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Drama / Re: Badspot came back (kinda)
« on: June 29, 2023, 10:35:02 PM »
'i think afros look clown-ish is all hahahahaha'

one of the funniest guys right here

making all female/male characters in a show or game look idealized or beautified creates an unrealistic portrayal of humans in general. beauty is subjective and being 'beautiful' isn't a prerequisite for their importance to the plot. unless their supposed beauty or ugliness drives the plot in some way (ie. character is a love worker, or vat-grown superhuman, or circus freak) then there's no reason to visually portray them in another way
i do not disagree with anything you are saying here. indeed you want to have realistic believable characters portraying their role otherwise what's the point

Drama / Re: Badspot came back (kinda)
« on: June 29, 2023, 07:36:56 PM »
goth doesn’t know what he’s talking about (afros are top tier)

yeah..I...I don't know man...

goth really thinks Thelma from Good Times is clownish. although who knows, he's been a dyed-in-the-wool badspot sycophant for years now who knows what he really thinks
she looks a bit clownish yes, but after all i know nothing of this character. also you rlly think im trying to simp for badspot when im simply aknowledging that the article he wrote was kinda funny and that I agree with some parts of it. while im sure he really is to a degree upset about the way modern video games portray women (from an artists perspective, mind you) I think the majority of the article like many other things on his site is just a form of crude humor combined with bits of his own personal opinions on the subject.

Suggestions & Requests / Re: Vehicle Buy Script
« on: June 29, 2023, 06:33:21 PM »
i suppose you could do something like base raiders where when you buy an item it pulls up the actual brick wrench menu to buy from, but instead have it be the vehicle wrench menu, and when you send the events on the brick check to see if score/ whatever variable is enough for said vehicle, then spawn a vehicle of selected choice

Drama / Re: Badspot came back (kinda)
« on: June 29, 2023, 06:03:01 PM »
I think lots of people will defend badspkt for being badspot. Gothboy isn't neccesarily a incel, unless he is which whatever.
So far both sides arguments make somewhat relative sense to me, but I really don't care one way or another.I'm just glad the forums are "somewhat" activer.
i had to google the term incel because i wasn't really sure what it even meant, i thought it was just like a slang term for degenerate but i guess it has an actual meaning

Quote from: google
"“Incel” is a portmanteau of “involuntary celibate.” In its most basic form, incel describes someone, usually a male, who is frustrated by their lack of loveual experiences."
I think most men would agree that more love in their life would probably be nice - but as for actually being frustrated about not being able to get laid, no, luckily I haven't experienced that issue

30+ year old research addicts when all women don't look like young white eastern european researchstars
this is just a black woman. badspot's issue here is that he does not have a loveual preference for black women, and sees them as 'creatures', in his own words
no thats a woman with an AFRO. women with afros are not attractive, it looks clownish

i assume i don't need to say it, but this is literally just an older lady. badspot is unmarried at age 43 and has expressed that he is upset that a 14 year old girl is not jerk off material, and this lady is literally in badspot's age group and he does not like her. i hope i do not need to express why this is creepy.
i can bring up complaints with a lot of the listings, but i hope i do not need to in order to express why this is creepy and why badspot and gothboy are both incels
im sorry but that 100% looks like an older dude to me

ellie is age 14 in both the game and in the show and this is a list based off of badspot's loveual preferences almost exclusively. while i don't see his point for the vast majority of women even listed, his complaint here is that a 14 year old girl is cast by someone who looks like a 14 year old girl, which he cannot jerk off to and therefore this is a terrible decision and is on this list

cast by someone who looks like an ugly 14 year old girl*
the context might be questionable sure but his observation that one looks better than the other is based in truth
see he gets it. also it would be a different story if we were talking about an actual 14 year old playing the role. to me Bella doesn't even look 14 she looks her true age maybe even a little older. when I first saw the show and they referenced her age I thought to myself "wow, she totally looks older than 14" and that's because SHE IS. It's like calling someone a creep for thinking Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spiderman movie is hot even though Emma Stone was 22 at the time but casted to play a high school girl. from what I can tell Badspot's complaint is not that he can't fap to the actress but that in general the actress playing the character doesn't match up to the standards one would expect after playing the games. i.e the game character and the casting actress look nothing alike

For the creature thing, I think he was just saying “creature” as a synonym to “ugly”, which isn’t exactly great but I don’t think he was calling every black person in the world a creature
yeah i figured the context there was plain as day

so, I missed the part in badspot's manifesto here where he said he scrubbed those collages from /v/, I thought he compiled those. I mean he could also be lying. only reason he kept replying to me was cus I'm an easy target. So egg on my face.
i did sort of start it by calling him name first lol, did you expect for him not to clap back?

Cringe, this is pure uncut Colombian cringe right here. Y'know I kinda take back what I said about  the creepy Ellie implication, because nowhere in this article does he mention anything libidinal, this is some bizarre, moralistic, spiritual quest for him, the quest to never see a 6/10 Jamaican in a game ever again lest we fall into the gaping maw of the whore of Babylon. Insane stuff. He's a modern day Lovecraft. Also he misspelled "divine"
LOL okay man calm down. I think it was meant to be humorous because it's "such a big problem nowadays" like a modern art critique. now your resorting to grammar national socialist'ing which is the step right before grasping at straws.

Luckily for me, I'm just a dumbass who can't read properly: whereas he's a hysterical, hateful, freaky weirdo, and still clearly clutches his pearls when a tattooed women walks in front of him, like an absolute forgetin dweeb.
I'd like to say don't take it too personally and just chill but your still trying to be mad about something that you basically started. seems he's not too upset about it atm since your not banned out of 'spite' like most stuffty admins would do.... that's gotta count for something, right?

Drama / Re: Badspot came back (kinda)
« on: June 29, 2023, 11:24:52 AM »
Huh maybe he's onto something. But still don't make any sense for the gay thread on dead Lego forums. Why such a big deal?
wreck-it-ralph reported momentums post for "flaming" to which badspot commented something like "waah cry about it" and after that camel made a rude comment to baddy, it sorta just went on from there lol

Drama / Re: Badspot came back (kinda)
« on: June 29, 2023, 10:26:16 AM »
from my understanding of it, camel just chimed in with an insult out of nowhere and it sorta went on from there. evidently badspot is "loveist" because he thinks the modern design of women in video games look bad compared to how it used to look. he made an article on his website which is basically what I'd call an "Artist's Critique" on how women look ugly in newer games and tbh I agree. i had some good laughs at the commentary for some of the pics. some highlights and what I think:

just lol

yeah unfortunately I suffered through that terrible show in hopes it might actually "git gud" - did not happen
and compared to the video game character design yeah ellie is ugly. camel tried to say badspot was a creep for saying such a thing except the actress who plays her was born in 2003

yeah isn't she just beautiful? *cough cough* no.
also she wore a "chest binder" for 90% of the show so she could "focus" which sounds like some the dumbest stuff I've ever heard of... but hey whatever makes you comfortable i guess

if that is beauty then i'm rick grimes

i see it o.o total man-face

wonder woman? more like wonder-if-it's-a-woman

I would actually like to know what game the chinese knockoff is, gives phantasy star universe vibes lol

These are only a few things i wanted to touch on that I found amusing. additionally someone in the comments posted using my name but it was not me

im flattered

full article is on badspots website - a fun read indeed

Off Topic / Re: happy pride month everybody
« on: June 29, 2023, 09:21:28 AM »
ya'll look at this, these are some crops from badspot's recent lady tables, these are some of the ladies in the uggo tier-

i don't think i need to break out the forgetin golden ratio to prove that these are incredibly safe hot people designs

if you find em ugly admit it, don't pusillanimous individualfoot around now.

they are all ugly wtf are you talking about "safe hot people designs" bruh get your eyes checked

what i got out of this is that the report function actually works
guess so lol

he really is back. 3 posts one day this is something else... Maybe new update will drop
finally getting that hat update woo

why are you here, don't you have more digital black ladies to screencap for another incel collage
well, that's a bit rude to just say out of nowhere

This thread proves that badspot is never gonna close these forums, same reason he posts his handicapped screed on his decrepit personal website that get maybe 16 pageviews every three month
and yet you are one of those 16 page-views evidently because you are the one who brought it up

You did not understand what "unfiltered" meant in context.   You did not understand the use of a phrase as a noun in a sentence.  You got confused about who the word "I" was referring to.  There isn't really any point talking to you because you don't know how to read.
LOL. wow that is hilarious. considering you started the insults camel I'd say this one was well deserved

Off Topic / Re: New Steam UI update
« on: June 23, 2023, 03:35:32 PM »
I too opted into the beta like a month or so ago - the look of the ui itself is better imo and when you right click steam down in the tray area it will show icons for games instead of just names now

the only thing I've noticed so far that kinda bothers me is when you get an achievement it no longer says "achievement unlocked" with the achievement name - instead now it just pops the achievement name and description. okay I like that it shows the description of said achievement now when you unlock it but why get rid of the words "achievement unlocked" ?!

General Discussion / Re: how can i recover my BL key
« on: June 22, 2023, 07:03:22 AM »
what in god's name makes you think any of this is going to happen
highly doubt if it does happen, jus sayin it would be great if it did

Ahh dont hate on him he a hopeful one...
see he gets it

Add-Ons / [Vehicle] Mini-Jeep GR2
« on: June 19, 2023, 06:50:22 PM »
(model GR2)

A mini jeep vehicle based on a real life version of the same mini jeep that I own
125cc 4 stroke gasoline engine, 3-speed with reverse transmission

3 mounting spots: Driver, Passenger, Holding on For Dear Life
Environment Reflective Mirrors (they just reflect the skybox color)
Simple Engine Sounds : Idle, Low-Gear, High-Gear
Vehicle occupant animations when turning
Brake Lights



Video Showcase (click to play)


General Discussion / Re: how can i recover my BL key
« on: June 19, 2023, 05:52:19 PM »
It'd be great if Blockland became free to play eventually. I feel like it might help bring some players back who lost their key in the leak and were unable to recover it, but also, and more importantly, bring in some new players

You get a Weedbud

I insert a pokeball

Off Topic / Re: Blockland on Roblox's old manual swear filter
« on: June 18, 2023, 01:14:36 AM »
well, how bout that

Blockland gets to live rent free in Roblox's blacklist of naughty words, so as long as Roblox lives on, so too will Blockland

We will never just be a memory
Inspiring words good sir

I've had the same issue happen to me with other games, not just Blockland so I think it's a Steam Client issue.
Yeah I've been seeing this problem more over the past month, it's happened to me with multiple games now. I even updated to the beta client to see if that would fix it but it did not

you get reading glasses

I insert a calvin and hobbes comic book

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