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"The ancient prophecy once forewarned that, one day, the homeland will run red with the blood of its people and that there shall be great misery upon the land. However, the spirits of those damned to the eternal hellfire of the failbin shall ride forth again and strike down all who have lain a hand on the chosen people, and that every Nigerian banished to the corners of the Earth will return and retake the promised home. Those who mocked said prophecy shall face the storm known as the Great Nigerian March of 2016, as those who once fled for safer lands shall witness the beginning of a glorious revolution. Through wealth, knowledge, and institution, chosen missionaries will once again cleanse the lands and seek great changes among their people.."

Missionaries carry on Nigerian tradition throughout the land, bringing in new recruits along the way.
- Betelgeuse
- You
- Grimlock
- Ravencroft

Proud Nigerians
Proud Nigerians are the most faithful of Nigerians.
- Dezi
- Lord Tony
- Limerick

Peasants are not official representation of Nigeria. Their purpose is to worship. They are useless
- Bedpost
- Drew Skube
- Ladle/Sleven
- Toxicology
- Krupp Lancaster
- eon

In order to be a true Nigerian, one must answer the following question,
What's the most Nigerian thing you have ever done?

The official garb of Nigeria:

If you do not wish to be directly involved with our group but still want to show support, feel free slap this Nigerian flag on the top left corner of your avatar! ---->

- Ravencroft's Slave Barn

The excommunicated are a group of souls who's misdeeds can not be condemned, and are hereby banished from Nigeria for all of eternity. Reasons for excommunication are and not limited to:stupid behavior, slander against Nigeria, furrfriendry, Autism, and other acts and behaviors that go against the Nigerian way of life.

-Nix the Glacion
-Pie Crust
-Headcrab Zombie
-Ninja Decoy
-Master Matthew
-Protoss Dragoon

Nigerian Cunts Autism awards

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monday please this might get banned again.

i kidnapped some high school girls lemme in

monday please this might get banned again.
your autism breaks the scale

your autism breaks the scale
The reason it breaks the scale is that i dont have autism. Its been proven by tests that i dont have it. I also find it strange that you are calling other people autistic when you are  actually showing the symptoms of autism. What you see of stupid as me is caused by other problems that are not autism i have to sort out soon (Im on the waiting list for a therapist).

You have autism
Breaking News! patton360 forgot how to read or has reached the limits of being a hypocrite.
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The reason it breaks the scale is that i dont have autism. Its been proven by tests that i dont have it. I also find it strange that you are calling other people autistic when you are  actually showing the symptoms of autism.
You have autism

patton 360, aka grimlock, shows heavy signs off autism (my source: me , im a doctor)

hi i am a what

i am a who

i am a


I'ma Alabama brother and i want to be free hail to the N double A C P