously joking about. No.
Ry: Organized but the writing skills are that of an extremely structured "Hey gais I just passed my english 101 class so I'ma write an application", format; I see a huge load of "!" Symbols leading me to believe that you are 4 tryhard 6 us. No.
Frontrox: No.
Jetz: "The server does need more admins, but why not get a GOOD one, hm?" So, uh, what are you trying to say here? "I was looking forward to making a giant statue for Pecon7 on the server, along with helping others." Appealing to Pecon doesn't help much here, since he usually reviews about 3 then disappears. No.
Soroxzion: To boast about you being a better admin than most and appealing to Pecon will not save you. No.
Marioguy0:  A thousand times, NO.
Visolator: No.

Name: ButlerBlockhead125
BL_ID: 150174 (This account is an alt of an unusable account of BL_ID: 29491 and 103253)
Previous administration experience.
Samcity's Free build or CRP
Bloodage2's Free build
Magician's Mafia Madness
*Jeebis' Falling Tiles
Who recommends me.
Rainbow Dashie
Lego lad
Zack the Zapper
The Critical Feeling (TCF)
Why should I accept you?
I am a just admin, but my warning amount will depend on how large the committed broken rule was.  Im creative and can find ways to stop or resolve many disputes.
I put the server before  the game, so if Im in and match and playing, whenever someone asks a question or rules need enforcing, I will stop and do that before continuing.
I will not allow negativity towards other players or themselves, say one person lost as boss and they say they are very bad at boss, suck at it etc. I will encourage them to keep going and give them some tips on the boss that they are using. I will try to demote the excessive celebration after winning against an abnormally easy boss fight or win as a boss, as that discourages other players to try their hardest.
I do not let my mood, bad or good; reflect on my inflicted punishments on bans kicks etc. As I have seen this has become an issue with current administrators.
I'm very bad at building, I almost never event, and I'm not much of a role player ( in which I see some admins occasionally role play) I will most likely be playing the game during my times in the server. So while most administrators are helping the server or building for it, I can actually see how large problems break out, and who most likely started or caused the problem, so I can help get a solution for it, or if there are any trolls or rule breakers in the game, in which administrators outside of the arena will not be able to notice.
As seen above, I rarely go out of mini game unless going AFK to look over chat while doing other business, so I wont be able to abuse around with the map or match while in-game.
Time Zone/Region: Eastern, USA

Tophat: Experience is decent, as well as recommendations. Reasoning is a bit dull near the end. No, but revising this a bit will sway me to say otherwise. I was on the fence for quite a while, but I'll be keeping this vote. No.
Ry: I tried to read this and gave up on the understanding part. I also noticed you seem to want to point out how important it is to be a good admin and not abuse, while you didn't use the keyphrases, you still just theasaurused them in. No.
Jetz: "I will try to demote the excessive celebration after winning against an abnormally easy boss fight or win as a boss, as that discourages other players to try their hardest." That sounds like a really easy way to become unpopular. No.
Frontrox: What rykuta and jetz said. No
Aware: Not after how you reacted last time. No
Soroxzion: I'm going to have to say no on this.
Trifornt: Your reasoning makes you sound more like a jerk than a good admin. Not allowing negativity towards bad players sounds more like "I will not allow criticism" because criticizing bad players is how they get better. That's also something that an admin should do if they are just bashing a player and not trying to help them get better. People, stop saying "I will do something that all admins are supposed to do in the first place" but with your own words thrown in it. That does not make you sound like a good admin.  Nope.
Marioguy0:  Felt some of the reasoning was especially weak.  No.
Visolator: From seeing what everyone else says, no.

Name: xWither
BL_ID: 83300
Previous administration experience: That Blue Creeper's Grapple Sniper, Aero's Grapple Shotgun,
Who reccommends you?: That Blue Creeper, Bobeh, Slushie/Aluxion/TrueJohnny.
Why should I accept you?: Because I am a very trustworthy person and I am never a badmin and I would always obey the rules no matter what. I would teach new people the rules and how to play. I never apply for admin for power, I always do it for the community because I like helping servers out in the best way possible. I am very easy to work with and am really fun to have around! I hope this is enough to show you that I am committed to keeping servers clean and fun!
Timezone/Region: Central, USA

Tophat: Recommendations aren't well known. Good to know you're not in this for the fun stuff, and that you think you're a decent player/teacher, but I see little on why to accept you. No.
Jetz: I'd say this reason to accept is about what the average application's attempt at it boils down to. Like half the phrases used here begin with "I am" and go on to describe something that's expected of you. No.
Frontrox: Too short. No
Trifornt: Recommendations aren't well known and... is that Slushie?  Really?!  Nope. That one recommendation killed your entire application for me.
Soroxzion: Too short. No.
Marioguy0:  No me gusta.  No.
Visolator: Low effort was put into this application. No.

Name: Emerson
BL:ID: 31013
-Previous Administration Experience:
-Funkymunkey's Deathrun (SA)
-Nameisthis's Rocket Jump Arena (SA)
-Terminator1337's Throwmod (A)
-Pancaik's Throwmod (A)
-Squiggles' Zombie Survival RP (SA) (NOTE: Squiggles quit Blockland Completely but I have experience from his server)
-Tetronaught's Jailbreak (A)
~Bowser Jr.
Why you should accept me:
(Please read all word for word, there are important things in here that need to be said to certain admins.) I think I would be a good admin because I have decent experience with administration in general but, Boss Battles is my favorite server by far and I have been playing it since it came out in 2011. I am so interactive with everyone on the server and very active other then school and maybe sports. I am so dedicated to the server and want to be even more involved. I am not going to lie, I have been muted once, never banned. I have been muted but, if I do get admin I will take it very seriously. If I become admin, I will be a lot more mature and just plain serious about certain things/situations. And to be honest I am not a bad guy and I don't like to be abnoxious if I was, it was most likely me playing around or just a joke in general (This kind of stuff will not happen if I am approved to be admin). I know the server boss battles very well, I know the rules back and forth and I know what is kickable, bannable, and all that. I would really basically only give a warning and kick. If banning is necessary I will do so but, I would most likely leave perma banning to the judgment of Super Admins (Unless it is pretty obvious like trying to crash the server..). I not only look at the discipline of a situation, I love to help people. I notice that since steam came out a lot of new people have joined, I got the help I needed when I first joined I want them to get what I got. Understanding the server is a big part of having fun in it, and as an admin on any server, I want everyone to have a good time and enjoy the server for what it is. another thing, I can also build, I have built maps for people, and little details to just plain make it look more presentable (I have started using Modter Blocks in my builds). And I am a very calm person. I do not take things serious until it is absolutely necessary. If anything in my application needs changed or if it needs more please te
ll me. I am just happy enough you read it and thank you for reading and please think about it. Thank you.
Timezone/Region: Eastern Pacific Time/US
Tophat: I've seen you rehash this app in about six different topics, in addition to a few other things involving the server. You re-word each slightly differently, so I could call this a spam app. I could get links, but I don't exactly have the brain capacity at this very moment. Maybe later.
Sure you can use your experience and recommendations for every app you make, but I figured you would've changed it a bit more. No.

Ry: I will defer to Tophat on this one. No.
Jetz: "(Please read all word for word, there are important things in here that need to be said to certain admins.)" Nah. No.
Trifornt: Another application that says what admins should normally do in the first place. My goodness. Also, you should not be tutoring admins on the server about how to be admins. Nope.
Soroxzion: I will agree here with every admin here. No.
Marioguy0:  I poked my head in the door and got cancer.  You owe me new optic nerves.  No.
Visolator: No.

Name: Google Glass
BL_ID: 35463
Previous Admin Experience: Anthonyrules144's Speedkart (Admin), Aero's Grapple Sniper (Admin), That Blue Creeper's server (Admin), Tezuni's Prison Escape (Admin), Rubber Fruit's Endless Zombies (Admin), Kurai's Server (Admin), Epic Blast's Grapple Sniper (Admin), used to be an admin on Cat123's a long time ago.
Recommendations: Piemaniac100, Kurai, Xenomorph, TheOnlyOne, WaterDemon, Kong123, Beasterbunny199, Epic Blast, xWither, possibly Rubber
Why Should We Accept You? I should be accepted, because i've had experience being an admin before, and I know what to do as an admin. Sometimes when there are no staff online I see a lot of spammers and people stalling in spawn holding up the game. If i'm accepted I will be on with any opportunity I have to help this server. Also I have good experience with eventing, and administrating, I also know all the commands. I will never abuse my commands and be loyal to the players.
Timezone/Region: Central Timezone/ United States

Ry: "ACCEPT ME, I KNOW HOW TO BE AN ADMIN AND I WILL NEVUR ABUS!" The golden buzz-scentence was uttered, your application is now in my toilet. GG No Re. Nope.
Jetz: "I will never abuse my commands and be loyal to the players." I can't tell if this means you'll be loyal to the players or not. Also I don't know of anyone who knows all the commands; Pecon and I are the only ones with a few of them and there's no way in hell we're gonna remember them all. No.
Frontrox: You're a pretty decent admin on Tezuni's, but your application is lacking. Try again please
Marioguy0:  I was not impressed.  No.
Xalos: "I will never abuse my commands and be loyal to the players."  If you were abusing the commands, you wouldn't be loyal to the players.  Also, the first five words in the section called "Why should we accept you" are a reformulation of "You should accept me because..."  No.
Trifornt: How many times have I brought up the fact that people are just saying stuff that admins should do normally in the first place?! This entire application is nothing but that.
So it's a no from me.
Soroxzion: Give this another shot and a little cleaned up then maybe, but right now no.
Tophat: I do not like your experience. I do not like the recommendations. There isn't much left to say, other than you said you're an experienced admin three times. We heard it the first time.  No.
Visolator: No.

Name: General R
BL_ID: 16882
Previous administration experience: My previous Administration experience has been in following servers; 1. Sanctus Rem’s Grapple Knife TDM, 2. tetronaught’s Jail Escape, 3. Agent Blue’s Jail Break, 4. Visolator’s Boss Battles, 5. Chillax’ Grapple Knife TDM. Overall, I have a long, and knowledgeable experience because I have been playing blockland for a very long time and have administrated on a different variety of servers.
Who recommends you?: 1. Google Glass, 2. tetronaught, 3. Kalim, 4. The Critical Feeling, 5. EventBot, 6. WaterOre, 7.(I may be adding more in the future, as I continue to get more)
Why should I accept you?: Well, to start off, I am General R as most of you know me as. Many of you may be reading this and thinking “Why is this guy applying for admin? Lol!”. You may think less of me from other experiences, but after you read this I assure you that you will see me as a different person, and what I can achieve as a new person. I usually enjoy to have a fun time messing around with the admins and players but I feel I am ready to make a change from acting goofy to professional, and I have many reasons why I can prove that I am just as ready for this position than anyone else that has been accepted.
In my past of playing this server, from about 2 years back, I have had a lot of fun playing, and enjoying it the way it should be. I know that there is a good amount of admins on this server, but sometimes they could be busy and may not have the time to get on to the server to get rid of those players that are a general annoyance. Since I am a very active player on this server and Blockland in particular, as you may notice, I feel that if I am accepted for this, I can add great additions to this server. Some of the additions I can add to the server is my ability to think of ideas and always to think of new ways to help the server. What I mean by this is that if any of the server staff is looking for a cool idea, I can come up with something that will be unique, present it to that person and if they like it they can use it. Also, it would keep the server nice and unique, keeping players from being “bored” of the server. One of my other additions I will add is keeping the environment of the server healthy and free of bickering of other players. How I will do this is by using my good judgmental skills and to use it in situations of arguing between players to stop that argument, while at the same time, being fair about it and never being too harsh. Also, with the amount of experience I have, I will never be too overboard on ban times or ban reasons on players. I always try to be fair, like I said before, and keep the server feeling happy; not having the players spreading false rumors that will hurt the server reputation. One of my final additions I feel that I will be able to contribute to the server is my good social skills. I feel this will play a BIG role in this server because recently, Blockland has had a big increase of players due to being introduced to Steam market. The big increase of players means new incoming players on the server. If any of them happened to have a question about the server, I would be happy to help them and show them the basic use of Blockla
nd controls, how the game works, and also the pointers of the server to get them rolling. Also, I can talk to players and see if they have any problems with the maps, and/or server and help them with the problem(s) right away. One of my little additions I can also add is my activity on the internet. This will help because if a player is in need of help on the server (no admins online to help) and there is someone breaking a lot of rules, I can respond to that person and get on the problem ASAP. The result of this will keep the server scot-free of rule breakers and people who make the server generally worse.
Overall, I feel that if you pick to accept me for admin on this server, I can make myself stand out easier, and better, than all of the other applicants. The ways I can show you that I really can stand out from the others (in a good way)  are the use of my creativity, my good judgmental skills, my good social skills, and activity online. I hope that you will now see me as a different person and not a person that you would feel uncomfortable with making admin. If you pick me, I will always do my best for the server, and never let anyone down. Something that I also feel that is important is that even if life is giving me its worst, I will never EVER take it out on the server, because we will all know what would happen if I did, and that would not be good for the server at all. Thank you for taking time to review this.
Timezone/Region: CST, U.S.A

Ry: "I will never EVER take it out on the server" Reading this you have bad grammar, I also noticed you and Google Glass appear to be butt-buddies, and we all know his application was just as amazing to read as yours. No.
Tophat: Recommendations balance each other out evenly, experience isn't a strong point with this one. I imagine you as a nervous applicant that's sweating and tugging at your collar constantly. Other past issues aren't important since they are minor. This doesn't really stand out from the rest. No.
Frontrox: No
Jetz: I think you need to hire an editor for this. Give them a pair of hedge trimmers. Or at the very least reread it yourself a couple days after writing it so you're not typo blind. No.
Marioguy0:  One word:  No.
Xalos: There are so many things wrong with this I can't go over them all, so I'll just go over the one that leapt out more than the rest: "Since I am a very active player on this server and Blockland in particular..."  This server is a subset of Blockland, not the other way around.  "In particular" applies to things which are a subset of another thing.  You're saying that Blockland is a subset of Pecon7's server.  Also, you say that IF we accept you, you can make yourself stand out from the other applicants.  Should we accept all of the other applicants too, to make sure that this is true?  What does "stand out" even mean here?  It isn't necessarily a good thing - permabanning every single BL_ID from the server would certainly make you "stand out", and would also get you permanently banned from the server and have no chance of ever having admin again.  No.
Trifornt: No. You do not "stand out" as an admin. Also, that banning part really doesn't make you sound like a good admin at all.
Soroxzion: Nope.
Visolator: No.

Name: Ahead
BL_ID: 33159
Previous administration experience: }{Falco}{1, Nails, Panquake, Pizza Man
Who recommends you?: Adam (Animerush4), Killer906, Panquake, UltimateZAX, Pizza Man
Why should I accept you?: I am a 24/7 admin (Maybe!)who goes on servers to moderate everyday, which I have played Boss Battles since my arrival in 2011, which proved to be a fun time, and I help out with other admins, seeing if they need help. I have had experience on many servers, excluding this one, maybe will be on this one soon. I know VCE (Variable Conditioning Events), rapidFire, and more, which I can use to add things to the shop, like a extra item (e.g. Gun).
Timezone/Region: Pacific, USA

Tophat: Recommendations aren't exactly like-able. Experience is worse off to be honest, and you stated you rushed to make this application. It isn't a race to see who can make their app the fastest in hopes of getting accepted sooner. That's not how it works. No.
Ry: Who the heck is Pizza man and why is this guy in so many applications. Dude if being the pizza guy was the best way to get an administrative role somewhere I know where my next job is at lol. No.
Soroxzion: More content please and thank you. No.
Frontrox: Needs more content. No
Jetz: As promised: Just what we need, an admin online 24/7 (Maybe!) where the only catch is that we need another admin watching over them to ensure they don't flip out and trash the server. Yeah I think it's safe to cut out the middle man. No.
Marioguy0:  We are sorry, your call did not go through.  Please hang up and try your call again.  This is a recording.  No.
Xalos: Ahead is not ahead.  No.
Trifornt: You are not AHEAD of the crowd. Hahaha. But seriously, no.
Visolator: Low effort, no.

Name: Slippery Soap
Previous administration experience: EVO's Servers other servers
Who recommends you?: Pro Tear, Big Steve, Kyber, Oak, Sanctus Rem.
Why should I accept you? I really like the server, I wont abuse, I have ideas for maps,I can event and build, I'll ban Cheater and Jerks, I play on the server often.
Mountain Time Zone /Region: Middle, USA

Soroxzion: Nope.
Tophat: Recommendations, at least some of them are a bit shady or untrustworthy to myself.  You'll need more, or others in addition to more experience for me to even think about changing my vote.No.
Frontrox: No
Jetz: Capitalizing "Cheater" and "Jerks" makes me think those are two specific people you hold a grudge against, which is funny. No.
Marioguy0:  Awful.  No.
Xalos: Nope.
Trifornt: This application is what would happen if the worst application ever came along and had a baby with Birdemic 2: The Ressurection. It's small, pointless, doesn't stand out, has bad grammar and lists things that admins should normally do in the first place.
I'm really getting sick of saying the latter part. No.
Visolator: Just by seeing less than 20 lines of an app there is a high possibility of seeing it denied. No.

Clay Hansons Freebuild,Smooths CityRPG
Armageddon,Clay Hanson
I am someone who would not mess around or be a idiot using admin powers.I have experience with people who mess around or anything and know what to do with them.I am respectful to staff and others.

Tophat: Explaining what an admin is, isn't a reason to accept. Needs more all around and to follow the format listed here: http://bossbattles.pecon.us/admin/ No.
Soroxzion: Just no.
Ry: Nope, Nuff said
Frontrox: No
Jetz: Hooray, the end is in sight! This is like the laziest attempt to restate the job description I've seen. "I have experience with people who mess around or anything and know what to do with them." lol. No.
Marioguy0:  Ba-gawk.  No.
Xalos: echo("No.");
Trifornt: I thought the other admin application was just as bad as Birdemic 2, but we certainly saved the best for last! I'm just going to say something I've said this entire time:
You are listing stuff an admin should do normally in the first place.
Visolator: "Just by seeing less than 20 lines of an app there is a high possibility of seeing it denied. No." (See last comment)

That's all for this round. It appears the only contender for admin will be Cruxeis.

12:55 AM - Pecon7: There is still 7 posts left on the page, wonder who is going to show up to gawk.
I volunteer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QP5X6fcukM&t=1m36s

Getting into pecon's administration team is harder than getting a job in a depression!  :cookieMonster:

You just gotta know the right people

Wow. Just wow.
I feel so bad for the review team. It took up almost an entire page and only 1 out of 22 even got considered.
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holy stuff i thought it was just a blockland server not loving congress

holy stuff i thought it was just a blockland server not loving congress
Quite possibly one of the most well-known and old servers.

It demands respect.

Wow I didn't realize I had affiliations with Okiver and Kalphiter. Thanks for filling me in on this Ry!

Anyways I revoked my app a while back considering how busy with work and school I am. You should just review them sooner rather than later considering how long ago some of them are.